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FFXIV: PotD Love, Realizations, Finding End Game Alternatives


Those who have read this blog for a while know that I’m constantly grappling with my love of FFXIV vs the stress of being at end game. In fact, I was a little grouchy about the newest patch because it means that I must (yet again) go and re-outfit my main job with new gear by grinding out new Tomes. After I just finally caught up!

I grit my teeth and unlocked Expert Roulette on Zuri, readying myself for the deluge of daily roulettes once again. But then, I started to look around and do math (*gasp* Yes, I know, math!). And I came to the conclusion that I really don’t need to run this daily roulette at all to make progress!

Deep Dungeon Love

Our Posse has been super interested in running PotD lately, mostly due to the new patch adding the tantalizing Accursed Hoard drops. Now, I find myself running the deep dungeon less for raising my gear score (though that is happening too) and more for finding these elusive new drops. It’s put a much different spin on the PotD, and I’m having a lot of fun with it.

We’ve found a number of cosmetics, minions, materia and other fun things on our runs. I’m still hoping for that new hairstyle to drop for me. I’ve even come across some Tier 5 materia that’s sold quite well on the marketboard. So, not only is this fun for me, but it makes money (which is more than I can say for the nothing-but-gear and prism drops of Expert Roulette).

The big kicker is, in doing the math, I realized that if I complete the Vanu and Vath beast tribes on a level 60 character, and I run just the first two floors of PotD, I’m making more tomes than I would from an Expert Roulette with far less stress on me. And if I really want to push it to the third floor, I can make very close to an equivalent of another Expert Roulette in one day!

Nevermind… my math was wrong. I wasn’t counting the Roulette bonus. But PotD is still a good way to get Tomes!

Sure, this might take a little longer to do, but I can accept the fact that as a super-casual approach, it takes a little longer and it’s less economic than just straight up running the big-boy dungeons. The fact that I realize I have an alternative really diffuses a lot of the frustration I’ve been carrying around.

I’m not sure why I didn’t do the math earlier! Maybe it’s because I was more worried about leveling my PotD gear for that weapon than I was thinking about how the Tome rewards stack up otherwise. Either way, this makes me a lot happier.

FC Realizations

We’ve had some interesting times in my FC as of late, including the new website I built for it! There were some folks shuffling about, for the better, and it’s left us with a bit less of an end-game focus, which I think is a good thing. We’re certainly still doing end game stuff, and will hopefully pull together some folks to do an Alex learning run this weekend. But I realized that I’ve been so stressed by the concentration of end game content that I’ve forgotten the whole “casual FC” bit along the way.

For the first time in many months, I put out some recruitment posts for our FC, and we’ve been slowly welcoming new members in. For a while, activity in our FC was high (though end-game heavy), and we were looking for things to settle down before we chose to recruit new folks into the mix again. I can’t say if that was right or wrong, but I just realized in meeting some of these new folks, that I’ve fallen far from my purpose in the game.


I wanted to be a Mentor not for a crown or the mentor roulette (which I can’t run anyhow), but because I wanted to help guide new people and empower them to reach their goals in game. But lately, I’ve been so focused on running and running to keep up with end game, and so exhausted from the stress it causes me, that I forgot what it’s like to welcome new folks, teach them and help them enjoy the game.

Seeing new faces in the FC reminded me of what I’ve forgotten. Maybe I’ll join the Novice Network on my server again and see if it’s a place to teach and learn.

I think I’m finally working this end game stuff out… just not in the way I expected.

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October Gaming Goals


I have a lot going on in October, including the FFXIV Fan Fest. I’m going to be out of town for a good number of days, and this does effect how much time I have. So what are my goals this month?

