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Sims 4: Jungle Adventure First Impression

I haven’t been keeping up with Sims 4 releases like I should, so the Jungle Adventure Game Pack snuck past me. When I saw the announcement on a Sim blog I follow yesterday, I jumped over to the forums and Reddit to see what the thoughts were about this game pack.

I really enjoyed the Sims 3 World Adventures expansion pack, and even wrote a series of posts about it a while back. So, it was nice to see a new game pack that was themed towards this sort of thing.

I only got to mess around with it for a few hours, but here’s my experiences so far.

Wobbly Start

Jungle Adventure adds a new vacation location to explore in your Sim world. This builds on to the system they introduced with the Outdoors Retreat game pack a few years back, but doesn’t require that pack to play the new one.

I started by picking a random single Sim from my neighborhood. I’ve become really fond of this particular neighborhood, which houses several of my favorite Sim families. I have the Amanda/Akira family, a family of vampires that I played quite a bit (but never blogged about for some reason), and the family I played around with for the Cats and Dogs release.

I don’t even recall this Sim’s name (poor guy, I’ll have to look it up later), but I selected him, gave him better hair and clothing, and put him on the path to adventure. He started out living in a low-grade apartment in San Myshuno… but I had to move him to a different apartment because the Gremlin trait breaking all his appliances every other day was too much for me.

02-27-18_8-08-04 PM
And I saw this guy wandering around the local festival… not sure what his story is.

Anyhow. About Jungle Adventures.

So you set up a vacation using your phone. You arrive in Selvadorada, a place inspired by South American jungles, sporting a Latino vibe. You can unlock and level the culture there through interactions, and explore the jungles… if you can figure out how.

When your Sim first arrives, you’re dropped into a map that’s filled with question mark places to explore. The game tells you that you need to pick up some supplies before you head out to the jungle. That makes sense, but it wasn’t very intuitive to figure out.

Jungle Supplies

There’s a little outdoor market next to the bar with three tables and a food vendor. Here’s where the wonkiness comes in.

There are objects you can click on the table to buy — things like a machete (always carry more than one), bug spray and other such objects. But these are only active if there’s someone standing behind the table selling stuff.

Then, there’s a whole different second shop. You can click a shopkeeper Sim and choose to buy adventuring supplies. This opens up things like tents, fire pits, beds, pet supplies (if you brought your pet) and the new archaeology table.

02-27-18_7-43-01 PM
You can carry the archaeology table around in your inventory and set it up anywhere!

My poor sim was kinda up the creek because he used up his only spider repellent spray the very first morning, and no one ever came to stand behind the table selling sprays while I was in the market. So, I couldn’t replenish it.

Yes, there are spider attacks. And bat attacks… and probably other attacks I don’t even know about yet.

Jungle Jam

So, once I finally got my supplies, I had to figure out how to actually enter the jungle. This is also not intuitive. I ended up having to go to the forum for hints.

So, what you have to do is take your Sim to the National Park lot. There, you will find overgrown archways that you can click on. This allows you to clear the brush with a machete or by hand.

When you finish this, you get a random chance event. Having higher skills seem to help succeed and get a positive outcome on the event. So far, nothing that’s happened during one of these has been too terrible.

Going deeper into the jungle just requires you to continue clearing these passages. They warp you from one area to another in a rabbit-hole type progression.

Archaeology Time

Along the path, I began to find these little dig spots. Here, you can discover artifacts, which have various quality and rarity associated to them.

02-27-18_7-28-17 PM

Digging up artifacts and authenticating them on the archaeology table increases the archaeology skill, which I was most interested in exploring. You can choose to display the artifacts or sell them once you determine what they really are.

02-27-18_8-01-44 PM

At the end of your vacation, you can choose to extend the vacation or head back home. My poor little Sim was on the lowest rung of his career ladder, so he didn’t have a lot of vacation time to use.

I gave him a few days out in the jungle, and even discovered the first temple. I haven’t been able to start exploring it yet, so there’s still a whole lot more for me to find.

