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FFXIV: Tantalus Attire Get, Zidane Roll


So today I got the Rank 13 (1080 Days – Wow!) Vet reward in FFXIV, the Tantalus Attire. Being a big ole FFIX fan, I had no choice but to roll a character that looked as close as Zidane as possible — which means a catboy (for the tail).

Apparently, “Zidane” is a name that’s off limits in FFXIV. Someone on my server already had Zidane’ Tribal, so I went with the next variation.


I’m not sure if I’ll do much with him, but it’s a fun character to have. He won’t be able to legit glamour this stuff until level 50. And I had to start him as a Pugilist since Rogue is unavailable from the start. Bummer.

However, just within the few mins I was logged in to get my rewards from the mail, I had a random character hug me.


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August Goals in Review #blaugust2016

This post is a part of Blaugust 2016!


Another month has come and gone and Blaugust is almost over with! How did I do on my goals for this month?

Well, I accomplished my Blaugust goal, which was to post every weekday. I won’t say this was always easy, but I did get it done. I’ll probably be a bit more lax next month, though, unless gaming really starts to pick up!

My console and Pokemon goals were left in the dust as I really put a lot more time into FFXIV this month. Some of this was helping other people level. Some of it was playing major catchup with Zuri as I finally made the choice to play her exclusively at this time.

Here’s how it went this time around:


  • Play some!


Pokemon X

  • Earn the next gym badge

Nope. Didn’t touch this game this month. Need to try to do two gym badges next month if possible! 

FFXIV End Game Stuff

  • Work on 3rd tier of Bard Relic ✓
  • Get the PotD Bow ✓
  • Get the PotD Spear
  • Level Machinist ✓ (Ding 60!)
  • Finish gearing up Bard ✓ (100% Complete!)
  • Start gearing up Dragoon ✓
  • Clear up to Alex 8 on Zuri ✓
  • Unlock Level 60 Roulette on Zuri

Let’s see. I got a LOT of this done this month. Not only did I complete leveling Machinist, but I finished gearing up Bard and completed the 3rd step of Relic (thanks to the nerf). I also completed all of Alex on Zuri. 

I did start gearing up my Dragoon, but will probably hold off on the rest of it for the Lore nerf in a month. I didn’t get the PotD spear for Dragoon (I’m sitting at 24/23 gear in the Deep Dungeon), but I did start to work on Relic for Dragoon instead. I’m not sure if I’ll decide to still get that spear for Dragoon or switch to a different class. 

I didn’t unlock Level 60 Roulette, but I’m real close! All I have to do is finish a run of Pharos Sirius HM. 

FFXIV Leveling

  • Level Gladiator to 30 ✓
  • Clean up old quests ✓

Yep, got this done. I now have all jobs to at least level 30 on Zuri! I also cleaned up all of my outstanding job quests, which feels good. 

FFXIV Random

  • Earn some Yo-kai Weapons ✓

I finished up my White Mage Yo-Kai weapon as well as the Ninja. Not sure if I want to get more at this point, though. 

Overall, looking good for August! On to September!

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FFXIV: Amazing 3rd Anniversary Weekend #blaugust2016

This post is a part of Blaugust 2016!


This weekend, FFXIV celebrated its 3rd year anniversary with a 14 hour live letter (don’t know how they manage that) and the newest anniversary event, The Rising. I also got so many things accomplished that I can’t possibly list them all without boring you. But let me try to make it entertaining!

Heavensward Ho!


We helped Vix and Xaa through their final trials of 2.0, including The Chrysalis and Steps of Faith. They pushed on into Ishgard and are now working on Heavensward content. Yay for them! All grown up. *sniff*

Ding 60 Machinist!


After quite a while of leveling, I finally hit 60 on Zuri’s Machinist. One of my goals for this month was to level the job some, but I didn’t anticipate finishing the task! It’s fabulous because now my Machinist and Bard can both wear the same gear, thus freeing up a lot of space in my inventory. It’s also a huge ilvl leap for my little Machinist. Now I just need to get her a better weapon.

