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Kitten Chronicles – Week 1 Edition

I still can’t get a good picture of the new kitten because every time I try to approach with a phone, he gets up to rub on me. Anyhow, I decided it was time for another kitty update!

I’m still rolling ideas for a name in my head. I’m thinking about “Puck” as in the character from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The kitten is certainly enough of a troublemaker!

Nope. Ended up going with Spriggan. As in FFXIV Spriggan:


I’m slowly introducing Sebastian and Spriggan for a few hours each night when I get home from work. Spriggan has been enjoying the use of the many toys around the house, and I got him a new collar (seen in above picture) along with a new scratching post and such.

Both kitties love this toy!

I wish I could say that the introductions have gone completely without incident, but that’s not true. There’s not been a full-out cat fight of any sort, but Sebastian is serious about letting the kitten know who’s the alpha.

Sebastian’s a rather jealous and sensitive cat to begin with. Any little change can send him into a fit of crying. Last night was the worst I saw him. He spent a good half an hour to 45 minutes just complaining loudly about the unfairness of kitten’s existence in his house.

Through these fits, Sebastian psychically asserts his domination over Spriggan by scruffing the kitten’s neck and holding him down on the floor. This doesn’t hurt the kitten, but it does dominate over him.

This is a behavior I’m familiar with through caring for ferrets. Back when I owned several, I had a very alpha male that would go through this same domination ritual whenever I introduced a new ferret to the household. It took a few days for the pecking order to work out, but eventually it did. Afterwards, the ferrets were best friends.

I’d probably be freaking out if I hadn’t seen this happen before. But I know that as long as the kitten isn’t getting hurt, it does more harm than good to interfere too much.

However, last night, Sebastian was just being a whiny-butt in general and not letting up on things. So, eventually I scolded him and told him to stop his behavior. He vocally complained at me in response, as if I should see what all the wrongs of his world were, but eventually chilled out over time.

A kitten asking for trouble…

I did some reading about this domination behavior, and apparently while it can happen with cats, it’s pretty unlikely. Figures that I just have a weird cat.

Thankfully, Spriggan takes it in stride and usually just sits there in submission. If Sebastian does get too rough, I’ve seen the kitten take a swipe at him to let him know. Sebastian is a big scaredy cat in the end, and runs away.

With the weekend coming up, I can bring the two together for larger tracks of time as I still don’t want to leave them alone when I’m asleep or at work. I hope a few full days of dealing with one another will calm things down more.

Also, in a few weeks, Spriggan will be getting fixed. I don’t know if that’ll make a change in things, but it can’t hurt.

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FFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder – Anima Relic Punks

Welcome back to another Tales from the Duty Finder! It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these, and this one isn’t super terrible on the scale of things. It’s mostly about a group of punks who had no consideration for anything but their own desires.

So, last night, our FC got together a Void Ark run. Most of us were doing it for the Tales complete, but one of our members had just unlocked it, so it was completely new to him.

Thankfully, Void Ark is an easy raid to complete, or there’d be a lot more issues than there were in this run. Because we had some folks in one group who decided they wanted to rush it.

I don’t mean just pulling the boss before everyone was ready.

I mean, displaying the pull countdown while people were still in the hallway between the encounter rooms and nowhere near being able to enter the fight. This happened continuously, and some folks started to speak up.

We let them know that we had someone new (which they already knew from the announcement at the start of the run), and other people also asked them to slow down. You know, just half a minute or two.

But apparently, this was too hard and they preferred to be punks.


So it was a continuous pull-fest and chaos because Syn Maris (and yeah, I’m calling the jerk out directly) was constantly spamming the countdown even when the rest of the raid was nowhere near ready, and we were answering “No!” on the ready checks. We had some hope that maybe his party would kick him for trolling. However, after the raid was done, we found the the people who spoke up in his defense were in his FC (and some were officers to boot), and they made up the bulk of his party.

Anyhow, it’s not until after the whole thing got done that Syn (our Syn, not jerk Syn Maris) asked, “Hey, is Sturdy for the Relic weapon a good gain?”

She’s currently working on that step, so she could see the Relic reward.

I was like, “Yeah, why?”

“Because that’s what we earned running Void Ark.”

So then, it fell into place. Those jerks were rushing the raid so they could earn Aetheric Condensation points for their stupid Relic weapon. And if you look at the Lodestone links above, every one of them are indeed holding a Relic.

So, good job to you for rushing everyone else, including absolutely new people, just so you could get a few lousy points on your Relic grind. I don’t say things like this often, because FFXIV usually has pretty nice folks… but if you’re going to make everyone else around you miserable just to benefit yourself, go grind out A1S and leave the rest of us alone.