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January Gaming Goals in Review

The first month of 2017 is already flying out the door. Wow! And to make it a little annoying, I have a healthy dose of Jury Duty for this first week of February. So my blogging time is going to be all over the place.

Despite that, let’s take a look at how I handled the goals I set at the beginning of this month!

Steam Personal Challenge 

  • Play at least 2 games from my Steam Backlog ✓

I actually did do this! Though I didn’t finish the games I started.

Over the holidays, I started a game of Undertale on Syn’s brother’s laptop at his request to see if I enjoyed it. When I did, he gifted me a copy. I figured since I already put some time into it once, I may as well play it back up to the point I had left it on his laptop. I haven’t finished it yet, but am working on it.

The other game I played for a short time was the freebie that I already had installed on my PC, Mandagon. It was a fascinating and pretty game, but after about 18 mins of bouncing around and not being sure what I was supposed to be doing, I put it down. Still, neat free game if that’s your kind of thing! 

Pokemon Sun

  • Complete the storyline

I’ve actually not touched Pokemon Sun since the holidays. Bad me. I’ll try to do better in February since I’m pretty close to finishing the story. 

Black Desert

  • Level up while I still have access to the Olvia channel (only this month)

I also haven’t logged into Black Desert at all since before the holidays. Oh well. I wonder if I’ll be given another chance at the Olvia channel if I don’t log in for a while. 

Final Fantasy XIV 

  • Upgrade Dragoon Gear (After 3.5 patch)✓
  • Work on Relic (After 3.5 patch) ✓
  • Level Monk ✓
  • Do Summoner job quests
  • Clean up old quests (Get this done for good) ✓
  • Gain reputation with old 2.0 Beast Tribes (Priority)✓

I actually did really well on achieving my goals in FFXIV this month! I’ve been steadily upgrading Dragoon and Bard gear, and working on my Relic grind. I leveled my Monk to 60, and now just need to finish up the job quests for Summoner. 

I’ve cleaned up all the open-world quests I found and had on my list from months ago. I also finished reputation with all beast tribe quests, and did both alliance quests for ARR and Heavensward tribes. 

I still have a lot of things I want to do, so there’s no shortage of goals for next month!  

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Kitten Chronicles – Week 1 Edition

I still can’t get a good picture of the new kitten because every time I try to approach with a phone, he gets up to rub on me. Anyhow, I decided it was time for another kitty update!

I’m still rolling ideas for a name in my head. I’m thinking about “Puck” as in the character from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The kitten is certainly enough of a troublemaker!

Nope. Ended up going with Spriggan. As in FFXIV Spriggan:


I’m slowly introducing Sebastian and Spriggan for a few hours each night when I get home from work. Spriggan has been enjoying the use of the many toys around the house, and I got him a new collar (seen in above picture) along with a new scratching post and such.

Both kitties love this toy!

I wish I could say that the introductions have gone completely without incident, but that’s not true. There’s not been a full-out cat fight of any sort, but Sebastian is serious about letting the kitten know who’s the alpha.

Sebastian’s a rather jealous and sensitive cat to begin with. Any little change can send him into a fit of crying. Last night was the worst I saw him. He spent a good half an hour to 45 minutes just complaining loudly about the unfairness of kitten’s existence in his house.

Through these fits, Sebastian psychically asserts his domination over Spriggan by scruffing the kitten’s neck and holding him down on the floor. This doesn’t hurt the kitten, but it does dominate over him.

This is a behavior I’m familiar with through caring for ferrets. Back when I owned several, I had a very alpha male that would go through this same domination ritual whenever I introduced a new ferret to the household. It took a few days for the pecking order to work out, but eventually it did. Afterwards, the ferrets were best friends.

I’d probably be freaking out if I hadn’t seen this happen before. But I know that as long as the kitten isn’t getting hurt, it does more harm than good to interfere too much.

However, last night, Sebastian was just being a whiny-butt in general and not letting up on things. So, eventually I scolded him and told him to stop his behavior. He vocally complained at me in response, as if I should see what all the wrongs of his world were, but eventually chilled out over time.

A kitten asking for trouble…

I did some reading about this domination behavior, and apparently while it can happen with cats, it’s pretty unlikely. Figures that I just have a weird cat.

Thankfully, Spriggan takes it in stride and usually just sits there in submission. If Sebastian does get too rough, I’ve seen the kitten take a swipe at him to let him know. Sebastian is a big scaredy cat in the end, and runs away.

With the weekend coming up, I can bring the two together for larger tracks of time as I still don’t want to leave them alone when I’m asleep or at work. I hope a few full days of dealing with one another will calm things down more.

Also, in a few weeks, Spriggan will be getting fixed. I don’t know if that’ll make a change in things, but it can’t hurt.