Bard Fully Geared


Speaking of gear, another one of my goals for this month was to finish gearing up Bard with Lore/Weeping City stuff. I completed that this weekend by picking up the last accessory I needed (and capped Lore again for the second time ever…).


Not best in slot or anything, but this is more than good enough for me. My next goal is to gear up Dragoon… but I think with the new Tomes coming out in about a month, I’ll just horde my Lore from now on out. If it’s anything like the previous patches, the cost of the Tome gear will get cut in half. So if I save now, I should have more than enough Lore to completely gear up Zuri’s Dragoon once patch 3.4 rolls out. And maybe snag an ilvl240 weapon somewhere in there, too.

Alex 1-8 Cleared


I completed the Alexander raids on Tai a while back, but never cleared past A1 on Zuri. One of my goals for this month was to complete up to A8… but I wasn’t sure if that was going to happen. Syn mentioned that (before the Relic changes) getting parties for A1-A4 was a little harder in the duty finder. But none of that ended up even being a concern.

We put out the call on our FC Discord and had more than a full party for the entire Alex run yesterday afternoon. Also, there were three other FC folks who either just unlocked Alex or were in various stages of Gordias completion, so our run was a benefit for several others!  Even having three new folks, we didn’t have a single wipe (though we did enrage the final boss of A8 and cut it really close)! Good job KoM! 🙂

The Rising


The anniversary event, The Rising, has returned, and I participated with great gusto. This wasn’t quite the 18th floor, but it was still a fun set of quests with a lot of laughs and feels. I may be a bit sentimental, but it’s always special when the Wandering Minstrel (Yoshi-P’s avatar) takes some time to speak to Zuri. I walk away from these events feeling like I’m a part of Eorzea in an important way… which is the point of the event, I think. It works for me!


Dragoon Relic Stage 1


So, I’m back to hunting crystals again for my Dragoon Relic. I’m also gathering umbrite, sands and unidentifiable items (I’m at 10/10/10/2) for when I get it there. I spent quite a few hours running FATEs for crystals, and was happy to clear the harder zones (Azys Lla, The Dravanian Hinterlands, and The Churning Mists) pretty quickly on Saturday. But that’s where the crystal struggle began.

I thought it would be easy to clear the lower level zones, but Sea of Clouds refused to give up its crystals. In fact, I spent so long without a drop that I wondered if the quest was borked. Eventually, I decided to change scenery and headed out to Coerthas Western Highlands. Sure enough, in the first 4 FATES, I got my 3 crystals. I did eventually get them all from Sea of Clouds as well, so all I have left to farm is The Dravanian Forelands this week.


Then the long part (for me) comes… the dungeon grind. By the time I get that done, though, I should easily have all my unidentifiable items waiting. I already have the aether oils as well.

Though, I’m still struggling to decide on which job I want to take the Relic to 240… I know we’ll probably see a Relic nerf at patch 3.45, and I kinda doubt I’ll make it by then (I’ve never been relevant on Relic before). I can either work on Relic for Zuri’s Bard, which is fully geared, or wait and work on it for Dragoon. Again… I’m having so much trouble deciding on which job to make my main! Especially since I’m just starting to feel like I’m understanding Bard and beginning to unlock the job’s potential for me.



On top of that, Zeb and Xaa helped me clear an unsynced Pharos Sirius (so easy) so that I can unlock the hard mode. This is the only dungeon I haven’t finished on Zuri to unlock level 60 roulette (another goal for this month). I only have a few more days to complete that before the month is done, so we’ll see if that happens.

Overall, I just feel accomplished from this weekend. It was a LOT of running, and I’m tired out, but also encouraged. We had a lot of neat announcements during the Live Letter about patch 3.4, and I’ve finally got one of Zuri’s classes up to par (IMHO). I’m feeling a lot better now that I don’t feel like I’m lagging so far behind everyone.

Now if only I could decide on which job to make my main!

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FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder – The Magical Teleporting Tank #blaugust2016

This post is a part of Blaugust 2016!


