bookmark_borderTrying Splatoon 2 for the First Time

Let me start by explaining my situation.

I am not a competitive (online) player. I’m not a shooter player.

I owned the original Splatoon because it came bundled with my Wii U, but I have never launched it once. Though there is a single player portion to the game, I knew it was primarily online team multiplayer. I was too afraid to try it, despite the color and quirky appearance, and hearing everyone speaking so highly of it.

New Squid In Town

When everyone else was going nuts for the new Splatoon 2 on Switch, I’d tuned most of it out, the same as I did with ARMS. Then, last Friday, I surprised myself when I suddenly decided to pick up the game as I headed home from work.

I don’t remember what got me to consider it. I don’t remember why I changed my mind. Maybe I was feeling a little over-confident from the PvP I’ve been running on Frontlines. I just know that I came home with Splatoon 2 and wondered if I had made a mistake. I bought a physical copy just in case I needed to return it.


I actually did a bit of research. I read through the tips and suggestions for noobs. I read to use the motion controls, even if there was a learning curve for it. I read to try out the single player mode first to learn the ropes.

So, that’s what I did.

After exploring the hub area a bit…


…I jumped feet-first into the single player scenario.

Tutorial and Single Player Scenario

For someone completely new to everything about this series and shooters in general, the single player scenario does a great job as a tutorial. Despite all the help it tried to provide, I was absolutely terrible at it. I tried with and without motion controls, and determined that motion controls didn’t make it all that much harder, so I stuck with them.

I hated the feel of the starting weapon (mostly lack of range), and got frustrated really fast at the objectives like “Throw a bomb to distract the enemy, then shoot them in the back.” The enemy never sayed turned around long enough!

I had to start and restart the scenario several times, and almost didn’t clear it at all. Finally, I went to watch a video of someone clearing it to see how they did it — he didn’t fool around with the bombs, he just went in with guns blazing.


So, I worked up my courage and followed his example. Somehow, it worked!

I beat the first scenario with a time of 33 mins. (Ugh)

I put the game down a while, then came back to it again later that night. I replayed the first stage, and I was able to clear it, this time in 12 mins. That’s not fantastic, but hey, it’s a clear in less than half the time of my first.

I could see I wasn’t earning experience or unlocking anything by doing the single player stuff, so I decided to work up the courage to just jump into the multiplayer turf wars.

She looks about as confident as I felt.

Turf Wars

So the objective of Turf Wars is to cover as much of the ground with your color ink as you can. Splatting other players is a means to an end, but only going for PKs won’t win you the round.

I was really happy to see that each round only lasts 3 mins. This means that if you’re losing something terrible, you don’t get too beat down because it’ll be over quickly. Also, it keeps the action fast pace, and encourages quick play.

There’s no typing or forced group chat, so you can play without fear of being yelled at by people who are so much better than you are. I’ve probably been really frustrating to carry through things, though I try my hardest to learn and adjust.

It was encouraging that on my very first game, my team won in Turf Wars. I’m at the bottom of the list for my team, but not too bad for a first try on a weapon I didn’t really care for.


How I Roll

After several matches, I gained enough levels and gold to be able to experiment with other weapons. That’s when I picked up the roller. And I really liked it! Now, I have a LOT of learning and practice to do with this weapon. But, I’m trying — reading tips and watching tutorial videos.

I’m getting the feel for the motion controls a bit better after several hours of play. Now, I need to learn to incorporate the flick attacks on the roller, and just get a better sense of spacial awareness.

Even with just noob rolling techniques, I was sometimes pulling top coverage for my teams.


But when I’m up against more skilled players, I don’t have a chance. I keep trying, and working to learn the different arenas, though.

I have unlocked the Carbon Roller now, but still prefer the first roller due to the Splashdown special. I’m also learning about what abilities I should pick up in order to be more effective with the weapon.

Cosmetics & Apps

Yesterday, I bought a jacket that I really liked based on looks… only to learn that it would never have the abilities I needed to be more effective. Apparently, rollers should hook up with Ninja Squid to help them move unseen… I did order a 3 Star shirt with Ninja Squid on it last night, but it’s going to cost me 30K gold. Seeing that I only have 8K right now, I have a lot of gaming to do tonight before my order expires!