So far, I give this game pack a pretty positive-average rating. I like that they’ve expanded on the vacation system and are opening up an exploratory area. I’m interested to see what secrets I can find in the temple, and I want to work up the new skill and culture.

However, getting supplies and finding a way into the jungle should have been a little more intuitive from the start. Now that I know how to do these things, it’s fine.

There’s nothing that’s jumped out at me as wow-amazing! so far. Again, though, I haven’t been inside the temple yet. I’m going to assume the meat and potatoes of the game will be there.

I also wonder if clearing treasures and things out with one Sim will leave it like that for others. I believe I read that once you open the path to the temple, all Sims in the neighborhood can go through. But does that mean if you loot stuff, they don’t respawn?

That would be a bummer for replayability. Something I’ll have to check on.

02-27-18_7-44-55 PM
My first artifact!
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FFXIV: Two New Level 70s and a White Griffon Mount

On top of working on my Fashion Leader achievement this past weekend, I’ve been diligently progressing other things in FFXIV. First, as you can see above, I reached the Bloodsworn rank with the Ananta beast tribe, which granted me the True Griffon Mount.

I got teased about “painting” the griffon in our friend-group Discord since we’ve been playing a bit of 7D2D this weekend, too… wherein I love to paint everything, still.


The joke’s on them! 😉

Thanks to working on Beast Tribe quests consistently since Patch 4.2, I leveled my Paladin from 64 to 70! I just dinged 70 Paladin this weekend, and was finally able to equip the mish-mash of tank gear I’d been hanging on to from random end-game drops.

Amoon also helped run some Deltascape 4 for token drops so I could upgrade to a decent Paladin weapon! I thought the Lost Alligan sword and board looked pretty neat, and I love the Rabidnasty chest for tanks.


I also finally sat down to grind out the last half a level I had to ding level 70 Carpenter — my first level 70 crafter! I don’t have much in the way of gear for the job, however, so that’s going to be something I need to work on.

I am happy to say that I kept up with the Carpenter job quests (and caught up on my Weaver, as well).

A scene from the level 70 Carpenter job quest.

Speaking of job quests. Oooooh boy.

The thing about using Beast Tribes, and especially Alliance Roulettes, to level jobs is that it makes it so easy to just forget to do the job quests as you go along. I’m super, super guilty of this. I haven’t touched Paladin or Machinist quests from 60-70, for example.

This weekend, I made it a goal to get some of the questing done. So, I finished all the outstanding crafting quests I had. I also completed Black Mage from 50-60 and Samurai from 50-60.

Scene from a Black Mage job quest

I’ve never been a fan of the Black Mage quests… but the Samurai quest line ended up being more emotional than I expected. I won’t say more about it here as to not spoil anything.

Now that I’ve unlocked all the skills (though I have no idea how to play either job at 60), I feel a bit more comfortable running alliance roulettes with either job. This is because under level 60, you were promised one of the Crystal Tower trio, which I could do in my sleep. But, above level 60, there’s always the chance of getting Weeping City or Dun Scaith… both of which I try to avoid.

I have a feeling that leveling is going to be a bit more rocky due to this, but I’ll try to figure out the rotations and use the maxed-out Beast Tribes to supplement on the side. I’d really like to get both Black Mage and Summoner up to 70 so they can share gear with my Red Mage and free up some space.

I also still have a lot of lower-level jobs that need some squad runs to finally get to 50. That’s something I haven’t concentrated on much, but things I’d like to finish.

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FFXIV: Becoming a Fashion Leader

I don’t know what it is about the Fashion Report mini-game that FFXIV added in Patch 4.2 that taunts me. The MGP you get from earning an 80 or higher is nice, and I like that you can slowly unlock more items in the boutique over time… but honestly, there’s no real pressing need to do well or participate in it.

I mean, you can walk up to Masked Rose in whatever you’re wearing (or not wearing) and just get the 10K MGP participation reward (I had to do this last week… I had no chance in winning). Sure, he chews you out for taking a dump (more or less his words) on his fashion theme of the week, but losers are still winners here.

