bookmark_borderHappy Halloween! October Goals in Review


I hope everyone has a great Halloween!

I decided to consolidate my Halloween thread into my goals in review this time around. Hope you don’t mind. So here’s how it went this month!

Pokemon X

  • Earn the next gym badge(s) ✓

Not only did I make my goal, but I went on to complete the game this month. Part of that was due to getting hit by Hurricane Matthew, and losing power for a couple days. The 3DS battery life is pretty good considering.

FFXIV End Game Stuff

  • Gear up Dragoon ✓
  • Work on Dragoon Relic ✓
  • Gear up my Healers ✓
  • Earn Blue Scrip Botanist Offhand
  • Buy 1 Fokelore Book
  • Earn money to gear up Crafters ✓
  • Level Scholar (not priority) ✓

I had a number of wins and losses here. Just as suddenly as I had the inspiration to work on crafting and gathering in FFXIV, I lost it. So, I didn’t get any of the gathering goals done.

However, gearing up my Dragoon has been going well. With the exception of the week I went to Fan Fest, I’ve been consistently capping Scripture Tomes. Gearing up my Healers has been going more slowly because I’m having to use my Lore Tomes to buy Umbrite for my Relic. So I’ve only been able to snag dungeon drops for Healers.

I’m kinda pausing on Relic a bit because I know patch 3.45 is bringing the next step to the questline. I wasn’t sure if we’d see nerfs to the previous step or not, so I’ve been holding off until tomorrow before I move forward with it. 

I’m still nowhere near being done with this stage of relic, and the next stage is going to determine whether I see it through or not. I may just snag an upgraded PotD weapon if that’s not too hard to get. 

I am making progress on my Scholar as well, having reached level 59 this weekend. I feel like I’ve been leveling it forever, though, and I’ll be so happy to get it done. Next month’s goal, I guess. 

FFXIV General

  • Gain reputation with Sahagin
  • Clean up old quests (Job Quests)

Hah. Fail. 

I’ve been so lazy on my Job quests… I haven’t earned a single level 50+ skill for Scholar or Summoner still. But playing my Scholar at level 60 in PotD has inspired me to get those soon. I really do enjoy the playstyle! 

I’ve hardly touched beast tribe quests this month aside from the Vath for Scripture Tomes. I guess there’s always next month. 

Did you have goals this month? How did it go?

bookmark_borderHapiHaloween Pokemon Wonder Trade


I had a “great idea” to spread some Halloween cheer on the Pokemon Wonder Trade for this weekend. So I went out and hunted down a Pumpkaboo, which I didn’t already have for some reason. Then I sent it to daycare for breeding. Now I’m hatching as many as I can, naming them “HapiHaloween” (due to name constrictions) and passing them around Wonder Trade.

Happily, I’ve been seeing a good number of spooky and ghost Pokemon passing around as well, many which I don’t have yet. Good times. 🙂

bookmark_borderFirst World Problems: Too Many Games!

ffxiv_10272016_225333Here’s the Namingway minion I got from buying the FFXIV Lore Book! My childhood self still argues that the original SNES Namingway looked like a cat and not a rabbit. But the minion is still adorable.

Anyhow. I have a problem. There are too many games coming out in a short time that I want to play. I suppose that if that’s my only problem, I’m doing pretty good. But it’s always tough when I feel myself torn between many games.

Civilization VI dropped last week and I’m still new to it. Still enjoying it. Still eeking out time to try and play a few more turns. I started a new game, and I’m learning about some of the religion and culture systems. But it’s hard to keep going with so many other games vying for my time.

Skyrim Special Edition released today. I didn’t realize until last month it was coming and that I’d get it for free since I already owned all the original DLC. Despite this, I’ve never actually played that much of Skyrim, but it’s always been a goal of mine to dive into the game. Having a special edition release encourages me to go back and revisit it, since it’s now an older game. Though, I’m not sure why that’s a thing for me.

FFXIV is dropping patch 3.45 on November 1. This is going to vastly expand the Palace of the Dead and give us another stage in the Anima weapon grind. I haven’t finished the current step of the Relic, but I’m hoping there’s a nerf of some sort. Either way, I know I’ll be playing out PotD quite a bit on top of capping tomes through Expert.