Pokemon X

  • Earn the next gym badge(s) ✓

FFXIV End Game Stuff

  • Gear up Dragoon ✓
  • Work on Dragoon Relic ✓
  • Gear up my Healers ✓
  • Earn Blue Scrip Botanist Offhand
  • Buy 1 Fokelore Book
  • Earn money to gear up Crafters ✓
  • Level Scholar (not priority) ✓

FFXIV General

  • Gain reputation with Sahagin
  • Clean up old quests (Job Quests)
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September Goals in Review


And this month is almost GONE! Amazing! I’m so looking forward to October because not only will there be fall weather and Halloween, but also my first ever FFXIV Fan Fest to attend!

Anyhow, how did my goals for September go this time around? Pretty good, actually!


  • Play some!

The only goal I didn’t make. Why am I not playing this game? I do want to play this game! 

Pokemon X

  • Earn the next gym badge ✓
  • Get badge after that, too ✓

Not only did I catch up from the previous month of not earning a badge, but I earned THREE badges this month! I made a lot of progress and ultimately got lost in the world of Pokemon breeding and sending Pichus to the Wonder Trade. I’m having way too much fun with this game. 😀 

I only have October and part of November to finish up before Pokemon Sun drops. It’s very possible if I don’t get too lost in trading. 

FFXIV End Game Stuff

  • Unlock Level 60 Roulette on Zuri ✓
  • Finish 2nd Stage Dragoon Relic ✓
  • Finish 3rd Stage Dragoon Relic ✓
  • Finish 4th Stage Dragoon Relic ✓
  • Start 5th Stage Dragoon Relic ✓
  • Finish Gearing Up Dragoon (Patch 3.4)

I did so much in FFXIV this month, seriously! All the relics and roulettes unlocked for Zuri. Slowly making progress on the current Relic… 

I decided not to use my Lore to gear up Dragoon though, and struck that goal off the list. Two reasons for that – the cost of Lore gear didn’t half like I hoped it would, and it seems more economical just to by-pass the Lore stage for the new Scripture and Alex gear. I need that Lore for my Relic! It’s going to take some time, but eventually Zuri’s Dragoon will get geared up and I’ll phase out from Bard. 

Considering doing Weeping runs to upgrade other jobs, but I don’t know if I want to deal with that or not. 

FFXIV General

  • Level Warrior ✓
  • Clean Up Old Quests ✓
  • Gain reputation with Amalj’aa ✓
  • Gain reputation with Sahagin ✓

I did all this! Though I do really want to keep moving forward with my beast tribe reputation, that’s going to be overwritten by my desire for Tomes. Next month, I may just choose one tribe to work on… if Ixali don’t take the place of that. 


  • Work on creative/RP blog for Zuri – I’ve set up SongSpear for this  ✓

I actually did start this and wrote a few pieces for it. I’m thinking about where I’m going to take this in the future… had considered some RP with my new Squads, but I don’t know if that’ll happen or not. Next month is going to be pretty busy. 

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FFXIV: Patch 3.4 Story (No Plot Spoilers Review)

ffxiv_09272016_200123Finally…. the meal that Zuri deserves!

There will be no written major plot spoilers, but there will be pictures from the 3.4 MSQ ahead. If you wish to remain completely unspoiled, stop reading here! 

I know there’s been a bit of grouching from my side of things lately when I write about FFXIV. But that’s mostly because the game continues to push me out of my safe place (raids, dungeons, etc) in order for me to progress. So when I sat down to play through Patch 3.4 story, it was a much needed breath of fresh air for me.

Suddenly, I remembered why I’ve played this game for so long. I stayed up until after midnight finishing and discussing the newest MSQ with Syn. So here’s my thoughts on it.

My MQS Thoughts

The following are my thoughts on this story (as a writer). If you want to experience it without anything coloring your opinion, please don’t read.

My tl;dr unspoiled response: I enjoyed it! There were a few things I would have done differently, and some things that were obviously used as a way to quickly fix tension-points in the plot-line, but nothing that killed it for me.

It was a good chunk of story. Some of the past story offerings, while being exciting and moving the plot along, seemed a bit short. I feel this one was about the right length.