This is the story of a Dark Knight we met in Sohr Khai with an unfortunate, bad Internet connection. Somehow, this magically taught him how to teleport.

I’m serious.

One moment, we would see him lagging out, standing next to us with the disconnect symbol beside his name. The next moment, he had teleported ahead of us to the next group of mobs and already pulled before we realized it. This was crazy for Zeb as a healer, and the DPS could never anticipate when a pull was coming.


This was a constant stop-go-stop-go thing through the whole run, not just an occasional bit of lag. The tank often lost connection while tanking the trash, which led to scattered aggro all over the place. Our second DPS, a pretty competent Dragoon who never spoke once, must have gotten fed up with it because he dropped the group before the first boss.

The thing is, I don’t consider Sohr Khai a dungeon you can fool around in. I’ve died there too many times, and the a tank dropping connection on Hraesvelgr would be devastating. The Dragoon was probably considering this too, and cut his losses by dropping the group.

Now, the tank seemed like a nice guy, and he was apologetic for the situation. But rather than bowing out politely so we could re-queue or find a new tank (Note: We could have left without penalty after the Dragoon left), he decided to keep going.


The guy hadn’t really done anything wrong and I’m sure he’s normally a good tank, so Zeb and I (being the softies we are) grumbled a bit and didn’t have high hopes for the run, but didn’t drop group. Eventually, we got a second Bard to replace the dropped DPS, and continued teleportingly through the dungeon.

Considering the situation, we didn’t do too terribly. There were few fatalities along the way, despite how easily the tank lost aggro due to lagging out. But the true test was facing the final boss. None of us, not even the tank, were particularly stoked for it.


We… actually got through this fight on the first try. It was a bit hectic, and the tank did fall to his death (as expected) due to the pillar destruction, but thankfully, not until we got Hraesvelgr down to 3%. I was able to pop a last-second limit break and we downed the fight!

And in the end, he was super polite about it.


But I still wouldn’t want to try that again! Whew!

(And no commendations for this Bard. Bummer. 😦 )

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Help! Which EQ2 Alt to Raise to 95? #blaugust2016


Poll is over with! Thanks for your help!


Thanks to Bhagpuss and Telwyn I learned that EQ2 was giving away a free level 95 Heroic upgrade to any character who has not already recieved said upgrade before. I have 3 level 90 heroics, including my “main,” so this is fine with me as the more alts I can level the better. And I have a lot of alts

In fact, I have SO many alts that I don’t know which one to choose! So I need help!

I don’t know anything about how EQ2 classes play at higher levels, but I’d want something that I can have fun soloing with. I generally enjoy melee, but now days, I’ve gotten used to ranged DPS as well.

I went through the list of alts and trimmed it down to these possibilities. So that there is no bias, I’m listing them in alphabetical order.



Lv 40 Wizard


  • The name. Somehow I managed to hold on to the name “Benjamin” even through the server consolidation.
  • Nostalgia. He was the first character I rolled on Freeport when the game went F2P – I literally got in at the moment the servers went up to snag this name.
  • Cosmetics – the staff and mount I don’t think are available in game anymore.
  • I hear Wizard becomes a beast at higher levels (how well does it solo?).


  • The highest level character that I’m looking at boosting. Maybe I should pick someone lower?
  • Unsure of how fun Wizard will be at higher levels for solo content. Are they too squishy?
  • Not a Ratonga.



Lv 21 Monk


  • My only Froglok.
  • The only character I have that doesn’t have access to a flying mount or the ability to fly. Using this boost will give her a flying mount.
  • I heard Monk is fun (?).


  • Unsure of how Monk works at high levels – is it fun for soloing?
  • Not a Ratonga… but is a Froglok. Hm. Does that balance out?



Lv 25 Fury


  • Ratonga! My only male Ratonga, too.
  • I hear Fury is a lot of fun!
  • The name “Rawring.”
  • I don’t have a higher level healer class… but I don’t really do group content, and only care about solo-ability.


