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FFXIV: Crafting Syrcus Tower & Lvl 60 Dragoon (Again)


It was a good long, three day weekend for me, and I put in plenty of gaming time. I made a lot of progress in Stardew Valley (halfway through Summer Year 2!), and put some time into FFXIV as well this weekend.

Gold Saucer & Hildibrand Fun

Before the next patch rolled in, we finally did the latest Hildibrand quest. Always so worth it! 😀


Meanwhile, the Gold Saucer event has our whole FC investigating murder mysteries (cute and well-designed quest) and racing chocobos. I had stalled out on my chocobo progression a few months back when I got a sub-par chocobo from breeding and knew he was going to be a throw-away generation. Since I’d still registered him to race, I was committed to raising him to rank 40 before I could kick him out of the stables, and I finally, finally got that done this weekend while the payout was high.

I’m much happier with my new chocobo’s stats, so everything turned out fine in the end. It’s kinda a bummer to have to re-run a whole generation, but my breeding line will be much better for it. I also learned my lesson and know what to look for when pulling a covering from the Saucer next time.

Synthesizing Syrcus Tower

I blame my retainer for making me spending over 1 million gil yesterday. You see, he brought back a Syrcus Shard, which for all my time running World of Darkness, I think I’ve seen only drop once or twice. I didn’t even think to sell it, which I probably should have done, but I decided to craft the Syrcus Tower furniture with it instead.

The idea of synthesizing a Syrcus Tower cracks me up.
The idea of synthesizing a Syrcus Tower cracks me up.

This wasn’t too hard as I have a level 60 goldsmith and the mats didn’t cost all that much. I was so impressed by it that it inspired me to go on a shopping spree to start decorating my house using it as a centerpiece… which is something I should have done a long time ago. Being impatient, of course, led me to spending a lot of money on furnishings I probably could have crafted.


Oh well.

In the end, I’ve only got the top floor halfway decorated. I installed some walls downstairs to partition off a bedroom area as well. Most of the stuff downstairs is just a conglomeration of stuff my retainers have brought me back in ventures over the past two years.

So now, I’m pretty broke again on Zuri. Worth it, though. XD

Level 60 Dragoon (Again)

I’ve been slowly leveling Zuri’s Dragoon through leveling roulettes run with Vix, Xaa and Zeb. Even though I already have a level 60 Dragoon… I know. But I really enjoy the class!

So, last night, between Crystal Tower and roulettes, I finally hit level 60. I had half a set of Void Ark gear waiting, but for the most part, her gear is trash. I haven’t run much to earn Esos for her, and I’m looking towards leveling a different job with my roulettes (maybe Ninja), so I’m probably going to have to resort to doing some hunts to earn the old Law gear for the time being.


I also pushed my Maruader to 28 on Zuri this weekend, so inching closer to unlocking Warrior! I’m actually having a lot of fun leveling these classes, even if it’s taking time to do. I just have no idea what I’m going to do for my tanks, since I rarely tank dungeons, and Syn is working on leveling Zeb’s tanks at the moment, so needs the roulettes instead.

I suppose there’s plenty of time to do it all in the long run.

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May Goals in Review


The end of May is almost here, and it’s time to look back on my goals for this month to see what I’ve done. Overall, I’m very pleased by my progress, both in MMOs and the single player games I picked up this month. I’ve done a significant amount of single player gaming, which has been a very nice break and much-needed exploration for me.

On to the goals:

Earthbound Wii U

  • Play some!  ✓

I made some progress here. Want to make some more. Will probably list this as a June goal.

Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds

  • Beat the Desert Palace.✓
  • Make progress in this game! (I BEAT IT!) ✓

Not only did I beat that pesky Desert Palace boss, but I went on to complete the game! This is the first console game I’ve finished in what feels like ages.

The Secret World

  • Reroll an alt character ✓
  • Putz around Kingsmouth on them and see what’s changed in the new player experience

I did reroll an alt character that I liked, but didn’t get to play around in Kingsmouth much. I didn’t have the itch,and didn’t want to force it.