I like that you can browse and purchase cosmetics through the Nintendo App, as well as check your stats and progress. I don’t use the app for anything like voice chat (I’d use Discord for that), but what I do use it for, it works well.

2017-07-31 10.02.53

Also, it looks like my first Splatfest is coming up this weekend. I don’t know how that works, but Team Ketchup FTW!


bookmark_borderSteam Gaming: Pixel Shopkeeper

Between FFXIV and my Nintendo Switch, I haven’t really been doing a lot of Steam gaming. Thankfully, I haven’t been doing that much Steam buying, either. In fact, though I haven’t forgotten nor given up on my Steam Challenge to overcome my overwhelming backlog, I’ve decided not to call this post part of the challenge, because it’s not.

I very rarely make impulse purchases on Steam. In fact, I rarely go to the Steam site to browse when a big sale isn’t going on. I’m not sure why I did yesterday, but I noticed a little game called Pixel Shopkeeper was on the front page of the New and Trending section.

Now, I have a huge soft spot for shopkeeping games. I also put some time into Recettear,  but not enough to really explore it deeply. I liked what I saw of Recettear, but it was one of those games that felt slightly overwhelming in terms of systems when I was trying to learn it.

Pixel Shopkeeper is straightforward. It feels like a mesh of smaller mini-games, all easy to figure out. It’s an idea game to pick up for short bursts as both the adventure side and shop side only take a few minutes to complete. It would actually be a great tablet game (dare I whisper).

What’s It About?

You’re a graduate of Pixel University, but you’re carrying the burden of a school loan (too close to RL for comfort). So, you open a shop to pay it off.

There’s a small character creation bit, with a few customizations. This is not a major focus of the game, of course, but a nice little touch.


The game is light-hearted and humorous, embracing common net language, memes and fantasy RPG tropes. It’s not ashamed to toss “Generic NPCs” and “Generic World Maps” at you. And all this is completely fine.


The game gives you freedom to do whatever you like with the stipulation that at the end of the week, you have a certain amount due on your loan payoff. There are two parts of the game: the adventuring part, where you fight to secure loot drops, and the shopkeeping part, where you sell your loot drops.

Battle for Loot

If you have no loot, you can’t sell anything. So it’s important to train to increase your stats and abilities, and head to the fields and dungeons to gather stuff to put up for market.

The interesting part about this is that your character battles on their own. The only influence you have over their fight is whether you’ve trained them, geared them up, and if you keep them healed (by dragging herbs to them when herbs drop as loot).

As drops appear, it’s your job to fit as much loot into your bag as possible. This is done in a Tetris mini-game manner, which I found fun and sometimes challenging. Over the course of the game, you can earn or buy different types of bags with different shapes and features.


If your character is defeated, you lose all the loot and the day that you spent trying to earn that loot. If you win, you get to keep everything you bagged on top of treasure from a random chest you choose at the end of the run.

Sell That Loot!

The other half of the game is what happens at your shop when you go back to sell the loot you earned. Your shop starts out small, allowing you to furnish it with tables and stands to place your loot for sale.


As you sell more items, more furnishings become available, some with buffs to item prices and other perks. You also unlock other smaller support systems, such as the ability to polish your loot (makes it more desirable), advertise your shop, buy from other merchants, plant a garden, and even craft new and better loot to sell.


As adventurers walk past your shop, you can click on them to increase the chance they’ll stop, browse, and hopefully buy. You can also click on birds and tumbleweeds to earn extra coins, and sometimes crafting materials. You need to make sure that you keep the displays in your shop clean (just click on them repeatedly), or you may lose a potential sale with the dirty state of your shop.

At the end of the day, you get a summary, and options of what to do next. If you still have plenty of loot to sell, you can set up shop for the next day. If you need to gather more loot, you can head out to tackle monsters.


It’s a pretty simple game, as I said, which slowly introduces new features in small bites. I’ve only spent an hour with it so far, so I’m sure there are a number of other secrets to unlock.