  • Is Fury really a lot of fun for solo content at level 95?  Dunno!



Lv 33 Beastlord


  • Ratonga!
  • Pet class!
  • Scythe!
  • Cosmetics – I spent some Station Cash (Daybreakbucks, whatever they are now) for that outfit.
  • I enjoyed what I’ve played of Beastlord and bought that one expansion just to have the class more or less.
  • There are some cool warders I’ve wanted to tame, but couldn’t until I get a higher level.


  • Being a pet class, would this one be easier to level manually than some of the others on the list?
  • How fun is Beastlord at a higher level? I recall it being somewhat more complex.



Lv 32 Warden


  • Pure nostalgia here. Zento is the oldest character still existing in my roster, created in December 2004 (I re-rolled my Ratonga main several times after launch).
  • I don’t have a higher level healer class… but I don’t really do group content, and only care about solo-ability.
  • Cosmetics – he has a cool cloak I got from Legends of Norrath that I don’t think you can get elsewhere anymore.


  • Not sure how well Warden solos at higher level. Is it fun?
  • Is the nostalgia factor enough to warrant this choice?
  • Not a Ratonga.

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FFXIV: Hyperconductive Bard Anima Get! #blaugust2016

This post is a part of Blaugust 2016!


After yesterday’s Patch 3.38 Anima Relic weapon nerf, I was able to log in and quite easily finish what I needed to get the 210 Relic step done. A huge thanks to Vix who kindly helped out with picking up some of the items with Grand Company seals for me! Considering I’d expected to finish this in maybe a couple more months, this is pretty amazing.

Two things I noticed about this stage:

  1. The price of Unidentifiable items did not change for Moogle beast tribe quests. This makes sense, though, because it puts all tribes on equal footing — you can get one Unidentifiable item from each tribe every other day.
  2. You can now buy every Unidentifiable item for Tomes Poetics or Esos. Before, it was split between the two so you were forced to spend both Poetics and Esos. I saved my Esos, of course.

The Anima thingy itself is pretty cute, though I’m a bit worried about agreeing to this…


Shortly after, I completed the Hyperconductive stage to get the ilvl 230 weapon. But this is the hard part… whatever Relic I take to ilvl 240 should be for my main job at this point. And since you can only do one Relic at a time, and this stage is going to last a while, I really need to pick a main job.

Bard has finally kinda grown on me, and remains my most-geared job. It’s usually a low-stress job, with some pretty good team support, but lower DPS.

However, my other love is Dragoon with its strong DPS and heavier hitting melee style. I enjoy the job, but it’s more stressful for me to play than Bard. I’m slowly gearing it up (since I only just leveled Zuri’s Dragoon to 60 a few months back), so its nowhere near what my Bard is.

The other thing is that we have more dedicated end-game Bards in our FC than Dragoons. In fact, it feels like we’re trending towards more ranged DPS than melee overall, which nudges me to want to bring my melee game.

One way or another, I started a new Anima quest line for Dragoon. While I was doing that, I realized that a long time ago, I’d actually earned the first step for the White Mage Relic. I totally forgot that! Must have been back when I was leveling White Mage to 60, using the FATEs to do it. I think the thing that kept me from progressing was knowing I’d have to heal all those dungeons in the second step. So I don’t know if I’ll ever progress on that.

I haven’t started gathering crystals, but I’m looking forward to running FATEs (yes, I am). Hopefully I can get some experience for a few of my sub-60 jobs — and I have a number of them.

Even though I said I wasn’t going to run more Weeping City, we had a full FC group for it last night, so I chose to go with them. This did net me the Dragoon head piece, giving me half the Dragoon drops from the raid (but none of the big drops, of course).

Also, after the final boss, the Bard pants drop. Of course. Right after I finish saving up and buying the Lore pants, these drop… when I swore the chance was so low I’d probably never see them drop again.

You know what?


I just need one Lore ring and that’s it for gearing up Bard for now. Then I can turn my attention to Relic and Dragoon.

