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FFXIV: Hyperconductive Bard Anima Get! #blaugust2016

This post is a part of Blaugust 2016!


After yesterday’s Patch 3.38 Anima Relic weapon nerf, I was able to log in and quite easily finish what I needed to get the 210 Relic step done. A huge thanks to Vix who kindly helped out with picking up some of the items with Grand Company seals for me! Considering I’d expected to finish this in maybe a couple more months, this is pretty amazing.

Two things I noticed about this stage:

  1. The price of Unidentifiable items did not change for Moogle beast tribe quests. This makes sense, though, because it puts all tribes on equal footing — you can get one Unidentifiable item from each tribe every other day.
  2. You can now buy every Unidentifiable item for Tomes Poetics or Esos. Before, it was split between the two so you were forced to spend both Poetics and Esos. I saved my Esos, of course.

The Anima thingy itself is pretty cute, though I’m a bit worried about agreeing to this…


Shortly after, I completed the Hyperconductive stage to get the ilvl 230 weapon. But this is the hard part… whatever Relic I take to ilvl 240 should be for my main job at this point. And since you can only do one Relic at a time, and this stage is going to last a while, I really need to pick a main job.

Bard has finally kinda grown on me, and remains my most-geared job. It’s usually a low-stress job, with some pretty good team support, but lower DPS.

However, my other love is Dragoon with its strong DPS and heavier hitting melee style. I enjoy the job, but it’s more stressful for me to play than Bard. I’m slowly gearing it up (since I only just leveled Zuri’s Dragoon to 60 a few months back), so its nowhere near what my Bard is.

The other thing is that we have more dedicated end-game Bards in our FC than Dragoons. In fact, it feels like we’re trending towards more ranged DPS than melee overall, which nudges me to want to bring my melee game.

One way or another, I started a new Anima quest line for Dragoon. While I was doing that, I realized that a long time ago, I’d actually earned the first step for the White Mage Relic. I totally forgot that! Must have been back when I was leveling White Mage to 60, using the FATEs to do it. I think the thing that kept me from progressing was knowing I’d have to heal all those dungeons in the second step. So I don’t know if I’ll ever progress on that.

I haven’t started gathering crystals, but I’m looking forward to running FATEs (yes, I am). Hopefully I can get some experience for a few of my sub-60 jobs — and I have a number of them.

Even though I said I wasn’t going to run more Weeping City, we had a full FC group for it last night, so I chose to go with them. This did net me the Dragoon head piece, giving me half the Dragoon drops from the raid (but none of the big drops, of course).

Also, after the final boss, the Bard pants drop. Of course. Right after I finish saving up and buying the Lore pants, these drop… when I swore the chance was so low I’d probably never see them drop again.

You know what?


I just need one Lore ring and that’s it for gearing up Bard for now. Then I can turn my attention to Relic and Dragoon.

All in all, I’m feeling a lot more revitalized about my activities in FFXIV. Most of that is thanks to the Relic nerf, which gives me achievable things to work towards that aren’t only stuck in dungeons and raids. Finally!

Now if only I could pick a main job. 😦