I have no idea what drove me to push for a full 100% on this week’s Fashion Report… other than I saw that a possibility to achieve it. Only… it would take some work to get some of the things I needed. And when I say some work, I mean several hours of crafting and gathering.

Iron Chef

So Reddit already picked apart the right answers before I even got home from work on Friday. It’s really interesting to see the community jumping into this weekly event with full gusto like it does. The final 100 ultimate outfit was this:

  • Main Hand: Chantico Lucis ( raisin brown )
  • Head: False Mustache ( charcoal grey )
  • Body: Augmented Galleykeep’s (or Gallyemaster’s) Whites ( general-purpose dark brown )
  • Hands: Werewolf Arms ( wine red )
  • Legs: Survival Halfslops ( raisin brown )
  • Feet: Any dyeable ( raisin brown )
  • Right Ring: Master Culinarian’s Ring

I saw this, knew I had a level 60 Culinarian, and thought to myself: I can do this! This isn’t so bad this week! 


Earning a full 100 points nets you an achievement and a title. I haven’t really been chasing achievements, but now that they’re worth certificates to buy things, I’ve been a lot more aware of them. I really wanted to make the effort to earn this one, just once, just to get it done.

The False Mustache and Werewolf Arms were cosmetics from Christmas and Halloween events I’d participated in past years.

The Survival Halfslops… I didn’t have, and were sold out on the marketboard by the time I got home from work on Friday. However, I bought the three Pellitory – the only ingredient that wasn’t easy to come by – and gathered the rest of the mats myself to craft them.

I didn’t have anywhere near the number of Scrips to mess with the Gallykeep’s Whites. I looked into crafting the Gallymaster’s Whites, but seeing the required materials, decided just to buy it instead. I had enough work ahead of myself (and I made back the money selling housing items this weekend anyhow).

That only left me with two things: Chantico Lucis and Master Culinarian’s Ring. Oh what a quest this turned out to be!

Chantico Lucis

I’m not sure how to explain what this tool is and how to get it. I’d say it’s sorta-sorta the equivalent to a Relic Weapon, but for crafting jobs, back from 2.0. It was pretty challenging to get seeing that it required you to make some high quality items from fairly rare (at the time) materials.

In retrospect, I’m so glad they chose to go the Script route instead now days.

I’d earned the Chantico a long time back. But this needed to be upgraded twice to get the Cantico Lucis. This was my first challenge.


I was surprised to discover that the items I had to craft were still fairly challenging even at level 60 Culinarian. Granted, I wasn’t fully melded with the best tools for the level, but there was some edge-of-the-seat crafting moments during this.

I burned up a lot of my Grand Company seals for the materials, but I bet back when this was end-game content, the mats were a lot harder to come by. In the end, I scored my Lucis without any fails at crafting, and my first challenge was done.

Master Culinarian’s Ring

Earning the Master Culinarian’s Ring was a whole different story. You earn this ring as part of an achievement for crafting 120 individually different recipes as a Culinarian. Yeah, as a level 60 Culinarian, I thought I was pretty close to this, if I’d not earned it.

I was wrong.


The picture above was after I’d put a few hours of crafting on Friday already. I started out at about 62-ish recipes crafted. So I had about 60-ish more to go!

Culinarian is an extremely mat-hungry crafting job. Even some little salad or sandwich can take something like 5-6 different mats to make… not including pre-crafted items which also take more mats.

That’s probably the reason I’d crafted so few individual recipes. This was one of those jobs that sent you to all ends of the earth to gather mats just to make one simple item.

Well… this became my quest for the weekend.

I was able to knock out most of the recipes up to level 15-20 by sitting in the Culinarian guild and using the mats from the supplier there. I also learned there was a guy in the middle of Limsa who sold some of the fish I needed… had no idea.

But once I got into the higher levels, I was on my own. I was thankfully able to organize my gathering list using FFXIV Teamcraft’s tools, and pretty much spent all of Friday night and some time into Saturday running around the world gathering materials that I couldn’t find on the marketboard.

There’s actually a number of 2.0 materials that people don’t gather and sell much anymore. The gathering and organizing really took the most time to do. I was running around with a near maxed out inventory at that point.

