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BDO: Makin A Splash with More Horse Breeding

SS Makin A Splash

I’ve been quietly training up my stable of T3 and T2 horses over the weeks in BDO. I’ve found, however, that as low as my skill is, it’s much more lucrative for me to capture a T1 horse and train it to level 10 before selling it off. The reason for this is that I’ve noted that I only gain experience in training when the horse gains a level. T1 horses gain levels much faster than higher tier horses at this point, so taming and selling them off helps me level more.

I’ve gotten to a point where my Tier 3 horses require lots of carrots just to make each level, so I’ve been holding off on riding them hoping that leveling will help speed up the process. Last night I happened to catch a T1 Female – my second ever. At first, I was going to level her and sell her, but then I decided to breed her instead. I’m happy I did!

Not only did it result in another (two) Tier 3 females, but I also bred my first painted/feathered horse, which I named SS Makin A Splash. I’m assuming this is all pretty random, though, since her sister turned out to be a grey similar to the other two T3 females.

I’ve updated my Stables Page to reflect the second family line I’ve bred. This makes me happy because I was trying to stay away from inbreeding if at all possible. Now I just need to get a few males in the mix so I can push on towards T4 horses! 🙂

Splash’s sister: SS Hypnotized