Sims 4 is also releasing the next expansion, City Living, on November 1. I like what I’ve seen so far, though I haven’t pre-purchased the expansion yet. I don’t know if I’ll have any time to play it! Also, it may see some sales going closer to December, so unless I get bored with what games I am playing (doubtful), I might hold off on picking this one up.

Pokemon Sun drops on November 18. I am pleased to feel as if I more or less completed Pokemon X in time for the new game… but there’s still a lot of Wonder Trading and areas I haven’t explored in X yet.

That doesn’t even touch on games that I want to play but haven’t booted up in a while. I was interested in ESO’s One Tamriel, but I simply haven’t had any time to log into that game at all. Or other things, like actually reading through the FFXIV lore book that I bought. I don’t know how people like Syp do it, but I really love his final sentiment here that you don’t need alt characters in a game… if the games themselves become your alts.

Anyhow. I don’t have an answer to this “problem.” Have a cute Namingway instead.


bookmark_borderPokemon: Go for Halloween + Sun/Moon Final Starter Evolutions Leaked


I’d heard about the Pokemon Go update previously, but lots of thanks to Wilhelm for reminding me about the Halloween event! I know that it only lasts for a few days, but I have to say that the bonuses it gives was enough to entice me to pick the app back up (though I already had plans to use it more with the cooler weather rolling in).

So they’ve added a number of spooky Pokemon to the list that show up more often, and you get double the candy for captures and transfers. Your buddy Pokemon also gains candy at a highly accelerated rate. See video below.

While they list a number of ghost type Pokemon here, I’ve also noticed a vast increase in Meowth and Cuebones.

How is this working? Oh man… the game is so much more fun this way. I launched it to see what I could see and actually have been able to catch Pokemon from my desk at work, which was never the case before this. I can walk around my work parking lot and just rack the catches up because the spawning Halloween Pokemon have a high rate in between the Pokemon who are generally out there.

2016-10-26-15-25-09Look at this guy. Right out there in the parking lot next to my desk at work.

I took advantage of the double candy rates, too, cleaning out my stock of commons and earning some evolutions I didn’t have before.



And, of course, catching all the ghost type Pokemon that I’ve never seen anywhere else before…


It’s exciting to see my Buddy Pokemon earning candy so fast. I’ve been out there walking as much as I can since the weather is nice and the rewards are high.

I earned a new achievement from all this yesterday…


And I leveled up, too!


Yes, I know. Only level 19. But I’m not in a rush. 🙂

Pokemon Sun and Moon Evolutions

So it seems that the final evolution for the Sun and Moon starters have been leaked, and then released right after I wrote this. I’m a little disappointed that the previously-leaked designs were actually true. Early stages mean nothing if the final evolution, which you’ll be looking at for the rest of the game, isn’t appealing.

I wanted to pick Litten as my starter, but I’m just not a fan of the final evolution. I loved it all the way up until that point. So, while I’ve never picked a grass type Pokemon starter before, I think this time around, I’ll go with Rowlet. I was teetering on picking him anyhow, so let’s see how this goes!


I haven’t yet checked out the demo, but I hope to this weekend.

bookmark_borderFFXIV: Alexander Creator Cleared

ffxiv_10252016_215333This picture sums up my experience with A12… except I didn’t successfully dodge most of it.

First, I want to thank the kind folks in my FC who put up with me helped me through A11 and A12. I really do appreciate the help, and everyone played well… I know without them, I probably wouldn’t have gotten through. So don’t let my frustration with myself and the raid reflect on these good folks.

I finally cleared all of the Alexander (Normal) raid, which only reinforced the knowledge that I am not a raider at heart. Laugh if you want, but these fights get my panic reflexes going. This might be fun for some who enjoy this, but it’s not pleasant for me.