But I got it done!


I snagged my ring and went to earn my ultimate reward at the Fashion Report!


This also opened up a new item at the boutique — the Spring Shirt. This is one of a set (people have datamined) of an outfit that can only be earned through the boutique. Here’s what it looks like:


Kinda cute.

And finally… here’s my new title!


I actually almost didn’t wear the title. I mean, I enjoy glamour and making my characters look good in game, but I’m not really a fashion person IRL.

Still, after all the work I put into this title, I decided to embrace it, and use it. At least for now. It really does feel like an accomplishment.

And that’s the story about how I won at the Fashion Report. My first (and probably last) 100. 😉


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FFXIV: New Shirogane Neighbor

So with yesterday’s patch, FFXIV released the hold on housing, and let individual players purchase plots again. There’s lots of stories out on Reddit about the experience, many of them actually good this time around. Not everyone got exactly what they wanted, especially if they preferred a larger house, but a lot of people who didn’t have housing before do now. And that’s a win!

I moved my house to Shirogane not long ago, to a plot near the ocean and the marketboard. The front of my house faces inward towards the road, with the side to the ocean. This is fine, but that means my house is facing the plot across the street.

This plot has been open since I moved in, so I’ve gotten used to tromping over on the property there, especially running around on the temporary bamboo fence. My biggest concern was someone would move in across the way and flop out something ugly on the yard that I’d have to see.

Crafting in my yard

I’ve been spending a lot of time at my house since I moved in. So have some of my friends. Amoon has joked about buying the plot, but seeing that the servers were going to come up at 2am his time, and he had work the next day, it didn’t look likely to happen.

Imagine my surprise when I logged in yesterday to check and see if I had a new neighbor.

I did. It was Amoon!

Later, he told us how though he didn’t actually plan on being there at server up, it just sorta happened. He struggled with the login issues I had when I tried to snag a house for our FC back when Shirogane launched… namely, login errors and the game taking forever to actually load in the world. That sort of stuff.

He said there was actually someone else standing at the placard when he loaded in, but that he managed to snag the plot mere seconds before they could.

Don’t feel too badly, though — there were still plots open on my server, even in Shirogane, when I went to look late last night. Probably more in the other housing areas. I’m sure that person got a home.

Another FC member, Locke, also moved into our neighborhood. He snagged one of the more central spots.

The house that Locke built

I know a number of other FC folks also got their first house yesterday. It’s neat to see all these people getting their own places!

The best part is that I still have permission to dance on the fence across the street…


Well, that is, until I helped Amoon build a real fence for him to place around his plot.


All in all, it’s still not a perfect housing system. It’s much improved. Adding a bunch of new plots and limiting the number of individual plots people can purchase to just one per person per server has gone a long way to increase availability. Sure, there are some people abusing the FC housing… but on the most part, at least on Midgardsormr, things are looking better.

Funny enough, Midgardsormr is back to being a preferred server. And Balmung got locked down for new characters again after being open for just a few hours. That doesn’t surprise me. XD

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Meadow: Unique and Whimsical Online Mutiplayer Experience

I was looking at MMOs that you could chill out and relax in this weekend, and I discovered this unique little world called Meadow. Crafted by the same folks who produced Shelter and Shelter 2, this is a completely non-violent and non-verbal multiplayer experience unlike any I’ve ever tried.

Add to that the fact that during the Steam sale right now, it’s only $2.69. Normally, it’s $2.99. I read a lot of great reviews about it, was curious, and figured what’s there to lose at that price point?

What is Meadow?

In Meadow, you select a server and log in as an animal avatar. Most folks start out as a baby badger, but if you own some of the other Shelter games (like I do), you have a bit more variety in the beginning.

I chose the lynx cub because I love cats. I also wanted to project myself as a baby and someone new and learning, so I didn’t choose the adult lynx, even thought that was an option.

First time logging in with the lynx cub – only the base skin and a few emotes.

The fascinating thing about Meadow is that animals can only communicate via sound and emotes. There is no typing. No words. But amazingly, communication still happens.

Meeting up with a friendly group of animals, who express their delight in the encounter.

