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FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder – Salty Void Ark Black Mage


I don’t know what it is about DPS in FFXIV lately. I know I grouched about healers being rough on me, but lately, the DPS have really been dropping the ball. Ignoring mechanics, then getting nasty when things don’t go right for the party.

I started seeing this back during my Alex 1 runs. But I hear the new Alex raid can be really bad in Duty Fider, and Void Ark is slowly tipping that way, too. Sometimes you get a really awesome group (like we did Tuesday night). But sometimes… ugh… don’t want to talk about last night. I’ll blog about that later.

So today’s Tale from the Duty Finder is not actually my own. My duo partner, Syn, was so amused by the concept of this series that she’s started recording bad DF runs and stories to share. Yesterday, I got to work and was greeted with a string of texts telling the story of a very salty Black Mage in a late night Void Ark run she’d done on her healer, Zeb.

I asked her permission to post the following text conversation, which has been slightly edited for quality assurance. She also provided the actual salty transcript, which I will be sharing at the end of the post for your entertainment.


Place: Void Ark 24 Man Raid

Time: Really late at night

The following are texts from Syn to me. 







Actual Salty Transcript