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FFXIV: Reaching Goals, Finding Monk!


Goals, goals everywhere!

This past week, I spent a lot of time sick and at home. But not idle. In fact, it was a good week for knocking out a lot of short goals that I’d almost completed on Zuri. I’ve marked so many things off the goal list that I think I need to set a new group of goals.

Crafting and Gathering

As I posted before, I finished leveling both Miner and Botanist to 60. I’m still not geared well enough to properly mine or gather for red scrips, though I can fish them up! I haven’t decided what my focus is going to be yet, but a lot of that has to do with finally getting Leatherworker to 60.

I’ve made slow progress on this, and am halfway through level 59, so if all goes well, I hope to see Leatherworker at 60 tonight. This means I can finally meld the rest of my crafting gear, with only accessories wanting materia – need level 59/60 Carpenter for that, and it’s next on my list.

Beast Tribes and Dragoon

Since I reached my goal of level 50 Dragoon, I’ve been using  leveling roulettes for my other goal of getting low level classes to 30. Since we can now do that roulette in groups, our FC has been taking advantage of it, and it’s been a LOT better to do.

Leveling my Dragoon hasn’t stopped, either. I’ve been pretty good about getting beast tribe dailies done.


I finally reached the final tier of reputation for the Vanu tribe, and will be working on capping that for the extra quests as soon as possible. I’d already earned this tier on Tai, but not on Zuri, so she had to catch up a bit.

I also have started the new Vath quests, and I’m really enjoying them. I wasn’t impressed with the Vath mount when I first saw it. But then I heard the sounds it makes, and I was in love. Its strangely soothing and I want one badly!


I’ve also ran Zuri’s Dragoon through Crystal Tower raids a few times on CT Sunday, which now gives a moderate amount of experience each time. This is a nice change, and helped push me to level 53 this weekend. I’m not particularly working hard to level Dragoon to 60, but I will take whatever progress I can get!

Expert Roulette

With the new Lore Tomes in game, I’m also back to somewhat casually running EX Roulette on Tai. I may have taken a break from playing him over the past month, but he still gets all the nice things.

I’d never completed the Lost City of Amdapor (Normal) before, so I needed to complete that before doing the new Hard version. My FC did a speed run unsynced version to push me through, and I did unlock EX Roulette right after. Overall, between Lost City and Antitower, this EX Roulette isn’t too terrible. I like it better than the Arboretum/Pharos Sirius combo, which I pretty much stopped running after a few times.


Finding Monk

In my quest to level up all the remaining classes to 30 on Zuri, I finally unlocked Monk last night. It feels like a very solid melee class, and I found myself enjoying it more than I thought I would. I need a LOT of practice with it, but I think I’m going to carry it to 50 and see what I can learn about it.

Though Dragoon remains my favorite melee, I thought it was a shame to play Dragoon on both Zuri and Tai as a main class. If I can find a good comfort level with Monk, I may have discovered a new melee class for Zuri that would be different from Tai, and that makes me happy.


I was going to set some new goals for Zuri in FFXIV, but this post ended up longer than I expected. So I’ll just start a new goal-only post instead.

What gaming goals have you been working on lately?