The other thing I lik about Pixel Shopkeeper is the support that the developer is giving this game, despite having already released it. I saw him being very active and receptive to player feedback on the game’s Steam forum. In fact, he has already released two new difficulty levels (a chill mode and a sandbox mode) based on the fact that players found the normal mode a bit too challenging.

It looks like the game is going to get another large patch today, as well. So cheers to the developer for making his customers happy! In fact, I missed the launch sale of this game, and still paid full price for it (a rarity for me), because of all the positive feedback for both game and developer.

Shopkeeping games may not be everyone’s cup of tea. For those who enjoy this little niche of RPG slice-of-life, this is a game to keep your eye on.

bookmark_borderFFXIV: Revisiting the Promises I Made to Myself for Stormblood

Though I enjoyed Heavensward as expansion content, I look back at that time as probably the most conflicted and discontent as I’ve ever been in FFXIV. Before Heavensward, I was pretty carefree about what “end game” meant. I leveled an alt, we did Crystal Tower, maybe plinked away a little at a Relic that I never expected (and never did) finish. I had jobs that I enjoyed playing.

After Heavensward, a lot of that changed. Bard was a mess (IMHO), and I spent about a year drifting from DPS to DPS trying to find a replacement that I never actually found. Running a dungeon now and then turned into running Expert for tomes almost every night to cap for the week. Alexander was something everyone thought they needed to run, but was never that much fun to me. Even the safe haven of 24 man raids got more serious and punishing, something that I’ve never approved of, and still don’t.

That time when Alex ping-ponged me to death. I never set foot in A12 again.

I had to drop playing my alts because I struggled to keep up on my main. I hated the feeling of chasing carrots, but I felt compelled to keep my gear relevant. Overall, I struggled with this. I knew that something that I once enjoyed about the game was lost…

And it was my fault.

The game had not changed. My perception had changed. Being part of a FC that was meant to be casual, but evolved into mid-core put me in the middle of people who strove to achieve things like end game gear or Alex drops. I don’t fault them for that, because to some people, that’s fun. It’s how the game is designed.

I fault myself for playing a MMO in a way that just didn’t work for me.

Revisiting Promises

I grappled with this issue for a long time. With all the grumbling I did about Alex and Alliance Raids, one would think I hated FFXIV. I didn’t. I was just overwhelmed. I had to find a balance for myself, but didn’t know how to achieve that.

I stuck it out, though. Where many people offered the ever-wise advice of “Take a break,” I never did. As frustrated as I was with end game, there was a lot in FFXIV that kept me playing, too.

By the end of the expansion cycle, I’d become a bit wiser, learning what did and did not work for me as an individual. I knew that if I wanted to enjoy Stormblood, I needed to set some guidelines for myself, make some promises, before going into it.

Stormblood has been out over a month now. At this point in Heavensward, I was feeling the heavy weight of end game on my shoulders and seeing the writing on the wall. So how have I done in keeping these promises to myself so far?

1- I promise not to do content just because everyone else is doing it and because I have the ilvl.

I found it ironic that Vix brought this up a few days back. She’d been trying to run some EX stuff and some Omega, and she came to the same conclusion. One night while playing 7D2D, she said to the Posse, “I don’t see the point to running EX or Omega.”

I laughed and said, “You’re right. There is no point. It’s just there if that kind of stuff is fun for you. Run it if it’s fun. If not, don’t bother.”

Oh, I have by-passed so many EX runs, even though so many folks seem to think they need to do this content. Thankfully, KoM has a number of individuals who enjoy running and teaching this stuff, and I am more than happy to let them organize and do just that. This frees me up to do less stressful stuff I’d rather be doing.

I ran Omega Normal once for the story, and that’s all I wanted to do. I’ve chosen to run Omega 4 weekly for the weapon. I don’t find the fight too stressful, and I’ve already accumulated 3 drops, so I figure what’s 4 more runs of it going to hurt? I never chose to earn an Alex weapon, so this is a first for me.


I’m not really working that hard at capping tomes. Heck, I don’t even really have a full set of Verity stuff yet. I run a few dungeons here or there. Maybe do some PvP. The gear I have is enough to get me through what I want to play right now.

