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Wayrift – 14 Years of Webcomic Change


This past week, our ongoing webcomic, Wayrift, celebrated 14 years of being online. This is not just online time, however, but 14 years of consistent updates, 3 times a week (now in full color). Every now and then, Syn and I take a week off for vacation. But even then, she sometimes draws humor comics or I post a sketch to fill in the blank.

Rather than post something sappy about the whole thing, I decide to post an art comparison of my style evolution instead. Inspired by a post about Twitter folks who are showing before and after shots of their work, I chose one of the oldest frames of Ben, drawn in 2003, to compare to one of the newer frames, drawn just a week or two ago.

Before someone does the math and says 2016 – 2003 = 13… not 14! The earliest comics from 2002 were scrapped and redrawn. So I don’t have 2002 stuff to show without digging for it.

Don’t laugh too hard at either of them! 😀

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FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder – What a Syrcus


So patch 3.25 has revitalized the Crystal Tower raids, but not exactly the way we hoped it would. Figures if you put relic rewards in CT, you’d end up getting the worst out of people.

Look at the screen shot above. Do you see anything wrong with it? You can click it to make it larger. I’ll wait.

Look again, more closely now.


That’s right. Five people in Alliance C decided to run Syrcus Tower without their job crystals on. We made it through the raid, but it was one of the sloppiest runs ever. People are being rude, not waiting to pull, cheesing mechanics and just making it unfun.

My advice, give it a few days to cool off. The queues might be a tad longer, but at least you won’t have to deal with this drivel.