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FFXIV: Moogle Dance and Massive Minions


Last night Zuri reached the final rank of reputation with the Moogle beast tribe quests, which netted me a number of fun new toys… like the moogle dance above. I also got the new mallow mount and the baby dragon minion.


If that’s not cute enough, my FC has been running a lot of maps to play through the Aquapolis lately. Last night, not only did we get to the 7th chamber again, but I rolled and won two adorable minions that I didn’t already own.

The Nutkin:


And the lesser panda:


Add to that that Zuri got a gear drop from this week’s Weeping City raid and that maps are slowly earning Lore tomes (in a fun way) to upgrade her accessories, and things are going pretty good this week!

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June Goals in Review


Wow, where did this month go? How’d you do on your gaming goals for June?

With the new FFXIV patch, running raids and doing treasure maps, there was a lot of gaming going on. I actually got a lot of gaming time in on Stardew Valley as well. But, with that all said, let’s take a look at what I set out to do and what I actually accomplished!

Earthbound Wii U

  • Play some! ✓

Yep, got this done. I actually got all the way to Saturn Village, which was a good little chunk of gaming.

Pokemon X

  • Earn the next Gym badge ✓

This badge was a slight challenge, but I have a wonky team at the moment. On to the next badge next month!

FFXIV End Game Stuff

  • Complete the second-stage relic for Zuri’s Bard ✓
  • Get Weeping City gear for Zuri✓
  • Get Weeping City gear for Tai ✓

Getting all this stuff done and more. I cleared all of the new end game story for patch 3.3 on both characters. I not only upgraded armor for Tai and Zuri’s main classes, but I significantly upgraded Zuri’s dragoon as well. Annnnd… I finally finished the second stage of Anima on Zuri’s Bard and have slowly been gathering materials for the next stage.

FFXIV Crafting/Gathering

  • Level Alchemist to 60 ✓
  • Gear up Crafters
  • Gear up Gatherers ✓

I’m making tons of progress on finishing up my crafting leveling, all thanks to the new Moogle quests. Not only did I get Alchemist to 60, but the last two classes – Armorer and Blacksmith – are at 56 and rising quickly. I should have all crafting classes maxed out next month.

I didn’t put much time into gearing up my crafters because I’m a little confused on how all that works right now. I’ve been focused more on leveling than gearing up.

I did start gearing my gatherers, however. I earned the Script fishing rod and mining pick, though I’ve yet to work on the botanist tool. But upgrading main hands are nice. Other than that, I’ve mostly been gathering Dragonskin maps.

FFXIV Leveling

  • Unlock Warrior ✓
  • Level Rogue to 25 ✓
  • Level Gladiator to 25
  • Clean up old quests✓

I succeeded in two of my leveling goals including unlocking Warrior on Zuri. Not only did I get Rogue to 25, but I pushed right on to 30, where I unlocked Ninja for Zuri, too. While I didn’t get Gladiator to 25, I did level it to 22, so that I could get the cross class Provoke for my Warrior.

I plan on running some of the Deep Dungeon to hopefully level my tanks a bit as I’m still not keen on running leveling roulette as low level tanks.

I’ve also been holding back on old quest clearing so that I can do that on my Gladiator. But, I did go and clean up a number of job and class quests, so that’s good enough, I suppose!

I can’t see my goals for July being too heavy since I’ve got almost all my crafters leveled, and I’m not overly worried about leveling my +50 jobs at the moment. Depending on how the Deep Dungeon plays depends on how I make level progress next month.

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FFXIV Fat Cat Plush


This cuteness just arrived in the mail today! The plush was expensive as far as plushes go, but it’s a good size — exactly what I was thinking it would be.

It’s been a long wait since I preordered it months ago! So happy it’s here! 🙂

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Steam Summer Sale 2016 – How Goes It?


So, Steam Summer Sale. Have you been able to withstand the temptation or have you gone all out this year?

I held back quite a bit since my bank account is already reeling mightily due to purchasing tickets, flight and hotel for this year’s Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest. So this tempered my spending.

While I’ve been tempted by a number of games that are discounted on my Wishlist, either their discounts aren’t quite as deep as I hoped (I know, I’m bad), or some of the recent reviews are less that appealing. I’m really being careful with the early access titles I’m buying recently.

Here’s what I did pick up, however:

Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale

This was a game that my sister recommended a while back. I saw it on sale for $4.99 during the GOG sale a few weeks ago and knew that it would be on Steam for probably the same price, so I waited. I’m strange in that I try to only buy older games on GOG, and keep my library of newer games on Steam. I can’t even tell you why. Anyhow, I purchased this game.