I’d say I made good on this one so far.

2- I promise not to put myself through another Relic grind. 

Don’t know about this one yet. Have to see what Relic is going to be like. I keep hearing it’ll be tied to Eureka, which is an interesting concept to me.

3- I promise not to chase carrots, even the clever ones, unless the rewards are really, really important to me. 

I’ve done pretty good with this. I still don’t bother much with Wondrous Tails, especially when there’s nothing on the book I want to do. The one I did finish last week was because I could keep spamming Frontlines, which I was going to do anyway. XD

4- I promise to find a job that I love and stick to it. 


Oh, man, if you don’t already know, I’m so in love with Red Mage. This has changed everything.


I also really like what I’m hearing about Bard, but I’ve spent very little time re-learning the job. I want to, eventually, but Red Mage is everything I hoped for in a job, and it has made FFXIV a much more positive experience.

5- I promise to let myself play alt characters, as long as it’s fun to do. 

I’m doing that, too. Not only am I allowing myself to play alts, I even have gone as far as to create a FC for my alts, and work on a RP Adventure Journal.


Being less worried about end game gives me the freedom to play FFXIV the way I usually play MMOs – with a bunch of varied alt characters. Seeing that gearing up is really not a problem all the way up through the end of Stormblood 4.0, and now you don’t need to worry about leveling all the sub-jobs and sub-job skills anymore, there’s really not a reason not to kick around on alt characters. These things alone have make FFXIV much more alt-friendly.

This has been something I’ve deeply missed, and I feel so much more positive about FFXIV when I have this creative outlet.

6- I promise to give myself time to relax and enjoy Eorzea.

I’ve done this. I spent just as much time gathering and crafting (which is mostly relaxing) as I have leveling in Stormblood.

Also, placing my alts in a quiet and judgement-free place where I can take some time away from the more social FC atmosphere helps a lot. It gives me a choice of play environments, and I can hop back and forth between these as I need to.

7- I promise to find a balance while still making progress. 

I feel like I’ve done this pretty well. Believe it or not, Frontlines PvP is a very good alternative to the pressure of forced group dungeon running for me. Not only can you level alt jobs there fairly quickly, you can also earn Tomes there if you prefer.


Matches are short and lucrative. Queues are fast, even for DPS. It’s more open-world feeling, and no one notices if you suck at it. It’s been my go-to for leveling outside of dungeons, especially things like my Paladin. I’m considering taking a healer in for leveling, even. I’m really glad we discovered it, and I hope it remains a viable alternative to being stuck in a dungeon all the time.

Will doing this be easy?

That was the question I dropped at the end of the original post. And, you know what? It’s not been too hard at all.

I think it’s a combination of a lot of things coming together in the right way: finding a job I enjoy, finding alternate ways of progressing, allowing myself time to get away and play with alts, and delegating less appealing tasks to those who enjoy them more in the FC.

Now days, I feel like I have a lot of game-goals and projects I’m working on, and that keeps me eager to log in. I’m also working on a creative outlet that stimulates my need to write, draw and use imagination.

I don’t know what the future will hold, but for now: so far, so good.

bookmark_borderFFXIV: I’m a Bad Influence

Yesterday, Syn noted that our server, Midgardsormr, had become a preferred world on our data center. I was a bit surprised to see this since we aren’t a small server by any means… in fact, since Stormblood, we’ve had a small log in queue every night. Just a handful of players and a short wait, but still a queue.

Character transfers to our world are currently free from congested worlds. Also, newly rolled characters on our world get a bonus experience buff… and if you reach level 30 while the server is still a preferred world, you get 15 free days of play time.

I made note of that, and also noted that I had a solo FC just for alts. I must be a bad influence, because Syn and Amoon both rolled up an alt last night and joined <<Alts>>. 😀

I mulled over whom to roll (you have to make a new character to get the buff), and since I had just re-rolled my Porom Lala, and the group could use a healer, I stuck with her. So we have this mis-matched trio of characters speed-leveling through the early game:


Though we all started in different cities, it’s actually been a lot of fun! I hope we can make it to level 30 before we lose the buff! Even if we don’t, though, it’s kinda neat to have friends join up in <<Alts>> where we can mess around in a smaller FC environment from time to time. I love my main FC, but sometimes (especially for RP and story purposes) it’s nice to have a small and quiet place to retreat.

