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FFXIV: Zu Mount Get!


One of our awesome FC members (Achilles) has taken charge of running our airships, and they’re starting to bring back the spoils that trades for the Zu Mount. I was totally stoked to get one tonight! Love the glow of the feathers. 🙂

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FFRK: Palom & Porom Get!

2016-05-10 09.57.21

I’m always happy when there’s a FFIV event in FFRK. I’m still playing this game daily, just haven’t reported on it a lot because I’ve pretty much unlocked all the characters that currently exist (aside from a few base job characters).

Today, I picked up Palom and Porom. And as a bonus, Paladin Cecil got his random new Record Materia!

2016-05-10 09.57.34

I decided to blow some mythril on a few pulls, and sadly didn’t get anything for the twins. But I did pull the Stardust SSB for Tellah. So he can summon a meteor and (almost) kill himself again. Great.

2016-05-10 10.01.57