There was a lot of variety in modes of storytelling. They tried a few new things that I won’t spoil here, but I thought were very neat. Aside from just your standard (insert dungeon here) sort of thing, they used a lot of different tools to tell the story.

There was a lot going on. It had all the trappings of a Final Fantasy tale – adventure, heroism, emotion, dimensional theory weaving, moral questions, and high fantasy. Sometimes it jumped around locations a bit much, but the story did open up reasons for these transitions.

I liked the voice acting. Not sure if I’m just finally getting used to some of the new voice actors, but I liked a lot of the voice acting. Especially some of these side characters.

It was odd to see Aymeric so laid back and actually… happy. Don’t know why. But I did enjoy that scene with him.

ffxiv_09272016_200605Oh yeah. Ask whatever you want! 

I like Alisaie a lot more than I did in the past. They’ve done a good job in helping me understand and respect her character. I’m glad that I did some of the Coils (cleared T10), so that I’d have a more open conversation with her. I heard that she “fawns” over you if you’ve completed T13… and honestly, I really don’t want or need that. I’m happy with the level of connection I had with her here.


Obvious character was obvious. But that’s okay. If you’ve played it, you know who I’m talking about. It was less about us knowing who a certain character was and more about that character revealing their motivations to other characters. Glad we finally got to see what that was all about.

It was very complex and heavy on the out-there theory. In fact, this is the one spot I have slight criticism. They threw huge chunks of “Surprise!” at you, one after another with little time to digest any of it. I almost think that they should have broken up the Warrior of Darkness plot a bit more, even if that meant dropping the first plot bomb on us in 3.4 and concluding it in 3.5.


Neat and tidy package ending. Not everything was a happy ending, but a lot of it was very neatly ended. Almost too neatly.

On one hand, I’m glad they made sure to clean up dangling plot bits. But on the other hand, it felt like things came together super neatly (not forced or contrived, but just really neatly). Everything got a nice clean and polish and then the plot was brought to an end with all the pieces in place. Again, I feel maybe this ended prematurely… the whole Warrior of Darkness thing could have gone for one more patch and I would have felt satisfied… maybe moreso because I’d have had more time to think about what we learned.

New plot questions. Of course, FFXIV has to open up many cans of worms close to the end, dropping a lot of questions for future plots. Especially dealing with tempering and Yda. But not tempered Yda! (Sorry, that was a wonky sentence!)

The Epilogue. It’s well-known that FFXIV likes to dump quick OMG! moments at the end of their patch storylines. Things that leave us uneasy and interested in the future. The first of these moments earned a groan and a “NOT AGAIN!” from me. Seriously. Not again. The second of these moments left me feeling deviously delighted that a certain character is finally going to show his face again.

Xelphatol Thoughts


The story dungeon this time around was Xelphatol. This is the first of the new Expert Roulette dungeons and located within the home of the Ixal tribe.

I really liked the atmosphere and design of the dungeon — the treetops and rustic nature led to a number of neat means of travel from one area to another. I felt the bosses were fairly easy to understand, even though we went in mostly blind with a line or two of text instruction from a FC member. I was quite proud of myself when I could eyeball the arena for the second boss and take an educated guess at what the main mechanics were going to be.

With the wind theme, I got a slight flashback to Neverreap, but that’s okay.

Dungeon Frustration Rating: Low (with a trustworthy healer)
Result: Would Run Again

Random Thoughts

Now, I’m just hoping that the Library (Hard) won’t be too annoying so that I can better deal with this patch’s Expert runs.

Though, I actually took some time to look at some of my gearing up options. If I really get burned out on Expert Roulettes, I realized I could run some Palace of the Dead instead. Even if that means just spamming floor 1-10 a few times, that along with Beast Tribes could earn me the same amount of Tomes as an Expert run. I like that.

I haven’t tried the new Alex yet, but I do want to. I’ve decided to try and use this to gear up, too, if I can… and as long as it’s not too painful. I’ve heard a variety of feedback from “A9 is annoying” to “A11 and A12 are amazing!” So, I’ll have to wait and see.