I’ve wanted to play a FFIV-based character in this game for a while, and one that I’ve kept coming back to has been (child) Porom. I’ve rolled her (and a Palom) lala several times over the years. Lalafell are perfect for them. But I’ve never done much with either of them.


Now, the proper pony tail hair style exists (it didn’t back in the early days), and it sounds like playing a White Mage is a lot less frustrating without stance dancing. It’s been good practice to start a healer from level 1 and work up. Plus, she’s a cutie with her Namingway, so why not?

I also ended up finally changing Zuri’s Au Ra character, as I said I wanted to. I’ve been seeing a number of posts lately that make fun of the fact that most female Au Ra are Raen that have the same face variation (the slender horns). I’m pretty sure it’s the horn shape that attracts to this face style (sad they can’t be separated), because that’s the reason I picked it, too.

I mulled going Xaela, but I just couldn’t find a look I liked with the dark scales. So, instead, I chose a different face option, and after playing around with styles and variations, chose to make Zuri an albino-ish Au Ra.


She’s not a true albino, though, because her eyes are more orange than red… I just thought it looked better that way. I’m still experimenting with hairstyles, but for now, this is good enough.

A combination of battle leve quests (yes, some people still do these!) and a PotD nudged her to level 28 archer. So, I’m getting her closer to Bard, and to getting her back on the MSQ track!

Sometimes you just need a little freedom from end game. It puts things in a different perspective.


So much fun with alts… and also great to see our server being overrun by so many cute little sprouts!

bookmark_borderFFXIV: Worlds Collide

Last night, Syn surprised me by asking me to log into Ben so that Zeb could pick on meet up with him in game. I ended up taking a bunch of screenshots of the two outside of my main character’s house.

Of course, Zeb had to make trouble while he was there…


He zeroed in on making fun of the very thing I did on purpose — I gave Ben fairly prominent ears. This is something I planned from the start. I mean, think of how it’d feel to get transported to another world and suddenly have elf ears!

When your brother picks at you too much…

My retainer even got held hostage at swordpoint during the exchange. Don’t worry, it’s just KoGuRai. 🙂


I tried really hard to make sure that I didn’t accidentally roll Ben to look too much like Zeb. Zeb’s been around for almost 4 years… Meanwhile, I’ve rolled and re-rolled Ben with different aesthetics over time, and I’m still not 100% sure I’m settled on this.


I think I may have chosen the same base face as Zeb… but there are enough feature differences to make up for that. I also know for sure that I didn’t pick the same voice.

Anyhow, Zeb had to show off the fact that in the FFXIV he was not only a White Mage, but also a Paladin. It’s a dimension where dreams can come true!


bookmark_borderFFXIV: Omega Minion Get!

While the race to be the first to beat Omega Savage has been the big thing in the newest patch, aside from job tweaks, I’m just content to beat Omega 4 normal for a second time. This time, I helped Syn through for her first clear. Unlike last week’s circus, we cleared it the first try.

Amazingly, I won the roll on the Exdeath minion with a 58! I’m rarely that lucky, and didn’t expect to get it with such a low roll. So, I’m pretty stoked!

Though I never ran Alex weekly for the weapon, since I’ve already earned 2 of the 7 needed drops for the weapon in Omega, I might as well keep doing it, I suppose. It’s only once a week, right? The fight isn’t too bad (though I could use some practice and a higher ilvl).

Otherwise, things are settling down into pre-expansion normalcy. I’m running some roulettes (always get Ala Mhigo for some reason) for the new Creation tomes, but not all that worried about it, actually. It’s nice you can get some tomes out in Frontlines, which I can see myself filling in the blanks using that from time to time.

