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FFXIV Changes Its Mind – Bard Drops!


Someone must have been reading my complaint post on never seeing a relevant Bard drop from Weeping City and said, “Get that kitty a drop, stat!” Because after a month of getting nothing on my weekly Weeping City run, I finally, finally got the Bard chest piece from the run tonight.

I usually don’t do a second run in a week… cuz I don’t enjoy Weeping all that much. But I kept telling my FC that I would try it again, mostly in hopes of getting something.

I’d also accepted the fact that I was going to be taking Dragoon drops instead of Bard. That might have happened tonight except there wasn’t a single Dragoon drop this time. And when the Bard chest dropped from the final boss, I was so excited that I thought I’d accidentally passed on it. XD

I still think I’ll be gearing up my Dragoon on the side, however. And I do plan on getting my Deep Dungeon weapon for Dragoon (I’m at 27/27 as of tonight!). But it was nice to finally get some reward from all these runs I’ve done. I don’t feel so bad about passing those Dragoon boots earlier this week. 🙂

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July Goals in Review


So a number of things came up this month that I didn’t expect, which took me a little off the beaten path, quite literally — challenges at work, and the release of Pokemon GO. I spent a lot more time hunting Pokemon than I’d bargained for, and some of my other gaming goals suffered for that. But seeing it got me up and walking around, that’s not such a bad thing.

Let’s see how I fared.


  • Try 2 new games – Tried 1
  • Cull 2 games

I only played one new game this month — Recettear. I did install Life is Strange, but never got to fire it up.

I didn’t cull any Steam games this month, either. I just totally dropped the ball on this one.

Stardew Valley

  • Reach Spring 3 ✓
  • Get married ✓

I did, however, reach my goals in Stardew Valley! Sadly, now that I’ve earned those goals, I haven’t had a lot of desire to hop back in and keep working on the game. I guess I’ll wait for the next patch to see what it brings.


  • Play some!

I also didn’t touch my Wii U this month due to playing Pokemon GO. Oh well. 😦

Pokemon X

  • Earn the next gym badge! ✓

While waiting for Pokemon GO to be released in the US, I actually did make a good bit of progress in Pokemon X!

FFXIV End Game Stuff

  • Casually work on 3rd tier of Zuri’s relic – not really in a big rush with this ✓

I’m slowly gathering what I need for this. Currently:

  • 20 Bones
  • 11 Ore
  • 5 Shells
  • 0 Seeds

FFXIV Crafting

  • Level Armorer to 60 ✓
  • Level Blacksmith to 60  ✓

Mission accomplished!

FFXIV Leveling

  • Level Gladiator to 25 ✓
  • Clean up old quests ✓

I not only leveled Gladiator to 25, but I pushed that even further to 28. Level 30 is within reach.