Anyhow. A11 has been a roadblock for me since the first week of 3.4. I can’t count the number of times I’ve tried and failed that fight. I haven’t actually played Alex in a while because it was discouraging that most everyone else had finished it… and I was still stuck on a fight that I didn’t particularly like. I was so tired of going forward and back and back and back…

Last night, the FC wanted to run a full clear of Alex, which was part of the problem, I think. I should never try to run all of these raids in a row as it shoots my stress level through the roof. But I did because it didn’t feel right to only hop in for things I needed and not help out with what others needed, too.

I also ran it on Dragoon for the first time, since my Dragoon just (barely) hit the ilvl to be able to run it. Both these things were semi-issues. I’m still shaking off the cobwebs with my Dragoon, which is much more intense to play than Bard, and still working on getting my gear up to par.

All the runs went super smooth, for which I’m grateful. We even skipped a phase on A11 because our damage output was pretty high. I had a few oh-crap moments in A11 as Dragoon, but for the most part, it felt like the boss was taunting me.

ffxiv_10012016_173117“See how easy I can be? How did you get stuck on me for a whole month? Huh? Huh?”

Yeah, shut up, Cruise Chaser.

Now A12… oh man. So, because I already made my FC helpers wait on me while I watched cutscenes between A11 and A12 (I’m only there for the story), I felt it would be crappy to make them wait longer while I watched a video on the mechanics.

Big. Mistake. 

I wasn’t 100% blind on the fight as I had Syn coaching me on the side, but let me say that I’m never going into a mechanically intensive battle like this without watching a video again.

I died. So. Many. Times.

And I felt so bad. I practically felt like I got a carry.

I could hardly keep my DPS rotation up because the whole thing was like Alexander was playing a glorified game of ping pong against the floor… with me as the ball.

alexpingpongI’m trying to laugh about it now, but it was a pretty rough fight for me.

I thought the mechanics were neat and that the fight was overall well designed, don’t get me wrong. But it would have been more fun if I wasn’t constantly dead due to one thing or another. Even my first run of A11 wasn’t this abysmal, and I didn’t watch a video when I went in there, either. But again, I was playing Bard, and that’s a lot more forgiving.

The high points of the run: I got the Alex boots for my Bard (already had them for Dragoon), and I actually got the Alexander minion drop, too.


I was just so frustrated with A12, though, that I didn’t even have the energy to be excited about the minion. Though I do know that it’s a pretty rare drop.

The story and its conclusion were pretty interesting overall. I was glad that I saw the whole raid series to its end, just for the clear and the title (which I actually like).

For now, though, I’m putting Alexander to rest. I feel like I’ve finished it, and that’s enough. Maybe one day when ilvls are higher, I’ll work up the courage to try A12 again. But at this point, I really have no desire to go back, and not even the lure of i250 drops are that enticing. I’ll stick to my Expert Roulette (which I actually like this time around) and Palace of the Dead for Tomes and gearing.

ffxiv_10252016_224100Farewell, Alexander. I’m just glad that’s over with!

bookmark_borderCasual Thoughts on Civ VI from a Bad Player


Well, I lost my first game of Civ VI last night, so I figured it was time discuss the game in a casual light.

I’m going to be up front with this: I am a bad Civ player. I’ve piddled around with the series on and off since about Civ III, I think, but I don’t really know what I’m doing. I usually just set the game on easy mode, then enjoy building cities, watching them grow, and winging the whole thing until I earn a Science win or something.

Oh, that Tech? Don’t really know what that does, but yeah, that sounds good.

Yep. I have no sense of strategy at all. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve heard that other people focus for specific tech paths and so on. I just click anything that seems quick to make. (Warned you that I’m bad).

Any tips or resources on learning to play Civ better for a complete noob? 

So, with that out of the way, Civ VI. I wasn’t going to buy Civ VI at launch. But then Green Man Gaming had a really nice sale on the game that I couldn’t pass up. And here we are.

Casual Civ VI Thoughts

Now, I call this a casual view of the game because I remember so little about playing Civ IV and Civ V that I can’t even tell you what’s changed between them. I just know that I sat down and had fun with what I did play.

The tutorial has two flavors – New to Civ and New to Civ VI. I chose the New to Civ path and actually learned things I didn’t know before. Not that that’s hard to do.