Oh, and my little Squad is coming along well, too. I didn’t think I’d enjoy working with them as much as I do. I’ll save that all for another post, though.

So far, this patch has pleased me more than I thought it would. Cheers! 


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FFXIV: Patch 3.4 Highlights


To be completely honest, I’m only mild in my excitement level for patch 3.4. Sure, there’s new raids and yadda yadda coming out. But new tomes means that everything I just did to catch up with gear is getting kicked to the curb, and I have to go through it all over again to gear up. Meh.

However, there are some nice changes in this patch. And those are the things I want to focus on. Of course, I’m looking forward to the story and all. But here’s some reactions to other things as well!

The Yay!


I’m putting this at the top because this long, long, long needed feature has won the whole patch for me. I DARE gil spammers to whisper me now! I will be HAPPY for gil spammers to whisper me now! I am reporting each and every one of them, cleaning out my ignore list and moving whispers back into my main chat tab, FINALLY. After all these years…


We finally get a new GC rank!


I’m also curious about the Squads and where development will take them.


I’m happy about this! Especially for people who couldn’t get a house up until this point. Wish they were a little bigger, though.


I want the big one for my house, but I probably won’t be able to afford one for a while.


Glad to see this feature continue to develop!






YES! YES! Thank you!


I always enjoy watching the cities change.


This is expected, but good. This with the hopeful increase of overall ilvl and character power may get me to play this raid more often. I still have so many classes I haven’t geared up yet.


There’s actually a lot of tweaks to the deep dungeon, but I don’t know how it’s going to feel until I play it. They all seem like nerfs, in a good way. So I’m going to say Yay! for this for now.


This is one of the best changes to this patch! So much inventory space saved! 🙂


This is a much-needed change. Wish it’d been there when I was buying all those unidentifiable items.  A little late.


There’s a bunch of stuff going on with the crafting and gathering tools. I haven’t wrapped my head around these yet, and they’re not in game until Thursday. But it looks like good news for me since I need to update all that stuff.


Thank you! I’ve held on to these items for a long time. I actually need to check out the Calamity Salvager and see what I can clear out of my inventory…


Thank you! These were ridiculously time consuming to gather. I might actually start gardening now.


THIS! This was soooo needed! The materia system is so confusing and people didn’t understand that they couldn’t always just meld their main stat into gear.


Positive changes to retainer ventures are always alright by me.


I do enjoy taking screenshots, so I might have to take some time to figure out all these new camera settings. What they’re doing with filters and things is really amazing!


Yet another reason to start playing around with gardening.


I like this! I might actually try using this!


These are both good changes. The Main Commands section was getting a little long in the tooth. And, it was only recently that I understood why some cross-class skills were available and some weren’t. It was tough to explain to new players, too.


I like this. I don’t really have a use for server time, but I do toggle between Eorzea time and local time when gathering timed nodes.


Excellent change!


This doesn’t really effect me since I tend to never unsub from FFXIV, but for those who like to drop sub between patches, this is a good change.

The Hmm…


I find this interesting only because I’ve been curious about finishing up some of the Zodiac weapons I have that are just sitting around my inventory. I don’t think I’ll ever have the time to do it, though.


Curious what these can be and if they can make me money. XD


I still haven’t played Lord of Verminion yet. I guess this is a good incentive to start.


This is alright… though I rarely play because there’s so little chance of winning.


Not sure how this is going to work until I see it in action.


This is appreciated, but I’d expected a bit more of a nerf to it. There are so few people who’ve actually beat the 3.3 storyline… it’s rather scary. I guess we’re jacking up the ilvl so high that this won’t matter in the end.


Though I don’t play the Diadem, I agree with dividing gatherers from folks who want to go in and hunt monsters. It just makes sense.


I can understand the want for this…. but it’s going to be extremely mis-used, I bet.