Final Fantasy XI

  • Level Dark Knight to 30 ✓

I did level Dark Knight to 30 in FFXI. However, despite the fact I’ve had fun with this game, and still have a whole story before me, I’m going to let my sub lapse next month.

Patch 3.3 is coming out for FFXIV in June, and I know most of my MMO time is going to be taken up by that. I also feel like my curiosity and nostalgia have been sated for now. However, I know that when I get the itch to come back, I have a character that’s sitting at a pretty good place. I’m certainly not uninstalling the game.

Final Fantasy XIV

While I didn’t have any high level goals for FFXIV, I still managed to get Zuri’s dragoon to level 59, just by helping out with leveling roulettes. Almost to 60, so that’s going to get done. 

I also finished gearing up Zuri’s Bard so that she could meet the ilvl 205 requirement for the next patch. 


  • Level Alchemist to 60 (Currently 56)
  • Level Blacksmith to 53 ✓
  • Unlock Master II book for:
    • Alchemist
  • Earn Master III books for (not priority):
    • Alchemist
    • Culinarian

I didn’t do much crafting at all. I did complete the level 53 Blacksmith, but I’ve been out of the zone for crafting this month. 

But this is a good thing!!! Next month’s patch 3.3 will be releasing Moogle Beast Tribe quests that are aimed at crafters level 50-60. After having grinded way too many crafting classes to 60 already, it’s a blessing that we’ll get an alternate way to progress. I’m happy that I have a few classes that can benefit from this, because I’m looking forward to the new quests. I’m more than content to be patient to finish my last three classes if I have more structure than just grinding leves. 

Leveling Stuff

  • Level Machinist to 50 (Priority!) ✓
  • Level Warrior to 25 ✓
  • Level Paladin to 20 ✓
  • Level Ninja to 20✓
  • Clean up old quests ✓

Wow, I really got a lot done this month. Granted, some of it was lower level stuff, but these were goals I haven’t been able to finish despite being on my list for a few months. I worked on cleaning up as many low level and class quests as I could, but I still have a few more hanging out there. If I could get these classes to 30 (and Warrior is pretty close), I’d be able to really start working on FATE runs and such. 

I actually also started making progress on Zuri’s Anima weapon again, and cleaned up a lot of dungeons. I only have 4 dungeons to finish to actually complete Anima stage 2, so I have a feeling I’ll be putting that back on the list for next month!

Overall, good month!

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FFXIV: More Eureka!


Zeb and Tai got their Eureka emote today. Thanks to Syn’s help I was able to get the good ending to the quest, too. I very much recommend it! I felt much better about the whole thing when I got to see what was really happening. 🙂


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ComiXology Unlimited: Trial Thoughts


I’ve been meaning to get into comics sometime. As strange as it is, I’m a webcomic writer/artist, but I don’t really read that many published comics. Most of what I do read are other webcomics, and only a select few, basically because they’re accessible to me and have earned my attention.

Now, being a writer/artist, I understand real comic writer/artists need to get paid for their work. I totally respect that. I’d love to get paid for my comics, trust me! XD However, I still have trouble handing over money for comics… unless it’s something I really, really, really love. So far, I haven’t found anything that has taken me by storm. Cuz man, that’s an expensive hobby to keep up with!

Not to mention the space that print comics take up in storage. I just don’t have room for it, as much as I understand the joy and psychology of collecting issues. They’d likely get chewed on by the cat no matter what I did to protect them.

Digital comics? Yeah, that fits my space issues, and is something I’m used to being a long-time webcomic reader. But it goes back to my struggle to pony up that kind of money for something I’m stashing on my tablet to read once or (very rarely) twice. Again, I have to really love it to put money into it.

So, when I heard about ComiXology Unlimited yesterday, I jumped into the 30 day free trial. I mean, I will pay $6 a month to read an unlimited number of comics. They made it sound like Netflix for comics, which is something I can really get behind. I don’t mind subscribing to a service to read what I like and try out new series that I wouldn’t likely spend the money to do otherwise.