Some people seem to dislike the art style, but it didn’t bother me. Again, I don’t recall much about the previous games, but the style seemed to be along the same lines I’d expect from a Civ game. The world leaders are somewhat stylized and cartoony, but I felt they had a lot of expression.

Anyhow. I spent my first two hours playing the tutorial before I realized I couldn’t save the game. So, I decided to start a new standard game from the menu, and rolled up England as my random civilization. Good enough.

I realized very quickly, however, the game starts a standard player on level 4 Prince difficulty, and started to freak out a little. I remember having my head handed to me when I tried playing on Prince years ago in Civ V, so I usually kept the difficulty lower than that.

This time, though, I decided to roll with it and see what happened. I was never one to focus much on naval units, which seemed to be a specialty of England, so I figured it would be a learning experience.

Of course, the first civilization I meet was Azetc, and I had to groan. Montezuma hates my guts no matter which Civ game I’m playing. I usually have to wipe him out to get him off my back. And in this game, his civilization was going to share borders with mine… so… Yeah. The game wasn’t shaping up well from the outset.

But somehow, I managed to survive . And even more amazing, Montezuma never invaded me. No, instead, we ended up allied and friendly. I think this is the first time I’ve actually played a Civ game where I’ve figured out how to befriend other Civs.

I’m not sure what I did right. I played a very cautious game.

I had a lot of trouble growing my cities, though. Part of this was because the game tossed me out on the coast, and I was afraid of settling more inland due to stirring Montezuma’s revenge. Seeing that naval units were England’s strength, I built up that aspect of my army. I’m not sure how, but I was second on the Conquest win, even though I didn’t declare war with anyone, nor did I try to attack people. I guess I had a strong army, which was probably what made Montezuma happy with me.

This actually worked very well. Greece kept pitching hissy fits at me (I assume they hated my government style), and would repeatedly declare war. Only, they were also usually on bad terms with the Azetcs, whose sprawling civilization stood between mine and Greece. This forced the Greeks to have to sail around the continent to reach me, where I met the troops with my navy, and blew them out of the water before they could reach landfall.

After trashing the Greek army with no risk to my own units, they’d reconsider their course of action, and offer me a bunch of stuff for a peace treaty. XD

And all this time, Montezuma loomed over my shoulder like a psychopath big brother. He’d pitch a fit the moment I did anything that seemed suspicious – It’s just a scout passing through, dude… relax.

I threw trade routes all over the place and did massive trading between other countries. I have no idea what I was doing there, but I must have done something right, because I always had more than enough money on hand to upgrade troops and sometimes buy hexes. I probably never built enough Wonders, though.


New Features Thoughts

I like the new districts feature. It helps me focus on what I want to use each city for because I have to keep a balance between building stuff and maintaining enough food/resources. It does add a layer of complexity to the game, but rather than just building everything in every city willy-nilly, I find myself picking and choosing based on the function I want the city to perform.

Barbarians remain relevant longer. In earlier Civs, once you wiped the barbarians, that was it. They were history (no pun intended). In this game, they kept coming back somehow, heckling me through the ages. I was actually okay with this. They were challenging at first, but eventually became less and less of a threat over time. But they could still take a wandering settler if you aren’t careful to escort it.

I like the new government system. Slotting cards to change the effect of government gave it an RPG-ish feel, and made more impact and sense to me than previous governments did in Civ.

I know some people complain about the fickle AI in the game, and I did experience some of that. But I also had more luck befriending and interacting with the other leaders in this game than I ever have before. I was able to befriend and ally with the Aztecs, Russians and China over time. Trade was actually beneficial, especially before I found resources like Iron for my own settlements. I’m sure this was the case in older games, too, but this is the first time I understood what to do to get results.

I like being able to earn bonuses to speed up tech and civic discoveries. It’s like working towards mini-quests, and it always made me feel good about myself to cut the research time in half.

I don’t understand the whole spy system so far, but I did like that you could send spies on missions. I ended up drumming up diplomacy between myself and China from the spy I sent there, when previously, China was ignoring me.