Endless Legend

I’ve heard a lot about this game (see Almonihah’s review), and have been dabbling with Civ 4 lately while waiting for Civ 6. So at $10 this was a good buy.

The Long Dark

Is one I’m on the brink of buying, but haven’t pulled the trigger. The price is right, and I love the art style, but there’s no story mode yet and I’ve read some mixed recent feedback (though it’s mostly positive).
Nah, I bought it.

Oh, and my Steam stats are shot again, after I worked so hard to get my backlog cleared out. Blame it on a bunch of well-priced Humble Bundles. 😦


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Crud NaNoWriMo July 2016 – Shadows of Zot

Well, crud. Look what happened.


I wasn’t going to write for the July Camp NaNoWriMo. I was pretty discouraged after suffering through April’s NaNoWriMo, which was decidedly one of the worst NaNo experience I’ve had yet (no fault of NaNo, it was all me). And then I felt that all the effort went to waste as I didn’t even post anything I wrote in the end.

For the past few months, I’ve really wondered if I’ve lost my skill for fiction writing. Sure, I can spin a blog post like this in little to no time, and shoot out technical articles for work without batting an eye. But there’s a huge difference between inspired fantasy writing and conversational or technical writing. They’re all writing, but they use different muscles.

Where blogging had begun as a way to keep me writing consistently between my fiction sprints, it’s now become so, so much harder for me to write fiction in general. I’m not going to lie, I’d almost decided to give up on all of it. But then I get the little unexpected encouragements like…


Merrybelly… you just don’t know how I almost cried for joy to see a kind compliment during a dark time in my creative landscape. Thank you. 🙂

It also got Shadows of Zot back on my writing radar, which is something I’ve wanted to do anyhow. So, yes. I have four days to re-read the 14 chapters I’ve already posted and refresh my creative palette to try and give this fantasy writing thing another stab.

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FFXIV: Adventures of the Kitty Dragoon


I don’t know what’s possessed me to continue upgrading Zuri’s Dragoon last night. I had a ton of Eso, which I could have used for Relic stuff, but instead bought the Dragoon weapon and three accessory upgrades for Dragoon (despite having a pretty geared up Dragoon already). The flip side to this was while running Void Ark this week, I felt a whole lot stronger. XD

Still, when I get a Lore upgrade or drops from Weeping City, those always go to Bard. And Tai does his own runs for Dragoon drops. But Zuri is slowly catching up with Tai’s gear level, which is concerning.

Why have two Dragoons? I don’t know. Cuz I like it?

I also unlocked Ninja finally on Zuri this week.


And a FC group decided to come run with Syn and I to see the story in Tam Tara Hard Mode, after my post from yesterday. We did a synced version, and while the dungeon wasn’t overly hard, I could see how that last fight would have been a challenge back in the day.


Our FC has also been slightly addicted to doing maps and popping the Aquapolis. Last night, we reached the 7th Chamber yet again! Woot!

"Anyone see the treasure?" "It's not over here!"
“Anyone see the treasure chest?” “It’s not over here!”
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FFXIV: The Japanese Horror Story Continues!


Spoilers: If you haven’t played Tam Tara Hard Mode.

A little over a year ago, I lauded the writers of FFXIV for a series of ongoing events that culminated in a pretty cool Japanese horror story in the game.

This is, of course, the story of Edda, a conjurer-turned-necromancer, whom you first meet as a low level adventurer. Her failures as a healer at first seem to echo what you’d normally see in a player party who is struggling to make it through an instance. We all know that feeling of having a bad player in a PUG.

But we later discover her failure led to the death of her fiance, who, unlike us blessed by the Mother Crystal, was a real death. He’s dead dead. And she’s carrying his head around in a bag.

If that’s not disturbing enough, once you reach level cap, the events of Tam Tara Hard Mode (which I’ve yet to play) continue the twisted story. Apparently Edda’s been busy in her insane struggle to revive her beloved. The demonic powers within Tam Tara are just eating this up, of course, and you have all kinds of messed up things to fight before you finally kill what remains of Edda’s fiance as the final boss.


At the end of the dungeon, a distraught Edda backs herself over the edge of the summoning platform and seemingly falls to her death. But not before she gives you a really creepy smile.


Shortly after, as you talk to one of Edda’s previous adventuring partners, who took part in the Tam Tara Hard Mode storyline, he sees a disturbing visage that your character does not…


What has become of Edda? As of last year when I wrote the first horror story article, people were getting a momentary glimpse of her “ghost” as she appears with a 1% chance in one of the three main cities at night.


But now, it seems that her story may continue!

