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FFXIV: Introducing Alt+Exp

I’ve been a little quiet here on this blog mostly because I’ve been working on setting up the aforementioned FFXIV RP/Story project. This has now taken shape as a brand new website that I’m happy to announce: Alternate Experience (Alt+Exp).

So far, I’ve got one story post there, kicking off the beginning of Ben’s journey to Eorzea. I also have an author’s post there, as I intend to keep a side blog running for author commentary.

Remember how I noted that I didn’t have any updated full-body artwork of Ben to show? Well, I can’t say that anymore. I drew a brand new piece (above) just for the release of this project. Am I dedicated or what? 😉

Here’s a bit of fun about the name Alt+Exp, and the various different meanings it can have:

  • Alternate Experience <Alts> is the name of the solo Free Company I created for my alt characters, including Ben.

  • In playing through the game yet again, I am having a new experience with an alt character.

  • My alt is gaining exp.

  • The character, Ben, is having an experience in an alternate dimension.

Anyhow, this is as serious a move as I’ve taken to actually get off my duff and start fiction writing again. Heck, I even picked up a new domain name for it. I also had to break down and dedicate my secondary Tumblr account to the project, though I really don’t like having to switch between them for various things.

Anyhow, I’ll be setting it up so that posts from that site appear on my Twitter and Facebook, so you’ll be seeing those intermingled with my normal blog posts from time to time. Hopefully it’ll be something fun to write (and read)!


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