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FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder – Anima Relic Punks

Welcome back to another Tales from the Duty Finder! It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these, and this one isn’t super terrible on the scale of things. It’s mostly about a group of punks who had no consideration for anything but their own desires.

So, last night, our FC got together a Void Ark run. Most of us were doing it for the Tales complete, but one of our members had just unlocked it, so it was completely new to him.

Thankfully, Void Ark is an easy raid to complete, or there’d be a lot more issues than there were in this run. Because we had some folks in one group who decided they wanted to rush it.

I don’t mean just pulling the boss before everyone was ready.

I mean, displaying the pull countdown while people were still in the hallway between the encounter rooms and nowhere near being able to enter the fight. This happened continuously, and some folks started to speak up.

We let them know that we had someone new (which they already knew from the announcement at the start of the run), and other people also asked them to slow down. You know, just half a minute or two.

But apparently, this was too hard and they preferred to be punks.


So it was a continuous pull-fest and chaos because Syn Maris (and yeah, I’m calling the jerk out directly) was constantly spamming the countdown even when the rest of the raid was nowhere near ready, and we were answering “No!” on the ready checks. We had some hope that maybe his party would kick him for trolling. However, after the raid was done, we found the the people who spoke up in his defense were in his FC (and some were officers to boot), and they made up the bulk of his party.

Anyhow, it’s not until after the whole thing got done that Syn (our Syn, not jerk Syn Maris) asked, “Hey, is Sturdy for the Relic weapon a good gain?”

She’s currently working on that step, so she could see the Relic reward.

I was like, “Yeah, why?”

“Because that’s what we earned running Void Ark.”

So then, it fell into place. Those jerks were rushing the raid so they could earn Aetheric Condensation points for their stupid Relic weapon. And if you look at the Lodestone links above, every one of them are indeed holding a Relic.

So, good job to you for rushing everyone else, including absolutely new people, just so you could get a few lousy points on your Relic grind. I don’t say things like this often, because FFXIV usually has pretty nice folks… but if you’re going to make everyone else around you miserable just to benefit yourself, go grind out A1S and leave the rest of us alone.

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FFXIV: 3.X Story and Scions (Spoilers)

So, as the patch has been out over a week, it’s finally time for me to talk about the 3.5 story. There will be spoilers… for pretty much all of 3.0 as I want to think out loud about story things in general.

Since Heavensward launched and we started to gather the Scions again, I got the feeling that the story team was making some choices in the main characters they would keep going forward. What do I mean by this? Continue reading “FFXIV: 3.X Story and Scions (Spoilers)”

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FFXIV: Dun Scaith Week 2 & Stormblood Preorder

Pictured above – I got the Bard hat drop from Dun Scaith last night. It’s a pretty neat design, but I instantly glamoured to Amon’s Hat right after taking this shot. 😀

Week 2 Dun Scaith Impressions

We took a mostly-FC group in with us, including several who were brand new to the raid. Overall, people are starting to understand it better. That’s probably in thanks to the Dun Scaith guides that are finally out for it now.

What I wouldn’t have given for Mr. Happy’s guide a week ago!

While I haven’t actually watched the guide (I probably should), I’ve heard about some of the mechanics that were tripping me up, especially on Ferdiad and his Atomos.

I still say that it wasn’t super obvious that he was force-feeding one Atomos a certain color orb only for it to come out of the opposite Atomos, and that you had to respond accordingly. But now that I know what to look for, the biggest piece of that puzzle has been unraveled.

The raid still wiped on Scathach, but only because too many people ignored the add the first time. They learned from that mistake.

The raid also wiped on Diabolos the first time. The second time, we came very close to wiping, but a small handful of people were able to whittle him down at about 5%. This is how we earned the win last week, so overall, the final boss is still tripping up the raid as a whole.

I, myself, have not remained alive for the whole final fight yet. Either I stacked on someone when too few people were stacking (so we all died) or something like that happened. So I’ve not had the chance to actually practice through the final phase of earthshakers and stacks to feel like I have an understanding.

Dun Scaith vs. Weeping City

So my final thoughts on this raid is that it’s more difficult than Weeping City, but for different reasons that Weeping City is difficult. The mechanics come fast and hard. But once you get a group of people in there who know what to do and how to respond, this raid may end up being easier in the long run.

For example, we did a Weeping run right after Dun Scaith (yeah, looking for punishment), and there are still people who are dropping meteors on the party during Ozma. Some new folks coming through at this point seem to think its been out long enough that they don’t need no guide (to get a carry). I watched this happen with the randoms we picked up last night — they didn’t have a clue on how to handle mechanics, and it punished the rest of us hard.


Now, I’m not one to yell at someone to watch a guide, but in this case, Weeping City places a lot of responsibility on individual players. You can still blow your party up with meteors and bombs!

