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August Goals #Blaugust2016


This month, rather than just list gaming goals, I’m going for overall goals. Because this is the month of Blaugust!

I slacked off a bit last month in my blogging because I had a lot going on IRL, and I was struggling to write for NaNoWriMo as it was. So, my goals for Blaugust aren’t to post every day, but rather, get back into my habit of posting every weekday. I think that’s good enough, and I’m happy we get a choice, this year. Thanks Bel! 

Now for my gaming goals! A number of these are playing catch-up with Zuri on content, to be honest.


  • Play some!

Pokemon X

  • Earn the next gym badge

FFXIV End Game Stuff

  • Work on 3rd tier of Bard Relic ✓
  • Get the PotD Bow ✓
  • Get the PotD Spear
  • Level Machinist ✓ (Ding 60!)
  • Finish gearing up Bard ✓ (100% Complete!)
  • Start gearing up Dragoon ✓
  • Clear up to Alex 8 on Zuri ✓
  • Unlock Level 60 Roulette on Zuri

FFXIV Leveling

  • Level Gladiator to 30 ✓
  • Clean up old quests ✓

FFXIV Random

  • Earn some Yo-kai Weapons ✓