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I’ve got a lot to talk about this week, because the two of us got quite a bit done! First, let me talk about what Syn’s working on: The Rai Camp. This is going to be home base for the heroes, and is Zento’s (and the player’s) first look at who the Rai Clan are.

I Don’t Like You

Syn spent a long time trying to figure out a good chipset to use to make the snowy camp. This is a little more difficult than it seems because RPG Maker does have art for snow scenes, but not as much as for green land or deserts.

She also created a bunch of NPCs for the town, and started to code in some of the conversation. When I went to explore her camp, I ran into this guy.

I’m hoping this is just placeholder text…

Syn… this is placholder stuff, right? 😀

Coding the Hunt

Meanwhile, I began working on the hunt scene. Just like everything we do in this game, it turned out more complicated than I expected.

First, I needed a deer-like creature. I found what I needed as a base from Whtdragon’s Animal Pack. This is a really wonderful collection!

It had deer of all colors, but they were all bucks. I decided I wanted one buck and a bunch of does. So I had to edit the sprite to remove the antlers.

It turned out alright, I think, and worked for what I needed it.

The second thing I needed to overcome was a scene where Yuu shoots an arrow at the buck. This sounds like it should be easy, but the game maker doesn’t have built-in projectiles for something like this.

Instead, I had to make the arrow itself an event, and code that to move across the screen. Before I could do that, I needed an arrow sprite! I found one from an older version of RPG Maker, so I edited to fit our system.

With that and a bit of coding experiment, I was able to get the scene to play out as I wanted!

Following this, I coded in a silly chase scene where the hunters run after the buck. Sadly, It would have taken a lot of work to show them riding Rhawn, so while a Rhawn/horse does appear, they aren’t riding it like they did in the original script.

Finally, I got to the point where they meet with Zento for the first time, and arguments abound.

My challenge for this week is to figure out how to get Zento and the other characters to fight against each other, probably in a scripted battle.

Oh, and I actually exported a distribution of this game for the first time this weekend so that Syn could test it along with me. I learned a few things doing that, too, but it went overall well with few tweaks needed!

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