Speaking of Frontlines, we ran some of that last night, and I was able to get my Paladin to level 61. Woot! This means I can start working on some of the random quests I have lying about in Kugane and maybe the Ruby Sea. I want to level a tank, but I’m still scared of running dungeons as one, so leveling through quests and Frontlines has been a good alternative.

I haven’t yet tried the new Canals, though we had a group in our FC who did reach Floor 7 last night. I’m looking forward to playing that soon!

Also, cleared the Kugane bathhouse jump puzzle for a second time for the sight seeing log. 🙂


bookmark_borderFFXIV: Crafting and Alt Progress

I don’t have a picture of me crafting because crafting is not all that visually stimulating. However, I did want to take a moment to express my approval of some changes to crafting I’ve found in Stormblood.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m more patient or the leves are faster or easier, but I’ve found myself leveling Weaver, the first crafter I’m attempting, very fast. I went from 60 to 65 in the space of a few days.

This may not be fast for some folks, but for me, who gathers all my materials, this is blazing fast. I remember struggling through leve turn-ins in Heavensward so much that I could only stomach doing two levels of any crafter a week… and Weaver used to be a tough one.

Fantastic Crafting Job Quest Changes

I’m really stoked about the changes to the crafter job quests in Stormblood. I used to ignore them because they were frustrating to attempt and didn’t give anything I felt was worthwhile. Not so in Stormblood.

How have crafting job quests changed:

  • They give a LOT of experience. I mean A LOT.
  • They give new skills and gear/tools you really NEED.
  • They are now like Moogle or Ixal quests – the quest giver gives you the materials you need to craft the item!!!

This last one is the most important one (though all points are very good). Previously, the quest giver told you to craft a (usually) High Quality item that required lots of gathering, sometimes of rare nodes, and often lots of pre-combines. Then, if you were really, really lucky, and had the proper gear and stats, you might have a chance at making the HQ item you needed for turn-in.

Honestly? I haven’t finished a crafting job quest without buying the item from the marketboard since I was in my 30s. It was too time consuming, expensive and frustrating. And don’t get me started on the level 60 Heavensward crafting job, which forced you to get your Master III book to complete (at least it did for my weaver). Let’s just say, that’s the only crafting job that I’m up to date on my quests for.

So it was incredible to see a change that actually just lets you hone your crafting rotation and work with your skills without fear of destroying all the time, gil and effort that went into gathering materials for the quest item. Good, good change! I’m telling all my casual crafting friends to hang in there — it gets better.

Progress on Tai

So, as I noted last week, I realized that I needed to level Tai’s Dragoon in order to level his Dragoon retainer in order to bring back the hides I need to level my Leatherworker. Whew.

So, I’ve been working on that. I’ve found an approach that seems to work pretty well. As I noted in another post, I’m somewhat reluctant to go through all of the Stormblood MSQ a second time so soon. I feel like I want to let the story settle in my mind for right now.

So, I’ve been fast-forwarding through all the MSQ cutscenes on Tai… but stopping to do all the side quests that I didn’t finish on my main character. I heard that these quests don’t give a whole lot of experience overall, but they have been a fun follow-up to explore, giving me something different to do on my second time through.

She’s asking Tai to show someone his wrath? Does she know what she’s getting into?

There’s a lot that I’ve missed, actually, by not doing side quests. I’ve cleared all of the early Fringes and Kugane. I even discovered the one jumping puzzle that takes you on top of the bathhouse in the city. I haven’t attempted the larger one that I know is out there on the main tower (I think).

Taking a break after failing a simple jump puzzle too many times.

Overall, at level 62, Dragoon feels alright (and even fun) to play. I am rusty, but I still found a bit of that melee excitement rush back as I was fighting bosses in the Sirensong dungeon.

The weekend’s Live Letter hinted at class changes, so I’m hoping that Dragoon will get some love in tonight’s patch. Since I’m leveling the job out of necessity, I may as well hope the best for it.

Zuri Progress

It’s weird to wrap my head around thinking of Zuri as an AuRa. But I’m still happy that I made the choice I did in moving and combining this character. Since she’s the leader of <Alts>, I have been logging into her here and there just to mess around and ensure she maintains ownership of the FC (no risk in losing that, actually).

