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Fantastic Webcomic: Above the Clouds

Art from Above the Clouds by Melissa Pagluica

I’ve been into webcomics since before webcomics were really a big thing on the Internet. My own comic is going on 14 years old soon, so it’s been around a while. Needless to say, I’m a bit jaded when it comes to webcomic reading. That’s why when I find one that really captures my imagination, it’s rare, and I want to share it.

My newest find is a comic called Above the Clouds.

The creator describes it as this:

ABOVE THE CLOUDS tells two intertwining stories–the adventures of a hero who must save a dying world, and a girl who must convince an author to finish what he has started.

I was at first drawn to the comic by the lovely art style (it reminded me sorta of the game Journey at first glance). But I found the plot, characters and writing to be top-notch too! It’s interesting to me how the only dialogue and narrative in the comic is what is written – be it in a story or in letters sent between characters. I also love how well the powerfully-crafted Frame Story device (story within an story) is used. It reminds me a whole lot of tales like Neverending Story.

I also love how this comic speaks to creators and dreamers. As a writer, artist and imaginative person, I can very much identify with the main characters who sort of live a dual life. They have to get by IRL, though their dreams and fantasies keep calling to them. I’ve also experienced the embarrassment of admitting your secret stories to others who you are afraid wouldn’t get it. Such is the burden of creative folks, and I see myself in both of these characters.

I don’t want to say much more because this is a story you should experience for yourself. If you love whimsical fantasies, give this one a read!


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