I do have a beef with how the game ends. I lost the game, but I’m not entirely sure why. I just got a game over screen, and eventually deduced that China won a culture victory… I think. I’m not the only one who had an issue with how games abruptly end with little information on why.

But, hey, my little struggling civilization did survive to see end game despite not having a clue on really what I was doing. I’m almost tempted to continue the game because I’ve grown rather fond of the map. But maybe I’ll try something new to see if have better, or at least the same, luck as the first. I have a sinking feeling that my success was all a series of lucky guesses. 🙂

bookmark_borderFFXIV: Glamour, Gear and Mounts!

ffxiv_10222016_204646Vix is making fun of my new hair style…

Glamour, gear and mounts. Well. That title pretty much sums up the most important end game aspects of FFXIV, doesn’t it?

I actually didn’t play a whole lot of FFXIV this weekend, to be honest. Saturday I spent most my time with Civ VI. Sunday I didn’t log in at all, and it was fine.

The time I did spend in game, however, was productive.

The Posse got together and finished up the in-progress run we had of the Palace of the Dead. This gave Xaa and I our 10th potshard that we needed to get the Avere mount!

ffxiv_10222016_204518The mount may be a little creepy, but it’s mine!

Vix also got the new long hair drop, Modern Aesthetics – Samsonian Locks,  from the PotD, which she gave to me! I was surprised she wasn’t interested in keeping it, but she knew I’ve wanted to try it on just to see what it looked like.

So Zuri got a new hairstyle this weekend. I really like the way it looks, but the issues it has with clipping through just about any armor that has a backpiece is a little sad.

I’ve also been working on capping my Scripture Tomes this week after having missed most of last week. This allowed me to replace my lowest ilvl piece on Zuri’s Dragoon – the gloves. Jumping from ilvl 200 to 260 is a nice leap. No pun intended.

ffxiv_10222016_010125New gear and hair!

Even though Zuri’s Dragoon has a bunch of lower ilvl greens from dungeons and such, her ilvl is now just one off of what her Bard was (i234) when I started to make this transition.

ffxiv_10222016_005624I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m replacing this old stuff piece by piece.

I’ve also been practicing playing Dragoon again, since I’ve gotten pretty rusty with the job due to playing Bard entirely too much. It’s certainly a much more intense job to play than Bard is (for me), but I’m remembering why I enjoyed it.

There’s something very satisfying about holding the melee rotation down when everything is going well. I’ve even received some commendations on Expert Roulette runs lately, too!

We’re looking at the new incoming patch next week, which I hope will give me some relief with this whole Umbrite Anima weapon step. This is going so much slower than even the unidentifiable items step for me mostly because I’ve been using leveling roulette to actually level and because I don’t go out of my way to run stuff just for Lore Tomes. And I could really be using those Tomes for Healer gear upgrades.

I’m almost tempted just to work up a weapon through the upcoming floors of the PotD and call it a day. We’ll see what happens.

bookmark_borderThoughts on the Nintendo Switch


Seeing that I bought a Wii U a little over a year ago, I’ve hardly been giving the Nintendo NX leaks the time of day. I’m not grouchy, but at the same time, I’ve been resistant to thinking that a new system is coming out to replace my Wii U so early on in its life cycle.

Don’t get me wrong, I know all the pitfalls of the Wii U, etc. etc. etc. But I like my only current gen console, and wasn’t too keen on seeing it fade out so early.

That being said, when Nintendo announced the Switch, they got my attention instantly.

Mobile Power

About a year ago, I picked up a new Nvidia Shield K1 as a gaming tablet to replace my aging Nexus 7. I also bought a mini HDMI cable and a controller, which allows me to hook the tablet to my TV and have more or less a portable console system. It works very well, and plays games such as FFIX, FFIV and FF Tactics like a beast.


In fact, with the setup I own, it does exactly what the Nintendo Switch is setting out to do… except it’s an Android tablet and not a Nintendo console. Now, I should feel a little miffed that the Switch would nudge out both my Wii U and my K1 in that it will overlap in functionality. But I don’t.

