bookmark_borderFFXIV: Our Free Company’s 3rd Anniversary

Tomorrow, May 1, is the 3rd anniversary of the founding of our FFXIV Free Company, Knights of Memory. Since it is on a Monday night, we polled our members and decided to hold the actual celebration event on Saturday instead.

Now, when it comes to things like this, I’m pretty good at organizing the foundation of the overall event, putting up event webpages, and hyping it on our Discord.


And while we had a poll out there to determine the interest of our main attraction, the Glamour Contest (with prizes from the Mog Station), I wasn’t sure of what the overall attendance would be. Well, this ended up being our turnout (with a few coming in later):


Our FC has doubled in size since our last anniversary, and it’s really quite amazing to see everyone all in the Discord channel like last night.

I’m also still pretty voice-chat shy, so I was very nervous about trying to conduct the event with so many people! But thankfully, I had the assistance of more outgoing FC folks like Vix and Bean. We were also very thankful to the team who set up the fantastic location for our Glamour Contest!



Everyone did a great job with their glamours! And a huge thanks to judges who help choose the winners!

Zeb was not a glamour contest winner. XD

After that, we all went out to Central Shroud for a game of hide n seek for in-game goodies.

Overall, I feel like the event went over really well. We had a lot of people organizing the small details (that surprised even me) and made it something special.

We even had greeters and everything!

And seeing that I only gave the announcement for this event about a week in advanced, it was amazing and unexpected how fast everyone pulled this together!

Thanks to everyone who helped and attended. I’ve always said that it’s the folks in the FC that make it what it is, and I’m very honored to be a part of this. Here’s to another great year!

bookmark_borderApril Gaming Goals in Review

So the month of April is almost over, and with the event of Mario Kart releasing tonight, and an Anniversary Event I’m hosting for my FC this weekend, I doubt I’ll get much more done on my goals. That’s okay, because most of them are done anyhow, so I may as well report them!

So how’d I do?

Zelda: BotW

  • Defeat second Divine Beast

This didn’t get done, mostly because my Switch was out of commission for several weeks this month. I did get the dock replaced, and it looks like it should be in tip top shape for Mario Kart, but it really broke my groove on Zelda.

I did reach the next major town and did see the second Divine Beast in a cutscene, but that’s as close as I’ve come to beating him. I’ll have to give it another try next month!

Final Fantasy XIV

  • Complete Singing Cluster Stage of Dragoon Relic ✓
  • Level Black Mage ✓
  • Upgrade Crafter Tools ✓
  • Buy Fokelore Book ✓
  • Buy Master IV Crafting Book(s) ✓

I did really well on my FFXIV goals this month, however.

I finished my Dragoon Relic…  well… up the stage I can stomach right now. It’s an ilvl 260 weapon, so honestly, that’s good enough for me. I can’t see myself seriously farming light for a weapon that’s going to be outdated in a few months. I’ll wait until they nerf it and finish it for glamour someday.

I have been leveling my Black Mage. While I didn’t reach level 50 yet, I’m just half a level shy of level 40, so that’s not terrible. I haven’t been working on this nightly, so I can’t be too disappointed in this. Black Mage is slowly growing on me as a job, though.

I did upgrade one of my crafter tools, but most of my focus has been on gatherer gear. I purchased a full set of ironworks, put some materia in it, and got to work on buying miner Fokelore books.

This allowed me to reach my goal of earning my first Blessed tool – the Blessed Minekeep’s Pickaxe!

I’ve also been buying Master IV books as I’ve earned random scrips from my Squad. This has been pretty slow going since most of my concentration has been on gathering, but I’ve managed to squeeze a few of them in there.

Over all, not a bad month!



bookmark_borderFFXIV: Cloud Mount & Eastern Journey Attire on Different Races

Yesterday, I claimed my FFXIV Cloud Mount and Eastern Journey Attire DLC from the Amazon promotion. I did have to hop on to support chat with Amazon to get the code as I hadn’t gotten it several hours after making my purchase. Support was very nice and very fast in producing the code, and I had my stuff in a few minutes. So if you haven’t gotten your code from Amazon yet, try hitting up their online chat  support!

Last night, I spent a good deal of time claiming the content on my different alts just to see how it looked for each. I know some of the taller races actually sit on the cloud, rather than stand, and that caused some annoyance for some players.

There’s an idle animation and a ground-mount animation for the cloud. Then, when you actually fly, that’s when you get the cool Dragonball poses.