I… don’t understand the burning need for this change. Yeah, it makes sense that earrings are above necklace, and I’m sure I’ll get used to it. But still an odd thing to do after it being this way for so long. 😀

The Meh.


Um… what? I mean, I guess someone will like it. But it’s just not my style.


I guess for some people who like to do more hardcore end-game content than I do, this is exciting. For me, it’s just not. The RNG of the game turns me off as well. I’ll take a peek at it when it releases, but chances are, if it’s all raids and EX runs, it’ll have nothing for me.


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7D2D: Slaying Zombies & FFXIV: Making Friends


The newest alpha of 7D2D is up on Steam, and our Posse has been back to building bases, exploring the world and beating down zombies. This game continues to do nothing but get better and better. This time around, it not only looks fantastic with its new further draw distance, but it plays very balanced.

We found a fixer-upper house in an absolutely fantastic location, tucked in between mountains in a forest next to a lake. Honestly, I think this is one of the best houses we’ve found location-wise in all the games we’ve run.


By the time we got a few days in, and after the first blood moon horde, we had a pretty strong start on fortifying it against the hordes. And boy are there a lot of them in this version of alpha.

It keeps us on our toes since we’ve been used to not seeing hordes unless we had a blood moon or a screamer. So, a good change in pace. I’m looking forward to exploring this map some more and building up our base of awesome!


Making Friends in FFXIV

It’s been a quiet weekend in FFXIV. Folks are taking a break and waiting for the patch to drop. I don’t blame them. In the middle of this lull time, I finally met up with fellow blogger and game developer Psychochild in game.


Now, I knew that he was on our server. But me being shy, and not wanting to seem like a creeper, I never sought him out. In fact, I don’t think I’ve actually seen his character in game until this weekend when I happened to run into him in Idlyshire, and I threw him a passing /eureka emote before running away. 😀

Anyhow, little did I know that he’s been helping out some folks in our free company with runs, and that Zeb had even grouped with him in the past! It’s a small world on Midgardsormr, I suppose. I kinda like that.

We all struck up conversation, and he was invited for a Weeping City run that didn’t happen. But we did get a chance to meet up on Discord, and (I hope) we all had a pleasant time.

While waiting for the queue that never popped, he showed me one of his glamours + catbat minion. If you see this, Psycho, I hope you don’t mind I posted it. 🙂


Other than that, I finally got off my butt and ran a CT trio with my FC that pushed my long-ignored Monk to level 55. I’d been at level 54 for what felt like forever. And then, when I did a Weeping run, I ended up getting a Monk drop. Heh.

Next month, I need to dedicate myself to leveling these jobs a bit more. I have two (three if you count the Scholar/Summoner duo) that are sitting at 55 right now. The rest of my jobs are just hanging out in the thirties. And I need leveling roulette for Lore tomes for gear and umbrite. Bleh… so much work to do! Too little time!


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FFXIV: Help Me Pick a Class!

The poll is now closed! I guess I’m going to be rolling Ninja for now, and coming back to Warrior later. Thanks all! 


My alt, Zemi, is an Au Ra… again.

Similar to UltrViolet’s post about struggling with changing character appearance in FFXIV, I ran up against the same thing. I’d originally rolled Zemi as an Au Ra, but got into a funk where I thought I really, really wanted a Lalafell.

While I do like Lalafells, the longer I messed with Zemi in his new form, the more I missed his tall, lanky, overly proud previous-race. This is exactly why I saved Zemi’s character creation information. I had a second free Fantasia sitting in my inventory, and the other day, I ended switching him back.


But now on to the actual subject of this post… I’m having a whole lot of trouble figuring out what job to make Zemi. That’s the problem when you can play every class on one character. I’ve leveled so many of them to 60 now — and even leveled the same class twice between two characters!

It’s hard to get excited about playing an alt and going through all those forced story dungeons on an alt when you feel like you’ve already done it all before (twice). It doesn’t help that leveling roulette in FFXIV takes you back to all those old story dungeons, so you REALLY feel like you’ve done this a million times.