There is no battle or levels. Your goal is to explore, group up with other animals, gather essence and find puzzle pieces. These puzzle pieces unlock things like emotes, new skin patterns and new animals.

I’m actually looking forward to trying the rabbit — they have some pretty awesome skins!

This sort of game may not be for everyone. But in the time that I spent there, animals were super welcoming, quickly inviting others to group and explore together. A lot of it is just forming bonds, which surprisingly can be done even without words.

In fact, the world may be more peaceful because there are no words.

My First Day in Meadow

I came to Meadow as a fairly blind new player. I didn’t even understand what the controls were doing at first… but with a few tweaks and some time, I quickly picked it up.

I suggest new players take a moment to check out the control schemes before logging in, to understand a bit about how the game plays. Knowing, for instance, that the “R” key toggles between run and walk will save your fingers a lot of wear and tear. You can run while holding “Shift” but this gets to be painful on the hand after romping with animal groups for too long!

So I plopped down on US East server. It was Saturday morning, a quiet time. But even so, I still managed to stumble into other creatures.

My first discovery was an adult lynx. I don’t know if they were a he or she IRL, but I instantly took to following her (they felt motherly). It made sense. I was new, lost and a lynx cub.

To my joy, the other lynx didn’t mind at all. In fact, she took me, and a few badger cubs, exploring. She taught us about the monolith stones and how to vocalize to break them for rewards. She took us to gather plants and puzzle pieces.

Meeting new companions

Eventually, I had to head off the game. People don’t mind those who need to come and go. Grouping is nothing more than following the other animals around, and not at all a structured thing.

I sorta wish I knew back then that you could “peek” at people’s Steam names (I set this to Left Alt). I didn’t learn about that until too late. Now I’ll never know who this nice lynx was that made my first time playing a pleasant experience.

By that time, I’d also unlocked a number of new skins, one new animal (Frog) and many new emotes.

No longer a complete noob kitten.

My second experience later that day was completely different from my first. The group I fell in with didn’t view me as a newcomer, and were rolling along quite fast. By then, I’d learned how to toggle my run key, and was much better at moving over the terrain than I was my first time.

I was able to keep up, and we explored even more new areas I’d never seen before.

Group of animals crossing the lake — and a look at the emote UI.

I haven’t been able to get a sense of how large the map is — there is no formal map within the game at all. I do know there’s areas that are specific seasons, however. There’s also a large tree in the middle of the map that you can warp back to anytime using the Esc menu. This is somewhat like a starting point or a central meeting location.

The one complaint I do have with the game is that it has random lock-ups and drops connection for no reason that I can see. Sometimes it played just fine for a stretch of time. Other times it would disconnect me several times in a short span, which made it hard to catch back up to animal groups, and a little embarrassing. I wish there was an “I was disconnected, sorry!” emote.

But for a less than $3, F2P game? Yeah, I can recommend it for anyone who wants to try something a little different. Especially if you are interested in things like the use (or lack of using) language, online community and grouping behavior, and how that works in a world like this.

Or if you just want to be a cute fuzzy creature in a safe Meadow, exploring a beautifully realized stylistic world. That’s there, too.


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FFXIV: It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No… It’s a… Flying Elephant Mount!

Last night, I ranked up with the Ananta Beast Tribe, which opened up new rewards for me to purchase. I knew the flying elephant mount was a thing, so not much surprise there, but still a lot of fun to rumble around on this thing.

The description notes that it flies due to the magic carpet on its back, not because of its ears, btw. I suppose that’s legit enough.

I had fun romping around in the housing neighborhood, pretending to get stuck in things…

Warping to my house while riding the elephant greeted me with this sight…
He’s not really stuck, but it’s fun to pretend…
Where do you wash your elephant? In the hot spring, of course! 

I still have one more rank up to go, which I believe will unlock the True Griffon mount at the end. For those who didn’t get the CE Heavensward edition griffon, this is a welcome thing.

In the meantime, I’ve leveled my Paladin from 64 to over halfway through 68 on Beast Tribe quests alone since patch 4.2 dropped. It’s slow, for sure, but a safe way to level a tank for someone who is shy to tank like me.

