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FFXIV: Lux Relic Weapon (Not Mine)

Hah, made you look!

There’s no way that Sindri Lux weapon pictured above is mine as I’m still stuck in perpetual Umbrite purgatory. It does, however, belong to Syn’s character Zeb, and she’s worked crazy hard to finish it.

So in congrats to her, I snapped screens and wanted to put that first and foremost in this post!

This week, I haven’t been doing much of anything noteworthy in FFXIV, though I am putting time into it alongside of Zelda. I was lazy the last few weeks and finally just picked up leveling my Paladin again, mostly using Beast Tribes and Clan Hunts. She should reach level 55 tonight. There are faster ways to do this, I know, but I just feel like taking it easy.

I’ve also started using PotD to begin making progress on my baby Black Mage. She’s only level 32 (up from the level 30 she’s been at for over half a year). I figure that since Red Mage will share gear with Black Mage, having them somewhat on equal ground will help gear sharing. My Summoner is already up there at 60.

Other than that, I’ve just done my weekly Dun Scaith runs, upgrading things here and there. Slowly making my way through the Umbrite stage of Relic, still, with no end in sight. I’ve actually put more interest and time into crafting and gathering now, since the new Deliveries help take the edge off of Scrip gathering.

Zelda has been a much-needed rest from FFXIV the past couple weeks. I’ve found it has significantly increased my fun to alternate between something deep, quiet and immersive like Zelda with the more hectic pace that FFXIV sometimes has. It’s helped me put the brakes on and find enjoyment in things like crafting and gathering again.

I have several small goals in mind I’d like to reach before Stormblood, most of them casually leveling alt-jobs. Nothing pressing or blog-worthy, really, but still plenty to do.


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Zelda BotW: Under the Blood Moon


So while I was out and about trying to learn how to tame and ride my first horse, something very odd began to happen. Something I’d never seen in the game before.

I noticed that it was getting dark, and the rain moved in. Then, something red began to glow on the horizon.


Oh crap, what is this? 

I didn’t know if I was about to die, if it was some sort of enemy, or what it meant. Thankfully, the game had it covered, and Zelda narrated the meaning behind what was my first ever Blood Moon.


Blood moons happen from time to time during the course of the game. I tried to see if this was just a random night, or if there was a set pattern to this, but everything I’m reading seems to say their occurrence is random.

Apparently there’s a fan theory that blood moons are more likely to appear if you’ve killed a lot of enemies. Nothing proven here, either.

What we do know is during a blood moon, enemies that you’ve killed will respawn. Also, I’ve read that the materials you’ve gathered like mushrooms, ore, and herbs, will respawn.

I don’t know if enemies are harder during a blood moon as I’ve never gone out of my way to fight during this time. The thing to be careful of is not to be caught in a camp you cleared out during one of these things… or you’ll find yourself in bad company fast.

Also, this is a good time to try cooking as you can get bonuses to your food during a blood moon.


Before the blood moon, I did wonder if enemies in the game would ever respawn in areas I’d cleared. It took several days outside of the Plateau before my first blood moon, when my question was finally answered.

I think using a mechanic like a blood moon for enemy respawn is a fantastic idea. This way, you clear camps without worry, have the reward of seeing the enemy defeated for a while, then after respawn, you can come back if you need to fight for weapons or gather more materials.

One guide noted that Guardians respawn in Shrines you’ve cleared as well, so that means you can go back and pick up more guardian weapons from them. Good idea!

Anyhow, this mechanic just goes to show how much thought was put into the BotW systems. I even watched a video last night that justified why weapons break in the game… I guess after thinking about it this way, it does make sense. I still grumble a bit about it, but I suppose I understand.

Next time, Link finally gets to move on in the storyline. I promise!