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Alphaville – Lassie Come Home 

I’ve known Lassie Come Home for a number of years, and heard it on my way driving to work this morning, so I thought I’d share it and the story of how I accidentally discovered Alphaville. This is a strange, but captivating song, which some say hearken back to the music of David Bowie.

For those who need a reference for cassette tape recorders...
For those who need a reference for cassette tape recorders…

When I was very young, I was in love with the show Lassie (as in the dog Lassie). I remember recording the song “When You Are Loved” from the end of the movie “Magic of Lassie” on my little portable cassette tape recorder (my family didn’t have a VCR until years later). Only, for some reason, my kid-self thought the name of the movie was “Lassie Come Home.” (Which is a real movie, btw).

Many years later, my young adult self remembered this song, and decided to search for it on a whim. Back after the fall of Napster in the early 2000s, but before iTunes or YouTube, I’d turned to finding music using P2P software (like Bearshare, Morpheus, KaZaa), where the only thing you could do was search for things by name and type. I didn’t remember the song’s name, so I searched for “Lassie Come Home,” thinking maybe it would lead me the right direction.

It didn’t — I never found out until years later that I had the movie title all wrong. But I did discover “Lassie Come Home” by Alphaville instead. I actually really like a number of songs by Alpahville, so if you enjoy this retro sound, check them out!


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One thought on “Alphaville – Lassie Come Home 

  1. I learned of Alphaville from a friend back in high school due to his excitement over getting their new “Singles Collection” tape. (Yes, tape. I’m old.) And he blasted it in the car as we were drivign somewhere and I liked it too, so I also bought a copy of that tape. and I’ve not really ever searched for them anywhere else either. But I still quite like their “Forever Young” and “Do you Want to Dance with Me” tracks from that album.


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