In fact, knowing that the Switch is going to be powered by a Nvidia chip honestly encourages me to look at the system on release. Simply because I know how powerful my K1 tablet is… and I expect the chip in the Switch to be much more powerful that even that.

Add to that the vast number of 3rd party developers we’re seeing sign on for the machine. SquareEnix, Telltale, Bethesda… shoot, they may even have Skyrim on release! Things are looking bright, indeed.

The only thing I’m not so sure about are the tiny little Joy Con controllers (when they’re detached from the tablet part). They look really easy to break and lose.

While I had every intention to pick up the new Legend of Zelda for the Wii U (until yesterday), I’m now holding back with consideration of picking up a Switch instead. It will be releasing about the same time that tax returns come back… so….

I still want to learn more before I let myself get hyped for this. But seeing that I’ve not jumped on board the PS4 or XBONE and don’t plan to, chances are high that the Nintendo Switch will be my next console.

bookmark_borderFFXIV: All Saints’ Wake 2016


To be honest, despite the expansion announcement and the FFXIV Fan Fest, things are kinda quiet and ramping down for me in game. Lately, I’ve just been logging in to take care of my Expert Roulette and slowly chip away at my Anima weapon progress. I’m leveling my Scholar on the side, and trying to gear up my healer when I can.

So, there’s really not a lot of exciting things to write about at the moment. I’ve actually come home with more inspiration for my own stories and artwork than gaming. And this is a good thing!

However, last night did start this year’s FFXIV Halloween event – All Saints’ Wake.

The rewards are alright – a vest cosmetic and some orchestrion music. But it’s hard to top last year where we got a full outfit and a flying mount.

The big change in the recipe is that the event activities require a Light Party of four people to complete. I thought that using Haukke Manor as a backdrop for the event was clever, and liked the overall idea behind it.

However, some of the mechanics, which require you to sneak past enemies to complete goals, can be a little frustrating and are not troll-proof at all. All it would take is one person out to ruin other people’s fun to bring this event down.


Also, I wonder what will happen if you don’t jump on the event and finish it in the first few days. Will people be playing it after this weekend? If you’re late to the party, will you be able to complete it at all without begging help from FC members?

I have a few alts I want to take through the event, so I hope that there will be enough players to keep it rolling for a few days. But I do have my concerns.

Anyhow, I won’t spoil it by saying anything else. We’ll have to wait and see if requiring a Light Party for a holiday event goes over well.

Have you played it yet? What did you think? 

bookmark_borderReturning from the FFXIV Fanfest 2016


I am alive! …but extremely jet lagged. No time for rest, though, because it’s back to work for me.

Anyhow, as you might know, I spent the larger part of last week in Las Vegas attending my very first MMO fan festival of any kind – the FFXIV Fanfest. I met up with 5 other members of my FC and we generally had a pretty good time engaging in the events and exploring a little bit of Vegas.

The fanfest was held at the Paris hotel this time around. While I have been to Vegas in the past, this is the first time I’ve stayed in this hotel.


While I think this was a lovely hotel to stay in, I’ll admit that the facilities for the event itself were a little on the small side given the size of the attendance. I don’t want to be too negative on the event, because I had a good time, but I’m not blind to the fact there were some things that could have been done better.

Getting Started

So, most of my FC buddies arrived on Wednesday with the idea to hit registration early on Thursday and have a day of wiggle room. Surprisingly, the one thing that gave us no problem was registration. There was hardly a line when we went, and we got our badges and goodie bags very quickly.


The very first thing that happened as we walked out of registration was other fans hitting us up for a Triple Triad card trade. I didn’t even have a chance to look in the bag, so I dug around to find my cards, excited at the prospect.

So each bag contained a set of 5 cards. Your cards were all identical (I got 5 Icehearts), and it was up to you to find other attendees to trade to get a set. It was a neat way to get folks to mingle (and we did). I completed my trades shortly before the Fan Fest started on Friday.

Of course there were other neat goodies inside, but the general consensus was disappointment that a t-shirt was not among this. Nor was one given out for winning the 24-man trial against the Proto Ultima. More on that later.

I did get this nifty Allagan Tomestone USB drive, though, which I plan to put to use!