Seeing that only two of my characters are high level enough to fly, I can only show those.

Here’s my Moonkitty:


And here’s Tai:


My non-flying characters…

Here’s Zemi:


And here’s Hedge Mouse:


So, they all seem pretty similar.

I also really like the Eastern Journey Attire! You can see the whole undyed outfit with the Dragoon weapon at the top of this post.

But I especially see myself using this for Zemi, whom I’m leveling Ninja and maybe Samurai in the future. Here he is in his red and gold getup! Now I just need a rice hat.


Overall, the quality of the DLC is excellent. A mount, an outfit and a weapon as a bonus on top of purchasing something for $20 on Amazon is a good deal. I ended up picking up a Nintendo eShop card for the future because I know I’ll be spending some money in the market sooner or later (Stardew for Switch!).

All in all, I’m happy with it! (And so is Zemi.)

Random. I love how this /changepose on the Au Ra male /sit makes them flop down with arms crossed. 🙂


bookmark_borderNefol RPG Part 1 Video

Today we are officially releasing the video play through for Nefol Part 1! If you haven’t yet seen the Introduction, you can find it here!

This covers the story of how main characters Jin and Zento met. It touches a bit on the cultures of the clans of the north and their view on magic, which is highly taboo in their land.

This is also the only part of the story aside from the Intro that has ever been released publicly! Chapter 2 is almost complete, so hopefully sometime in May we’ll be getting into posting story that’s never been released before!


bookmark_borderFFXIV: Flying Cumulus Mount & Eastern Journey Attire – DLC Promotion

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on the FFXIV Cloud Mount for a while because, dang, it just looks super cool. Package it with the Eastern Attire, and I’m there.

This is a promotion happening with Amazon, very similar to the one they ran last year for the White Chocobo mount. There are a few tweaks to it, which are to be expected.

From the official promotion page:

How to Participate

Make a qualifying purchase of $19.99 or more on video games (purchase or pre-order) from the videogames department to receive a promotional code. Items that qualify for the promotion will have a note on the store listing. Customers who pre-order digital or physical video games will receive their redemption code once the game is live or ships.

Once you have your code, you can visit the campaign redemption website to receive your three in-game item codes!

Campaign Duration

From Tuesday, April 25, 2017 12:00 a.m. (PT) through Monday, May 8, 2017 11:59 p.m. (PT)

This time around, they don’t ship the code until your game ships in terms of pre-orders, which makes sense. I know last year, there were people pre-ordering and then cancelling once they got their codes.

Just double-check that the item you want has this little blurb up under the Special offers and product promotions section. Not all of the items in the video game section have this, I noticed, so I wouldn’t take a chance unless you see this:

Click to zoom in

Good luck in getting your mount and cosmetics!

bookmark_borderFFXIV: All Eorzea is a Stage

Our Free Company, KoM, is about to celebrate our third year anniversary in a week. So I’ve been scrambling to put together an event with several activities to celebrate it. The first activity I could think of was, naturally, a glamour contest for FC members, with prizes from the Mog Station.

But I knew that we couldn’t hold a glamour contest in just any old place. I started to gather materials to build a Troup Stage for our FC house, thinking of all the rearranging and organizing I’d have to do in the front room to make it work. The stage alone was going to be a challenge to craft, but I was ready to try.

Then, much to my surprise and delight, Bean and Talo from the FC contacted me to show me something so much better than I’d been envisioning myself. They’d transformed the bottom floor of Talo’s house into a venue!


When they first invited me to come see it, it was still in a state of construction. But even then, it was amazing in the amount of time and detail that’d gone into it. It had a stage (which was far more economic to build than the one I was trying to make), and an audience room.


I offered my assistance, since they’d already done so much, and helped to gather and craft parts of the two spotlights and chandelier. A big thanks to Wry for crafting the pieces I could not — I learned really fast that I’m missing some Master crafting books I need to work on obtaining.

They also built this neat behind the stage greenroom for our glamour contestants. I was blown away by all the little details put into it!


Most of all,  I’m really happy that our anniversary event has inspired this kind of involvement even before it’s even begun. Our previous anniversary happened to just fall on a Sunday when we had FC Pizza Night, and we scooped everyone up to organize a series of group pictures on the FC house roof. That was the extent of it! 😀

Needless to say, I’m still working on figuring out what all we’ll do for this event, but I’m hoping our activities will be much more entertaining than last year!