If I could just progress through this game without forced dungeons, I wouldn’t care what job I picked. But, alas, that cannot be.

Though I’ve removed the sprout icon next to his name, the game would still consider Zemi a new character. These are the jobs I’ve already leveled some:


So, I’ve unlocked Warrior and took Gladiator to 22 to get Provoke. I also started kicking around Arcanist with the thought of Summoner. But I don’t think I want to keep leveling a tank as his main job.

When I rolled Zemi as a Warrior, I didn’t have as many levels in tanking classes as I do now. Tai has a level 60 Paladin, a level 37 Warrior and a level 36 Dark Knight… Zuri has a level 30 Paladin and a level 36 Warrior, which I have been actively leveling. I really want to level a tank class on Zuri.

But most of all, I just don’t know if I want to go through all those story dungeons as a tank (I could always come back and level it later if I really wanted to). I’m a chicken. I know. But I haven’t played him in a long time, and I think this is the main reason why.

On the flip side, I feel that heavy armor looks best on Zemi. I dunno, I just find all the scales and the horns don’t mesh well with cloth gear. I haven’t found any mage-type hat that fits well around those horns. But tanking helmets look pretty awesome.

Along that line, I don’t want to level a third Dragoon, even though the job wears heavy armor. That feels too silly.

I don’t need another Bard or Machinist. Once is enough.

Ninja doesn’t really fit Zemi’s personality. But I won’t cross it off the list.

Summoner or Black Mage are both possibilities. I just don’t think the cloth armor looks very good on him. I guess I could glamour.

I don’t want to level another Monk. Zuri’s Monk is level 54, and I’m having a hard time holding on to the motivation to progress with it. I think it’s a solid class, but the playstyle just hasn’t clicked with me yet.

I know I don’t want to make him a healer class. Zuri is currently leveling her Scholar and will eventually have both White Mage and Scholar at level 60. I’d like to keep the healers all on Zuri.

So that narrows it down to these few. What should I do? Help!


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I’m Really Enjoying Pokemon X


Yes, I started this game on October 12, 2013… which was the release date for Pokemon X. And I am now only making progress through it. Better late than never… and I’ve been having so much fun with this lately!

Sorry for the shoddy quality of the pictures. Apparently Miiverse doesn’t like taking screens of Pokemon X on my 3DS. So I had to resort to phone pictures.

Anyhow, one of my goals month by month is to earn one badge at a time in Pokemon X in order to try and make progress before my copy of Pokemon Sun comes. I missed the goal last month, so I decided that I’d double up this month. I’m glad I did, because I’m really starting to enjoy where this game is going.

It helps that I now have the Fly HM, which allows me fast travel to places I’ve already been. I also discovered the whole Wonder Trade system, which I tried for the first time this weekend. I actually got a number of pretty cool Pokemon that I hadn’t caught yet.

But, best of all, I earned the two badges that I set out to achieve this month!


I’m sad to admit that of all Pokemon games I’ve played (exactly three), this is the highest number of badges I’ve ever earned. My main Pokemon are severely overpowered at this point (my Delphox just hit level 51 last night), though, which makes catching wild Pokemon (one of my favorite things to do) somewhat a pain.

Looking Back – Blue and Soul Silver

I was kinda curious about what state I left my two older Pokemon games in. So, I fired up my GameBoy Advanced and Nintendo DS to see.

I got Pokemon Blue on release in 1998, and played it for 10-something hours based on my save game. I’d left my character aboard the SS Anne with about 24 Pokemon in the Pokedex and two badges earned. Incredibly, my original save game is still in tact almost 18 years later! 😀

In Pokemon SoulSilver, I also earned 2 badges. It looks like I had a bit over 8 hours of play time and 20 something Pokemon in the Pokedex. I recently took some time to watch a Let’s Play to catch myself up to where I’d left off in this game (Azalea Town).

