RPG Maker: Nefol Dev Blog – Chapter 2 Begins

Last week, I got a solid chunk of Chapter 2 coded in the game, mostly because it’s all dialogue more than anything else. I did stop right before the one battle encounter because my challenge for this week is going to be figuring out how to script a fight that has a lot of character interaction.

All in all, I’m getting faster and better at making things work with minimum incidents. So, it’s become more a thing of getting the script in the game than anything else.

I also spent time working on modifying sprites for the monster battle in this chapter. This thing was along the lines of what Syn had scripted…

Yeah, I’m not really much of a pixel artist. 😀

I wanted a big and imposing monster to show up on the map with the other characters since there needs to be some interaction before the fight begins. I saw that RPG Maker allows for what’s called “Big Monster” sprites, so I set out to make one of those.

And well… not as big and imposing as I’d hoped for once it’s in game. (Please ignore the blue frog — if you want to know what it is, ask me in the comments XD)

I’m probably going to work on an alternative. I’m not very happy with this. But, I can use it as a placeholder for now, I guess.

In the meantime, Syn has been working on the Rai camp some more. She spent time making face sheets for the important NPCs and fleshed out some of the dialogue.

We’re trying to figure out how to juggle the shared database since I’m adding switches and she’s adding variables to it separately. I think that’s going to end up a manual job in the end. But that’s more technical than I want to get in this post.

And yeah, Zento better watch what he says. Yuu has no patience with him!

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