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Sims 3: Time Locked Progression


Okay, yeah, I know that Sims 3 isn’t a MMO that can have a legit Time Locked progression server. But the idea behind it is very similar.

While I still enjoy the Sims 4 very much, I was eyeing Sims 3 in my Origins library this past weekend. I was thinking about it and realized that though I own all the expansion packs, I didn’t spend a lot of time with them individually.

I’d buy an expansion pack, and mess around with it for a few days before putting it down again. Then, when the next expansion came out, I’d do the same thing. Only, I still had all that content from the previous pack I had never fully explored. After 11 expansions, that started to add up until there was just so much content that I could never fully experience it all, and it all started to get jumbled together in my mind.

Heck, I didn’t even remember there was an Island Paradise expansion… beyond the knowledge of the fact that we had houseboats. I believe that Pets and Into the Future were the only expansions I spent significant time with. I still feel like there’s a lot I haven’t done with the pet system, too.

Therefore, I have decided that I’m going to go back and reinstall The Sims 3 one expansion at a time and play until I feel like I’ve got a pretty good grip on what each expansion had to offer. I’m going to try to play it as vanilla as possible — I remember my previous version of Sims 3 was heavily modded with way too much custom content. I might install a few things, but overall, my concentration will be on exploring expansion features to the fullest. I’m even planning to start with a Maxis pre-made family for this experiment as to not get too distracted by making my perfect family.

So, to begin, I’ve installed the base Sims 3 and the first expansion, World Adventures only. And though these are both 7 years old, I hope to blog review my experiences with them as I go along.

~♪ Sul Sul!

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FFXIV: Second Coil Clears and Other Weekend Highlights


I did have a long weekend thanks to Labor Day, and Syn was visiting most of the weekend. However, we still put a good bit of playtime in on Monday.

FC folks in KoM have been motivated to clear Coil lately. Not quite sure why other than the fact we’ve heard that clearing Coil gets different dialogue in patch 3.4.

In the past, I’ve cleared up to T9 on Tai, and T8 on Zuri. Our runs have all been unsynced, but I still find this content more challenging than the Alexander normal raids. Many of us were clearing it for the first time, and while it was exciting on one hand, it was also exhausting to me on the other. We all did our best despite most being completely new to the runs. Those of us who had done it before had only ran it a few times, and didn’t really know all the mechanics, but we still made it through.

The highlight for me was the first time we got the boss of T9, Nael Deus Darnus, past the golem stage. As a group, we’d battled her down to about 4%. Then something (have no idea what) happened and wiped everyone in the party except for our Ninja and myself. I think most the party didn’t expect us to pull through, but the Nin-tank lasted enough to get her down to 1%. I just so happened to have all my buffs off cooldown, so I was able to Bard burst her down for the win!

It was exciting because I’m usually not the last one standing as Bard. (Though I really couldn’t have done it without our Nin-tank.) I wish I’d thought to take a screenshot during the fight, but I was too busy trying to dot her up at the end. I did get this fun screen!

Good job KoM! 


In Other News…

I’m still slowly chipping away at earning items for my Relic. I also spent some time working up reputation on old Beast Tribe quests (it’s a goal to get some of that rep up this month), as well as clearing away old 2.0 quests on my Warrior. Between hunts and a few old quests, I leveled Warrior to 35 on Zuri!


She’s quickly approaching my highest level Warrior, which is on Tai, level 37. It would be nice to have a solid tank option on Zuri, so I’m happy to be making progress on this!

Speaking of Tai, I ran Tai and Zemi through The Rising this weekend to get their minions and music.


I do kinda miss playing Tai a bit, but I know I need to stay focused on Zuri’s progression right now. Maybe, in the future, when the lull between 3.0 and 4.0 expansion comes, I’ll catch Tai up again. But, for now, I’ve been happier staying focused.

Also, Syn and I helped Vix and Xaa finish Dusk Vigil and unlock flying in their first Heavensward zone. Congrats!


I still have way too much to do this month, and I’m feeling pretty motivated about getting things done before patch 3.4 drops in a few weeks! Heck, I even said that I’d run the new Alex with folks in the FC… I must be sick. Or maybe a few days off this weekend helped revitalize me.

Hope your weekend went well!