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GW2: Griffon Gold Get

I know it’s a little late for a Halloween picture, but I took the above shot and never got to use it anywhere. I liked it too much just to leave it in my screenshots folder. So, there you have it.

So, I’ve been working on saving up for my griffon mount in GW2. I started the PoF expansion with under 100 gold, seeing that I was newly returned and didn’t have a ton of gold before I left. I learned that dailies give 2 gold a day, and that selling unidentified drops was a good source of income, so I’d been plugging away at those to bring my stash up to 180+ (after spending gold on the mounts throughout the expansion).

But I wasn’t as diligent as I should have been. Some of my other GW2 friends didn’t seem as intent on getting the griffon (mostly because of the cost) as I was. And other games and projects have been pulling my attention away from GW2 as well.

This all changed this weekend.

Mystic Coins Reserve

A Free Company friend, Bean, posted a picture of her griffin in our FC discord channel. I sent my congrats and noted that I was still working on saving up for mine. She responded, and somewhere in the conversation, mentioned that selling Mystic Coins was profitable.

“Wait…” I said to myself. “Mystic Coins? Aren’t those those things I get every week and just toss in the corner of my bank?”

I Googled and saw they were mostly used for legendary crafting, other armor recipes and some guild improvements. AKA – Nothing that interested me more than a griffon does at this point.

I checked my bank. Over all this time, I’d stashed away 300 Mystic Coins. They were selling for a little over 80 silver each. So….


I no longer have any Mystic Coins, but I now have more space in my bank and more than enough gold to get my griffon!


I wish I’d known about this sooner! Makes me wonder what else I’ve got stashed in my bank that could be worth something. I should probably clean it out sometime.

About Those Mount Skins…

All of this is pretty exciting to me… just enough to help me deal with my extreme disappointment of the GW2 Mount Adoption License mess. I meant to write about it last week, but I was pretty tired out after some real life work stuff, and never got around to it.

I’m not going to damper this post with discussion of RNG, lockboxes and gemshop greed. I’ll just say that I don’t mind GW2 selling fluff in the gem shop — I even buy things that I really like. But I don’t approve of the way ANet decided to monetize this huge number of skins in a grab-bag way.

I like a few of the skins. But some skins are either (IMHO) lackluster or too flashy. I would have ponied up for some gems if these were sold individually where I could pick what skin I was buying. But, since RNG is a part of this, and I refuse to pay for a chance at getting something that I like, GW2 gets no money from me at all on this.

Oh well. I have a griffon to work on! Right?