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FFXIV: Rainmaker Hair & Getting Ready for Stormblood

Last week, I did the quest for the new Make it Rain event, which awarded the new hair, Rainmaker. This hair has been widely looked forward to by many in the FFXIV community, so I’m glad that it wasn’t too difficult to get.

I’m also sad that it wasn’t too difficult to get, though.

This year’s Make it Rain event was severely lacking on questline, especially compared to the detained murder mystery event we got for it last year. I guess that’s to be expected seeing the team is probably putting all their efforts into polishing Stormblood at the moment. And I do appreciate free MGP, items, and the MGP bonus.

But the response from most people in my FC has been, “That’s it?” Some folks didn’t even realize that the hair and other event items were purchasable at the vendor next to the quest turn-in.

You can see what the hair looks like in the intro picture up there, where a grouchy Zeb and Tai model it for you. I like it well enough for what it is, but it doesn’t fit most my characters. I tried it on, and they mostly didn’t get past the character customization screen with it.

Tai will end up using one of the new hair styles that’s coming in Stormblood as it suits him perfectly.

Here’s the hair on my main:




The only one who actually kept the style was Hedge Mouse, but she’s a bit on the wild side:


Pre-Expansion Lull

Aside from that, things have been pretty quiet as we’re leading up to Stormblood. Though our FC is still quite active, I’ve been taking a few days away from FFXIV here and there.

While I have a Black Mage at level 50 who I could be working towards 60, I figure come Stormblood, I’ll be doing plenty of leveling for my Red Mage. Plus, the 50 to 60 path will be easier once the expansion drops. So, I might as well wait.

I’ve been tanking here or there on my little 30-something Warrior, mostly just to help the Posse through leveling roulettes. Of course, that’s earned me a level here or there. I’ve also run some things, including PotD on Zemi’s Ninja, leveling that on the side.

Thanks to Vix and Xaa, Zemi finally beat Edda, which has opened the way to Floor 51 for me. Seeing that I’ve not practiced Ninja much at all, I’m pretty lost with all the level 60 skills. But I’m not going to stress over it too much since all that’s going to change next week, anyhow.

PotD is serious business.

Overall, it’s that nice, laid-back lull that comes right before an expansion. Things will probably be intense once Stormblood drops for a while, so I’m using this time to take a break.

Stormblood Job Musings

The one thing I’m sad about is that Dragoon will be losing Ring of Thorns, which is like… every Dragoon’s favorite annoying spam skill. There’s not much to be done for it, though I’m not all that sure I’ll be playing Dragoon at all come Stormblood. It depends on how annoying the whole BotD and Dragon Eye mechanics are.

I watched a video on the Dragoon changes and it just didn’t sound all that fun to me to deal with yet more BotD timers. I’d much rather be filling up a gauge than watching one ticking down over time.

Tai might be moving towards Samurai, while I know for sure my main is going to be going Bard, and ultimately, Red Mage.