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FFXIV 3.5 Preliminary Patch Notes Highlights

First Impression

Now, I know these are just the preliminary 3.5 patch notes, but I was sorely disappointed there was not a nerf to the Umbrite stage of the Relic weapon. That was the very first thing I looked for when I opened the patch notes, and it wasn’t there.


In reading the patch notes thread on Reddit, it seems that Yoshi-P has indicated that we’ll probably get that Relic nerf in 3.55. Still a bit of a bummer for me as I need to decide if I’m going to keep going or just settle for a PotD weapon.

Anyhow, enough about what the patch notes don’t have. Let’s look at what’s there.

Naturally, we expected more story, raids and dungeons, so I’ll be skipping those and going right to the features.

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FFXIV: White Chocobo!

Back when I first dyed this chocobo, I accidentally got a turquoise color rather than a blue. I kept it, though, because I like teal, and it matched my Leviathan barding. That was back when chocobo dying was new and before we had great color calculators, like this one, so I was really stumbling through the process.

However, with the new character change, and the upcoming chocobo changes with 3.5 next week, I decided it was time to change my chocobo, too. I always wanted a white or a black chocobo, so I went for the white one.

Thankfully, the chocobo calculator now includes a section on the suggested order you should feed color fruits. I followed the guide and successfully got a white chocobo on my first try!


Now I just have to think of a different name for him. I named him Blackjack back when I first earned the Gambler barding. But, nowdays, that doesn’t fit him so well.

Outside our FC house!
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Nintendo Switch Preorder!

There’s been so much going on this week with gaming, I’m reeling to try and write about it all! I’ll have a more in-depth post about my thoughts on the Switch later. I’m overall happy with what I’ve heard, though.

I think the price is reasonable, and the game lineup is exciting. I saw online preorders closing up all over due to limited stock (again???). So, I took the plunge and put in a preorder at the local Best Buy.


I first tried to buy the one with multi-color controllers, but Best Buy pulled that out of my cart saying they were out of stock. It let me complete this purchase, so I hope that means I’ve got one secured. I’ve heard stories of Best Buy cancelling pre-orders before.

I didn’t know that the Switch is releasing on a Friday. If this pre-order does go through, I might just have to take the day off. Just depends on if I can get my hands on a Zelda pre-order as well!

This will actually be the first time I pick up a Nintendo system at launch, despite having owned every console they’ve released! XD