The Events

Every hour or so, there was a new event up on the main stage. The festivities opened with the keynote and announcement of the Stormblood expansion. We got a bit of info on what to look forward to, though they were obviously holding back news for the other fanfests.

While no jobs were announced, Yoshi-P’s t-shirt confirmed Red Mage… which I’m super excited for. Red Mage was my original job of choice in FFXI, so it would make everything come in full circle for the job to appear in FFXIV. I’m holding back some of my excitement, though, because I have no idea how they plan on introducing such a traditionally hybrid job. I’m very curious about the talk of the battle system revamp and how that’s going to effect current and future jobs.

Anyhow, between the main events, you could pick up a Hildibrand quest book at the booth that was labeled Idyllshire. This was a pretty neat little story and RL quest that sent you around the hall looking for clues. As you completed the quests (most of them sent you to play mini-games), you got your book stamped to prove you completed them. In return, you got more Triple Triad cards, as that was the way to complete the set!


Mini-Games and Activities

There were four min-games to play – a Dragoon Spear toss (toss a nerf spear through a hole in the stand-up Nidhogg’s mouth), a shoot-the-Illuminati game, a Any Way the Wind Blows (players run around on a lighted dance floor pad), and a basketball game… which I don’t remember how it was tied into anything. I was quite proud to have won the Any Way the Wind Blows (since I’ve never won it in game) and get one spear into Nidhogg’s mouth (harder than it sounds).

Aside from that, there were computers set up with a PvP challenge, a Trials EX Roulette and the 24-man Trial of Proto Ultima. The only one of these I tried (because my FC nudged me into doing it) was the Proto Ultima. It wasn’t too bad… and it was interesting to see a Primal being downed in an alliance.

Other Impressions

Ah… the merchandise line. If you’ve kept up with the event on Reddit, you probably already know how badly that was handled. For myself, I wanted to pick up a few things from the fanfest, especially the Lore Book, but I never even came close to having a chance. The line was ridiculous as soon as the keynote speech was done.

While I was disappointed at this, I was not going to spend hours of my time in a merch line. I paid for an event, not a queue. It was annoying, however, to see people toting around bags of multiple plushies and moogle slippers when so many didn’t even get a chance at them.

To add salt to the wound, the Lore panel, which I was very much looking forwards to, ended up being more of an extended commercial for the Lore book (which I could not buy and was sold out by that time). I know that they are very proud of all the work that went into the book, and I think the book is great, but I wanted to hear about lore, not about which font you chose for a book I can’t buy and why.

And then, to add even more salt to the situation, when Koji finally got to answering interesting lore questions, sometimes he wouldn’t answer them. Instead, he’d say, “Oh, it’s in the new Lore book. Go look it up!” or “Buy the book!”

The audience was like, “We CAN’T buy the book!” Finally someone told him that the book had been sold out since that morning. So, really? Were the devs that out of touch with the whole merchant line deal? It sure seems so.

Frustrating. Here. Have a fat chocobo (which I could also not ride because the lines were too long).


Anyhow. The Live Letter was almost a repeat of our previous Please Look Forward To It Q&A session… which I can understand due to the fact that it was one of the sections that was freely streamed. Still, the only thing of interest here was info on the 3.45 patch Palace of the Dead.

Both the piano concert and the Primals concert were very awesome to hear in person. My only wish was a bit more variety with Primals (they played one song twice), because I really wanted to hear something like King Moggle Mog in person. Ah, well.

On the up side, I did manage to get a few autographs from the dev team members including Soken and Masaki Nakagawa (Mr. Ozma). I came very close to meeting Yoshi-P, but they closed the autograph line only two people in front of me… bummer.


Overall, it was a fun time, though. I was happy to have the chance to be there for the expansion announcement. I’m looking forward to the new Deep Dungeon levels and more info on the Red Mage (DPS, please!).

Today, I’m still jet lagged and tired, but I’ve gotta catch up on everything and try to get back to reality. Oh, and see if I can snag one of those Lore books off the store when it finally goes on sale.  They sold out in about 30 mins, but I think I got my order in.