However, after I started the trial, I discovered there’s a catch. While Unlimited does give you unlimited access to a lot of comics, it limits you to the first handful of issues, or sometimes, just issue 1. I’m not talking about restricting what was published in the past 6 months, either. This includes older series that have been out for years, like The Walking Dead, where you can only access the first 2 graphic novels.

Now, I’m not dumb. I know exactly what this is meant to do. They can sugar coat it and try to say, “Oh, you have so much to read and try out.” But the truth is, they hook you with a few teaser issues and prompt you to buy the rest. Sure, they say they’ll rotate in new comics and stuff, but what does that really mean?

So. I like the fact that I can sample many comics with ComiXology Unlimited. I don’t like the fact that it’s being waved around like Netflix for comics, because it’s not. It’s as if you pay for a Netflix subscription, and they allow you to watch a couple episodes of a show, then expect you to buy the rest of the episodes. Nope.

If this is trying to get a new reader like me into comics, it’s not a good way to do it. Up my subscription price if you have to in order to give me access to more of each series, but don’t tease me with a carrot on a stick into your shopping cart. I see what you’re doing.

I’m undecided about whether I’ll sub after my first 30 days because of these limitations. I did want to spread the news about the service and let folks know what it really is — because you can’t see the restrictions until after you get into the trial. It may expand into something great one day, but right now, unlimited doesn’t really mean unlimited. And that’s a bummer.

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Stardew Valley: First Summer’s End


There will be spoilers in this play through!

One of the things I do most during Summer is fish. I think that starts to show in my skill sets.


I like how at level 5 of each skill, you get to to choose a profession to specialize in. For example, at level 5 fishing, you can chose between:

  • Fisher: Fish are worth 25% more.
  • Trapper: Resources required to craft crab pots reduced.

For me, this was a no-brainer. I didn’t even have crab pots and I sell my fish all the time, so I went with Fisher. But it’s cool that at level 5 and 10, all skills let you choose a boost like that.

In fact, I caught my first legendary fish. Funny thing was that I wasn’t using any special kind of bait or hook – I only had the fiberglass rod, and wasn’t trying for it at all. Though I don’t think there’s anything you can do with it except sell it, I kept it. Who knows.


I also spent enough time in the mine to dig up enough iron to upgrade my pickaxe!


Other tools are on the list, but pickaxe is always first to upgrade as it lets me mine better ore, I’m guessing.

Speaking of making progress in the mines, I managed to delve down to floor 50 and snag myself some nice new boots. I hadn’t done much to upgrade my gear though, so that’s next on the list sometime.


I spent the final days of summer finishing up as many bundles as I could and continuing to strengthen my friendships with folks in the town. Harvey surprised me one afternoon with this…



Suddenly it sorta made sense. So all those times I talked to Harvey and he had nothing but health-related things to say wasn’t just a case of a somewhat shallow character… but rather, a character who felt he had to distance himself due to a doctor-patient relationship?

Hopeful wishing, I suppose. Harvey still chides me to not work so hard and to come in for checkups even after I established a much stronger relationship later. I guess it is a case of somewhat limited game conversation.

Anyhow. The summer is carried out on the back of dancing jellies. Jelly fish that is. The town comes to gather and watch the migration of jellies every year in a nighttime festival.


For some odd reason, a strange flower-shaped jelly decided to be especially curious about me.

Such events are nice and atmospheric. It really does work to show that the community is still a small town with roots connected to nature. I’m curious how things will change come Fall and Winter.


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Backed: Niche

nicheI haven’t Kickstarted something in a while, to be honest, but this little game called Niche caught my eye. This is touted as a “Genetics Survival” game – a bit of simulation, strategy and rougelike all wrapped up in a breeding/genetics game. It’s taken inspiration from games like Spore, Creatures and Don’t Starve.

You all know how I love messing with breedable pets and genetics, so this seems right up my alley. I backed at the Early Access level, so hopefully I’ll have a beta to try out sometime this summer. Looking forward to it!

For more info on this game, check the Niche Kickstarter!