All in all, I’m feeling a lot more revitalized about my activities in FFXIV. Most of that is thanks to the Relic nerf, which gives me achievable things to work towards that aren’t only stuck in dungeons and raids. Finally!

Now if only I could pick a main job. 😦

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FFXIV: Massive Anima Relic NERF! #blaugust2016

This post is a part of Blaugust 2016!


No, I don’t mean the Anima Relic itself was nerfed, but with patch 3.38, the long, tedious process of earning the ilvl 210 Relic has just become much, much more do-able.

If you recall, here was where I was sitting with my Relic process:


I was waiting for this patch hoping and praying that the nerf would be something like halving the number of Unidentifiable items to 10. Man, did I not expect what we did get! Neither did Reddit, apparently:


First, they more than halved the amount of Tomes each item cost.


Second, they significantly cut the number of Beast Tribe tokens required to purchase the items.


Third, not only did they make the crafted items require only normal quality rather than high quality, but they put them up for sale for Grand Company Seals.


And, finally, they reduced the number of Unidentified items from 20 to 10 – which was all I was hoping for in the first place.


Seeing that I’ve been holding back on purchasing anything with my Tomes and Beast Tribe tokens since last week, when I get home today, I will certainly have enough to easily buy the rest of the Unidentifiable items required. Depending on the cost of the crafted items (I’ll assume the price will temporarily shoot up, but I’m glad I waited and didn’t buy the HQ ones), I may look into what I need to craft my own.

In the meantime, I’m halfway to another Relic based on what I’ve saved. The only question is… which job gets it? I’m thinking Dragoon.

The second question is, which Relic do I take beyond the 230 phase? I’ve been sitting on 12 Aether Oil (yes, we run a lot of Crystal Tower), so I have enough for 2 of those already.

I guess this is where I finally need to decide what my main job is going to be. 😀

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FFXIV: A Weekend of Progress #blaugust2016

This post is a part of Blaugust 2016!


This weekend, I hit a lot of the little goals I had in mind for this week, mostly dealing with leveling and gearing up. This was the first week that I’ve capped Lore Tomes since Lore has existed, and it was enough to finally get the 240 pants for Zuri’s Bard. She currently has a mish-mash of Weeping City and Lore gear, with only one ring left to upgrade (this week) to make everything at least ilvl 230. I’m content with this.


I’d like to gear up Zuri’s Dragoon as well, but I haven’t decided on whether running Expert Roulette is my thing. It wasn’t terrible last week, but most the time, we ended up with Hullbreaker (thankfully). But at this point, I favor Expert over Weeping City because at least you’re sure to be working towards gear you need… rather than suffer through WC and not know if anything you need will drop (and if it does, if you can win the roll).

I’m also looking forward to the Relic nerf tonight, though I haven’t seen the patch notes out for what the changes will be. I’ve held off buying Unidentifiable items because I didn’t know which way it would go. Here’s my item stash as of now.


In the meantime, I’m working on continuing to level Zuri’s Machinist. This wasn’t the top goal of my list for the month, but it’s become a heavy focus for me this week. Every chance I’ve had to squeeze in a little more experience, I’ve taken – Deep Dungeon, Roulettes, Crystal Tower Raids, Hunts, Beast Tribe quests…


Last night, I got level 59, so I’m getting very close to a 60 Machinist who will be auto-geared by all the Bard gear. I will be a very happy camper.

I’m not sure how much I enjoy Machinist yet, though. I’ve not actually played anything of substance with the job using post level 50 skills. It’s hard to compare to a fully geared Bard, but it feels a lot less support-oriented than Bard does for some reason.

I finally completed all of my outstanding Job Quests this weekend, and I’m glad to have those cleaned up and off my radar. Aside from that, we’ve been helping Xaa and Vix progress through the story (they just completed Snowcloak) and getting them through the Crystal Tower raids. We ran the trio yesterday with them, and it was a pretty good experience, IMHO. Hopefully they’re having fun exploring the world of Poetics Tomes and level 50 content. Very soon, they’ll be stumbling into Ishgard!