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FFXIV Fat Cat Plush


This cuteness just arrived in the mail today! The plush was expensive as far as plushes go, but it’s a good size — exactly what I was thinking it would be.

It’s been a long wait since I preordered it months ago! So happy it’s here! 🙂

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Steam Summer Sale 2016 – How Goes It?


So, Steam Summer Sale. Have you been able to withstand the temptation or have you gone all out this year?

I held back quite a bit since my bank account is already reeling mightily due to purchasing tickets, flight and hotel for this year’s Final Fantasy XIV Fan Fest. So this tempered my spending.

While I’ve been tempted by a number of games that are discounted on my Wishlist, either their discounts aren’t quite as deep as I hoped (I know, I’m bad), or some of the recent reviews are less that appealing. I’m really being careful with the early access titles I’m buying recently.

Here’s what I did pick up, however:

Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale

This was a game that my sister recommended a while back. I saw it on sale for $4.99 during the GOG sale a few weeks ago and knew that it would be on Steam for probably the same price, so I waited. I’m strange in that I try to only buy older games on GOG, and keep my library of newer games on Steam. I can’t even tell you why. Anyhow, I purchased this game.

Endless Legend

I’ve heard a lot about this game (see Almonihah’s review), and have been dabbling with Civ 4 lately while waiting for Civ 6. So at $10 this was a good buy.

The Long Dark

Is one I’m on the brink of buying, but haven’t pulled the trigger. The price is right, and I love the art style, but there’s no story mode yet and I’ve read some mixed recent feedback (though it’s mostly positive).
Nah, I bought it.

Oh, and my Steam stats are shot again, after I worked so hard to get my backlog cleared out. Blame it on a bunch of well-priced Humble Bundles. 😦