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EQ Next = Canceled but Landmark = Launching



And just like that, my dreams of playing a super cartoony Ratonga in EQN is gone. Sad day.

You’ve probably heard this news from other places. If you’ve been following the whole ordeal of Daybreak for a while, this is probably surprising-but-not-surprising.

I invested in Landmark’s Alpha. I knew things weren’t going well for a while. I knew the moment that they dropped the blueprint for Landmark and communication trickled down to near nothing compared to what it was before. The writing was on the wall for all of us, but there was that tiny bit of hope that EQN might survive.

Alas, not.

Interestingly enough, while Daybreak announced the death of EQN today, it also announced the official “launch” of Landmark. I know they have a big patch coming out soon, but honestly, the game does not feel finished enough for a launch. There was so much from the vision and blueprint that has never seen the light of day. The game is no where near optimized for play, IMHO.

Oh, and it’s also now $9.99 – not free to play like we were told it would be. Sounds familiar.

And now that Landmark folks are no longer building for EQN as we were told we were… I wonder if motivation will fall off even more for the few talented builders who remain. I know they are going to wipe our plots and lock down the size of claims we can have. It’s honestly going to take quite a bit for me to rouse myself to get back in there and find another claim.

I’ve been logging in about once a month to hold on to the island that I claimed. But since I’m going to lose it anyway, I might just let it all go.

To me, it really feels like they said, “Well, EQN is dead. Let’s just boot Landmark out the door with a few new features as a ‘finished’ product so we don’t have two failures on our hands.”

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FFXIV: Mentor’s Helping Hand

Vix, Zuri, Xaa and a photobombing Midgardsormr
Vix, Zuri, Xaa and a photobombing Midgardsormr

While I may not be able to do much with the mentor system as it is – I rarely get into the Novice Network chat and I can’t do Mentor Roulette – the one nice thing I can do for new folks is provide a mentor experience boost while running content with them. This has come in handy as I assist my sister (Vix) and brother-in-law (Xaa) in their first week in game.

For the most party, they’ve been roaming around, trying different classes, and learning the game on their own. However, last night was their introduction to dungeons – Sastasha – so I was able to do something more than bum around annoying them from time to time. We needed a tank and healer, so I dusted off Zuri’s Marauder, and did a rather rusty low-level tanking job. The mentor experience bonus actually extended to Zuri as well, so happily, my Marauder was almost level 20 before the night was done.

I also introduced them to the Aesthetician, the Hall of the Novice (where they got new gear) and the Gold Saucer. Vix, being old hat to Final Fantasy games, knew exactly what she was getting into when she started the Gold Saucer. Still didn’t stop her from picking up Triple Triad cards, though. 🙂

Aside from that, I don’t know that I’m going to be as successful in my goals this month as I was last month. I haven’t really worked on any of my crafting classes, and leveling is going slowly, but steadily with my other jobs. I have three jobs that are still below level 20, but I’m nudging them up through random things.

A screen of Nym I took while I was out clearing quests on my Monk
A screen of Nym I took while I was out clearing quests on my Monk

Monk is still coming along as well. I was halfway through level 36 last night, so I hopped on a FATE train (which still exists in Coerthas) and snagged level 37. Since Vix and Xaa seem to be playing DPS (I’d expected Vix to heal), and Syn is working up her tank on Zeb, I’m considering dusting off my Scholar on Zuri, which is only level 40 at this point, and practicing healing. I’ll have to reassign my points as I think I have her set up for Summoner, and do some catch-up class quests, but I might as well get experience and practice wherever I can!

Oh, and I saw a retainer out in the wild for the first time last night!


I heard that from time to time, you could see them out there working, and have seen other people’s screens of them, but have never seen one myself until last night!