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Black Desert Online: Opening Cinematic Impressions


Not quite sure what I just watched there.

So, while I did purchase a preorder for BDO, I am not participating in closed beta by choice. I’ve seen so many key giveaways, but I really prefer to not spoil the experience before launch. I’ve stayed away from most the videos, too, but I figured a trailer was something good to check out.

I’m not certain what happened here, though. The story is… alright. Certainly more comprehensible than what AA gave us at launch. I didn’t mind the style of the cinematic.

But the script and the voice over….?

Now, I see what they did there by getting a YouTube celebrity TayZonday to voice the trailer. I personally think his voice is uniquely wonderful and his work is generally great. But I can’t help but wonder why he chose to record this trailer the way he did. It sounded like he was hesitantly reading a storybook to a child with very low comprehension skills, and it just grated on me badly. Maybe there’s a reason for this, but if there is, it doesn’t reflect in the stand alone video.

The release date for this game is drawing slowly closer, but I’m still not super hyped about it. I was hoping this trailer would nudge my excitement level, but I guess I’ll have to wait for something else to come along. Like the game itself.



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