Deep Dungeon Horrors

We don’t know a whole lot about the upcoming Deep Dungeon, Palace of the Dead. We know it’ll be located in the South Shroud. We know we’ll be fighting undead. But it wasn’t until we saw the first footage of the dungeon that speculation began rising. Because, within that video, we got a quick glace at what was a decidedly female figure. Who seemed to be dressed up for a wedding, perhaps?


Who has a strange, floating head-like creature on her shoulder…


This instantly got the community speculating… could this be Edda?

It seems this could be possible! In a newer interview, Yoshi-P acknowledged:

Well, it’s still good that it will have a variety of purposes. By the way, from name of the content with the word “dead” and what you’ve shown, we’re expecting Edda to be involved… can you speak about that?

Yoshida: Well, a certain woman was shown in the trailer, but please wait until the content is implemented. After you complete the Deep Dungeon for this patch, there will be certain side quests that occur, and once you clear a certain quest, a certain character’s story will be completed. However, if you want to know all of the truth around that, you’ll have to wait until more floors are added. Hopefully players get excited to find out more and challenge the new floors.

I was already hyped about the Deep Dungeon, but if they really do continue the story of Edda in such a way, this will make me really happy. It just goes to show how the writing team takes notice of even the little details, carefully weaving a history that builds up to something much bigger and unexpected. This is how good storytelling works.

I hope we’ll see Edda again! I want our FFXIV Japanese Horror Story to continue!

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FFXIV: Weeping City of Mhach – Two Weeks Later


Two weeks ago, I wrote about the Weeping City of Mhach, the new 24-man dungeon that came out in Patch 3.3. Some time has passed, so I wanted to write an update on how these runs are going.

Overall, I see improvement. The groups we ran with last week and this week were able to clear without a single full raid wipe. That’s a pretty huge accomplishment compared to what we saw the first week.

Players seem to be getting the overall jist of it. But mistakes are still being made. And unlike previous raids, one person can wipe their whole party fairly easily. This is a raid that tells each player, “You are accountable for playing your role well and performing mechanics. Or your party dies.”

I guess I shouldn’t complain about this because it miffs me to watch people cheese their way through other raid bosses. It’s just… I don’t trust PUG members to hold my life in their hands.

Sorta Tales from the Duty Finder

So, here’s an example of what I’m talking about. It’s not actually a Tale from the Duty Finder because the guy was new and he was trying to improve. But the thing is, he was a Tank who didn’t know mechanics, and he didn’t let anyone know before going in.

Generally, we continue to run this with as many FC members in a group as we can. This helps alleviate the frustrations. Last night, we had everything except for the tank. We queued in and everything was more or less fine until we got to Omza.

During the square phase, where the tank is constantly taking damage from a stream of laser auto-attacks, he decides it’s his job to rush past the party (pelting us with lasers) to go soak the damage of the orb on the left. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a tank do this… Anyhow. This puts him out of range of the healers, who are frantically trying to heal the damage the lasers did to everyone. Then, he rushes back around to catch the next orb, which naturally kills him on the spot.

Lasers turn on the party, as they do when the tank dies, and our party wipes.

Kind healers from the other parties get us back on our feet, and we continue through the Black Hole phase.

Returning back to the Omza fight, again, square phase comes up. Again, the tank rushes after orbs, pelts the party with lasers and gets us all wiped.

Even Cait Sith is weeping for us.
Even Cait Sith is weeping for us.

At that time, since I’m dead, I take a moment to try explain to him why we are wiping. Other FC members do, too, and the tank acknowledges our efforts with an “Ah, I see.”

We also go to explain meteor placement, which he’s been running off to the right, getting us stuck in the middle of impacts.

We make it through that phase because of a healer LB3.

So the third square phase comes about. He actually doesn’t pelt the party with lasers, but tries to take orb+laser+second orb before the healers could get his life up after the first orb. He dies. Lasers target us. Our party wipes again, and Omza is down under 5%.

Thankfully, the rest of the alliance (some of which were also dead) was able to carry us through. This is something new, because in previous weeks, repeated full party wipes like this would have spelled the end of the whole raid on Omza. So props to the people in the other parties. They also didn’t get too huffy with us for the wipes.

SO. Having learned a lesson in Omza, the tank actually asked us about mechanics for the final boss when we got there. Good tank! You’re learning!

Anyhow, that’s an example of how one person can easily destroy the whole party in this raid, even when they are trying to do mechanics as they understand them. This is why I don’t particularly find Weeping City to be a fun time. Other raids I’ll run for fun. Weeping City, I’ll probably only run until I get my gear and upgrades.

At least Zuri got a belt drop last night… considering WC was stingy last week. Tai only needs two more pieces – head and hands – which means I’m in for a long wait unless I get very lucky runs that drop exactly what I need.