The one thing that hit me instantly upon looking back at older Pokemon games is that the number of Pokemon you could hunt for on each route has significantly increased, sometimes doubled. For example, on Route 29 in SoulSilver, you can catch only 4 Pokemon (excluding the Sound types), and some of them can only be found at day or night.

In contrast, Kalos Route 3 in Pokemon X contains 8 different Pokemon to capture! I know that the Pokedex is so vast now, but I honestly spend quite a bit of my time hunting and capturing Pokemon, so the time investment for this is game much higher. It’s also harder to capture a specific Pokemon sometimes since there’s so many for the RNG to pull from.

I remember enjoying SoulSilver when I first picked that up years ago. And while I want to go back and mess around with the older games I own, I find myself attached to the more modern sensibilities of Pokemon X. I’d forgotten how tiny some of those old Nintendo system screens were, and how small the sprite graphics for older Pokemon games were, too!

Will I gather all the badges in Pokemon X? Will I do it before Pokemon Sun releases?

I don’t know, but the next location I need to travel to is called Spooky House. I do love spooky things, so I’m excited to check it out tonight and to mess around with some more Wonder Trades!

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FFXIV: Coil Confirms that I’m Not a Raider

ffxiv_09172016_171932Yeah, Alphinaud. That’s what I’m feeling, too. 

Despite the title of this post, I actually spent most of my time this weekend in FFXIV like this:

ffxiv_09182016_144956I’m wondering if after patch 3.4 will Alexander disappear from this spot? Would be kinda a bummer not to see him out there while I’m fishing.

I’ll get back to the topic of fishing in a moment. But first, breaking news! 

Confirmed: I’m Not A Raider!

So our FC is working their way through the various turns of Coil, unsynced. I want to say up front that my feelings on raiding have nothing to do with the people I ran it with (I’ve had different groups at different times). But it has confirmed what I suspected — I am not a raider.

Keep in mind that previous to this, I’ve only run the 24 man raids and Alex normal, and that was unusual for me in any MMO (where I rarely do group content). However, I feel these raids are pretty easy in comparison to even unsynced Coil in terms of mechanics. We started on Final Coil this weekend. Beat T10 on the first shot, got pretty close to beating T11 before folks in our group needed to head off for the day. The story is pretty cool, and I could get really neat screenshots like this…


However, here’s what I’ve learned about myself in the meantime.

Can I understand raid mechanics? Yeah.

Can I usually perform mechanics once they’re understood? Yeah. Sometimes I need some practice. But I usually learn these pretty fast.

Am I patient enough to keep trying if we wipe several times? Yeah. I understand wiping is part of learning. I’m okay with it as long as there’s not other folks in the party who are impatient and grumpy.

Do I enjoy the feeling you get when you complete something you’ve spent a long time to beat? Sure. I’m sure most people do. I don’t get high off it or anything… it’s more like relief: Yes, I’ve done it. Now I never have to do it again! 

Is this form of content fun for me?

Not really.

I want to clear Coil to see the rest of the story (though I already watched it on YouTube years ago thinking I’d never run this), and to just earn the clear.

But would I ever do this for fun? No. Nope. Nada. Not a chance.

Kicking Back in Eorzea

Aside from the short stint in Coil, I actually took it pretty easy in FFXIV this weekend. I think a lot of us are while waiting for the next patch. I didn’t even log in on Friday night (gasp) and spent most of Sunday playing Pokemon X.

I’ve actually found myself motivated to work on crafting and gathering again. Part of this is due to the fact that the current step of Relic I’m working on requires Sands, which I can fish for fairly easily. After spending quite a bit of gil to upgrade my gathering gear, I started to look at ways to make my money back.

This led me to understanding the Tomes of Fokelore system (I’m very, very behind). Basically, these are timed gathering nodes that you can’t even see until you buy the tome to unlock it. Naturally, the stuff gated behind these nodes are pretty valuable to crafters. But the grind looks something like this:


So essentially, each book costs 99 Blue Scrip Tokens. Each token is 50 scrips. I can (on average) earn 50 scrips per Illuminati Perch I fish up.