It’s kinda nice to go back and work on leveling lower jobs again. She’s in a situation where I originally was leveling her to be a Bard, but stopped at level 24. I think this was because I was frustrated about the changes to Bard in Heavensward back in the day.

I picked up Dragoon at that point, and took it to level 33. But now I don’t want to level Dragoon anymore! XD  My MSQ is at level 33… so now I have to level my Archer to 33 to pick up where I left off.


I’ve been doing this VERY casually. I leveled her to 25, then went back and worked through all the Novice quests to get her the Brand New Ring. That got her about half a level. I did open PotD, but haven’t had time to start on it.

Though I like her rustic appearance, I’m also kicking around changing her hair style and color. I picked up the Samsonian Locks and the ponytail from the Gold Saucer and messed around with her looks a bit. I didn’t pull the trigger yet, though.

Aside from that, the Posse has been playing the new Alpha 16 stable release of 7D2D. So my time is a bit split between games, in a good way.

bookmark_borderFFXIV: Goddess of the Land

Now, I don’t really think that doing daily Grand Company turn-ins is anything to name me a “goddess” for. But I’ll take what I can get.

So yes, all gathering jobs are at 70 now! It’s time to put the nose to the grindstone for crafting and get some better gear. 🙂


Oh, and something I thought was funny. When I reached level 70 Botanist, I noticed I got the “Breaking Rocks in the Hot Sun” achievement… which belongs to the Miner. When I got level 70 Miner tonight, I got the Botanist achievement instead! Ah, well.

bookmark_borderFFXIV: Tales from the Duty Finder – The “Don’t Care” Healer

I had no intention to run Deltascape V4.0 last night when I logged in. I was in the middle of spearfishing when I mentioned to Vix that it was all I needed to run to finish up Omega. She decided that RIGHT THAT MOMENT was as good a time as any, so I watched the video, and we queued up for it.

It was just three of us, so we pulled a mostly PUG party. The fight that unfolded was… interesting… mostly due to the folks we had on this team. After playing it, I feel v4.0 is one of the easier fights of the four – there are lots of mechanics, which switch around, but they aren’t quite as harrowing as the previous three fights.

So, I’m not sure why it took us three tries to get this done.

It was obvious that some of the people in our PUG group knew each other and had queued together — perhaps both tanks… but certainly at least a tank and the other healer.

The other healer is going to be the focus of this post. Here’s an Astro with a huge fro and an outfit dyed completely gold. He also didn’t care about much of anything… or so he said about three different times during the fight. It baffles me why someone who doesn’t care would choose to be a healer… but anyway…


Vix commented to us that the run went way more rough than usual, that it’s generally a quick and easy clear. She also said she felt like she was healing it solo for the first couple tries.

So, after our first wipe, which didn’t even get to phase 2, they started to banter in party chat. The No-Care Healer was stuck on telling everyone that after he rezzes people, they get a moment of invincibility where they’re supposed to stop everything they are doing until they get a heal. He’s right about the invincibility, but a “moment” doesn’t mean something like 10 seconds.

So he’s in the middle of instructing the party to “use the invincibility brehs” when Vix decides to break out her strats macro, just in case there are (other) new folks who don’t know the fight. Here’s how that went…


I knew that was the point where this guy would be getting a Duty Finder post from me today. I will say that while the run was… interesting… I don’t recall anyone really getting nasty about it. It was more of a “meh” attitude. So I can give them all that much, at least.

So the next go round… I was rezzing a lot as a Red Mage. We got into the second phase, and that’s when things started going rough. Both healers went down, and we had a LB3 on the bar. I was frantically rezzing Vix so she could get the party back up (it didn’t happen, she died RIGHT in the middle of casting the LB).

That’s when I noticed Mr. No-Care Healer had been talking all during that while he was dead on the floor.


We did finally beat it on the third try, because I think people were tired of failing and decided to step it up a bit. I was still rezzing a lot, but we got through, despite my fear we might enrage.

I’m just glad I got Omega over with. I’ll probably run V4.0 one more time to help Syn through, but after that, I really don’t have a want or need to run it in the future. Too many other things to do!