To Newcomers: Please know the basic mechanics of Ozma if nothing else! You can’t just get through Weeping City without having to perform mechanics!

In contrast, there are a few times that Dun Scaith places this kind of punishment on the party for one person’s mistakes. Maybe a bit on the final boss with stacks and earthshakers… and maybe that’s why teams have so much trouble working through that section. But for the most part, if you screw something up, you die. You usually don’t take out the rest of the party with you.

I still think that Dun Scaith is challenging, but I wonder that if in the long run, I will like it more than Weeping City. One way or another, I’m gearing my Bard up with drops, and my Dragoon through Shire gear upgrades.

Stormblood Pre-order

So pre-orders opened up for Stormblood yesterday. I picked up the digital CE, mostly for the mount and the chicken blade. I’ve never been super partial to FFV, so the CE items were only so-so to me. But that’s mostly because I’ve not actually put time into playing FFV (despite owning it)… probably something I should do one day. I heard it had a fun job system.


I was actually looking forward to the Red Mage pre-order minion, but they haven’t passed those out yet. It was a little confusing to go and redeem the pre-order code only to have it say “Code Pending.” At first, I thought this was the head-start code they were talking about, but reading over the email again, it seems like all pre-order items won’t be given out until sometime next month.

Overall, I’m trying to feel hyped for Stormblood. But, to be totally honest, I’m not that big on the whole Ala Mhigo conflict as a plot backdrop.

I could get into Ishgard because of the dragons, but Ala Mhigo doesn’t have a whole lot of meaning to me as a player yet. They may charm me somewhere down the line, though — FFXIV has a way of making me care about things I didn’t know I’d care about. So, I’m trying to stay open-minded.

The one thing I am hyped about is Red Mage, of course. It’s really the one thing I want out of this expansion, aside from re-worked Bard, and hopefully tweaks to the job system we keep hearing about. Swimming and diving sounds cool, but it’s no where near as exciting as flying mounts were for Heavensward.

One way or another, I plan on taking time off of work for the pre-order head start, mostly to level the job and get used to it.  In the meantime, I’m gearing up jobs, suffering through Relic, and working on leveling Paladin next.

Oh, yeah. And I also finished leveling my Squad last week. Wonder where they’re going to take this feature in the future!


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FFXIV: Quick Guide to Better Full Body Screenshots

Credit goes to finalflan of Reddit for posting this tip. I’m just expanding it into a short how-to guide!

After changing into a taller race in FFXIV, I realized quickly that taking a good full-body screenshot is far more difficult. If you’re playing a shorter race, like Lalafell, this is a non-issue. But even when I was playing my kitty, I often found scrolling out to get a full-outfit shot wasn’t the best.

With the new /gpose camera options from patch 3.5, we finally have a way to capture taller images! It’s really simple, though it does require a bit of fiddling in an image program or Windows (thanks Sagacyte!). Even Microsoft Paint will do.

The Issue

So, normally, when I want to take a screenshot of my character, I want a pretty zoomed in image, that way I can get details of the outfit and the face. This ends up cropping off the character’s bottom half, like this:


This is fine if you want a landscape group shot. But what if you just want a nice portrait full-bodied version of your character?

That’s where /gpose comes in.

How To

  1. Get your character in position with whatever emote you want to capture.
  2. Activate the /gpose command. Remember, with 3.5, there’s a new button for this you can add to your hotbar!
  3. Activate the /gpose settings. On computer, press the R key. PlayStation, press the X button.
  4. Rotate the camera. This is the second option in General Settings under Camera Position. I’ve found anywhere between 148-152 turns it just fine. camerapose
  5. Add any other special settings, position your camera correctly, then take your screenshot. Don’t forget to press the /gpose settings button again to remove the settings window from your shot. Your screenshot will look something like this: ffxiv_01232017_202341
  6. Open the screenshot in any image editor and flip it back the right way. You can also right-click in Windows to flip it.

    In the end, you’ll get a tall image like this: ffxiv_01232017_202341-2

  7. Crop it to your liking. And now you have a nice, tall full-bodied shot of your character! ffxiv_01232017_202341

Use this to capture tall buildings and scenery as well! Check out the original Reddit post to see examples!

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Kitten Chronicles – Day 4

It’s official that I can keep the kitten!

He had his first vet checkup today, and got a clear bill of health. Thankfully, he tested negative for Feline HIV, parasites and other nasties. He also got his first shots, and will be heading back to the vet in 3 weeks for follow-up boosters and the neutering.

This means that tonight I can finally give Sebastian and Kitten time to meet. This also means I need to be working on a real name for him since (as long as the cats get along) he will be coming to stay with me for sure.

I know he’ll be so much happier when I can let him out of the back room so he can explore and have company. Updates are forthcoming!