I also need to put some blue scrips into buying the Brute Leech bait, which makes life much easier when fishing for Illuminati Perch. So… in a stack of about 50 bait, I can usually earn at least 6 Illuminati Perch… which is enough to restock my bait and buy 5 Tokens. Or sometimes I get super lucky and have a haul like this:


Any way you look at it, I’ve accepted the fact that each tome is going to take many hours worth of fishing. I’m okay with this, though. It’s a new goal.

New Crafting Gear & Cleaning Inventory

I’ve also started to spend my whole life’s savings on buy the newest set of Ironworks crafting gear… piece by piece. So far, I have the chest and the feet.


This has been confirmed as the final set of crafting gear before the expansion. So, while I’m spending everything I’ve got just on the gear (not even counting materia), I won’t have to upgrade again for a long time.

Though I haven’t melded anything to it (waiting for the patch to hit first), the stats are already better than my previously melded gear was. It makes working on blue crafting scrips for those crafting books I don’t have easier. And hopefully I’ll be able to figure out high level crafting eventually.

I now… just have to find ways to make gil again. I’ve started by doing a vast cleaning of all of my retainer bags. I’ve been hanging on to 3 years worth of crafting materials thinking that one day “I might need this.” After reorganizing and clearing space… check this out:


Materia, dye, prisms, consumables, important stuff all organized in their own bags! So many open spaces!! Oh my gosh, you just don’t know how beautiful this is. And this is just one retainer!

I can’t say that I’ve been sitting on a gil mine or anything. A lot of the stuff I had stashed away wasn’t worth much of anything… which is all the more reason to vendor it. But it feels good to actually have some storage space again.

Now, back to fishing!

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Sims 3: Fist-Fighting a Mummy


So, as I continue my playthrough of Sims 3 with only the World Adventures expansion installed, I’ve decided to concentrate on my progress in Egypt. My goal is to earn the highest level of Visa in the country, which is 3. I have to do that by completing quests and adventures.

The reason I chose Egypt was that there’s actually a bit of a storyline going on here. On one hand, you have the “rebellion” of the locals who are fighting back against the nefarious MorcuCorp. You start out helping the locals in retrieving three relics before MorcuCorp can get a hold of them.

This sends you to numerous crypts and pyramids, including some that have dangerous mummies. The last time Lawrence came to Egypt and saw a mummy, he got the aspiration to beat one up. I did the research and learned that a combination of a “certain level” of martial arts and athletic skills could make that happen. So I started working both of those skills up before returning.

He came back to this crypt and got into a scuffle with the mummy….


Who promptly kicked his tail.

Oh well. I guess he needs to keep working on those skills. Thankfully, Lawrence only blacked out and didn’t get cursed from the experience.


Heading back into the crypt, Lawrence was faced with all sorts of traps and situations… such as hacking into the MorcuCorp headquarters computer.


He’s a little toasty here from hitting a flame trap, but he’ll live.

This time, River came along with her husband. I found it too hectic to try and keep up with quests for more than one Sim at a time, though, so Lawrence is probably going to solo trip adventures from now on.


I have no idea what they’re eating here. It looks like Lawrence is roasting a bunch of hot dogs and a head of lettuce…

Back at the Homestead

Returning home… Theodore Lum has lived out his life in full and passed on to the spirit world. Lawrence is now the head of the Lum family.


Colet ages up to a quite bald toddler, and because River wanted another child, they had a daughter named Trinity.


For disliking kids, Lawrence does treat his own right.

He also brought back enough pieces of a sarcophagus to build one for his home. It’s a bit odd to see in the master bedroom… and it’s even more odd that Sims randomly go and sleep in it sometimes.


Thankfully, sleeping in this “Blessed” sarcophagus doesn’t turn you into a mummy. It is pretty cool furnishing, though.