I’ve also been leveling my Samurai through Alliance Roulettes, and am slowly working on pulling another job to level 60. I need to get with leveling my other lower jobs through Squad runs again. I just haven’t had the time to juggle all of these things at once!

I think I might concentrate on leveling the Ninja next, seeing it’s the last of my DPS that’s under level 50, and I have a stash of gear waiting for it once I get it leveled!

Leveling Progress – Feb 2018
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FFXIV: Drops, Gear & Glamour

Last night was a rather eventful night as the FC pounded through all of the Sigmascape battles. We scrounged for drops, took a few new people through V1 and V2, and I had a pretty successful night all in all.

Ready to fight a train!

I was happy to finally get a second lens, which earned me a headpiece upgrade. I’d come very close to getting it last week, but I rolled a 98 on it and someone rolled a 99! This week, I rolled the 99, and BOOM!

I also gathered up enough tomes to buy my first piece of Mendacity gear — I’m a little behind because I didn’t cap first week, but oh well. Not to mention I came out of the Kefka fight with the minion drop this week – woot!

New Caster Robes & Kefka Minion!

I wasn’t a fan of the bulky style robes on my small character, so I decided to start looking at glamour for my Red Mage, finally. Here’s what I put together:


Messing around in the Reach between raids, I pulled out my Valentine’s half-heart chair mount just for fun. Amoon and I actually ran the instance a few more times last night in order to get both halves of the mount.

I went AFK for a moment and came back to a random stranger completing my other half. 🙂


And on top of all that, I discovered when I checked my retainers this morning that I’d finally sold those Hingan walls I crafted last week. That was a nice, solid chunk of gil, helping me recoup everything I spent on my new house.


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FFXIV: Soul of the Carpenter

What does an elephant (mount) have to do with woodworking? Absolutely nothing. I just thought that was a neat shot from the newest Beast Tribe quests, and didn’t have anything better to head up this post! 🙂

Carpenter Life

After finishing yesterday’s post, I had convinced myself that switching to the Carpenter specialty was something I really wanted to do. So, I went and purchased Carpenter Mastery Book V, and still had enough scrips left over to pick up a Soul of the Crafter to make the switch. It was easy to choose which crafting job to drop.


Back when I first chose Goldsmith as a specialty, I was thinking this was the job to be to craft accessories. Then, it turned out that it was Carpenter who made accessories for crafters and gatherers. I was put out, but didn’t want to spend the scrips to make the switch.

I’ve just been having so much fun crafting things for the house, on top of the fact the accessories I need remain in the Carpenter’s range, that I decided this was the time to make the change. I’m happy for it… now I just need to level my Carpenter and get that geared up!

Last night, I sat down and powered through my Carpenter job quests. I still hadn’t finished the last one from Heavensward (that’s probably true for most of my crafting jobs).

While I loathed crafting job quests up until level 60, I adore the direction they took them in Stormblood. Taking a hint from the Moogle crafting quests, they no longer force you to struggle to scrape together all the materials to make a high quality item for a turn-in. Usually, I just bought it off the market board to save myself the pain.

Instead, they request a special job quest item (you can’t buy on the market board), and provide you the material to make it. If you fail to make the item, you don’t lose the material. It’s so much better.

Not to mention, the experience and skills they give you is really worth stopping to do the new quests. Previously, I’d skip all the crafting job quests and come back to them later because they just weren’t worth it.

Finishing my job quests last night pushed me to level 67 Carpenter! If I’m diligent, I can probably hit level 70 by the end of the week.

Botanist Progress

Meanwhile, I’ve also been focusing on getting gathering scrips from the weekly turn-in. First, I upgraded the axe I bought from last week…

I’m quite proud of this!

Then, I had enough left over to start to buy some of the other Yellow Scrip gear. Now, in the past, I’ve never done this because I’m not keen on toting around 3 sets of gear for 3 gathering jobs. At this point, however, I have a bit of room in my inventory, thanks to the Glamour Commode, so I decided to go for it.


This was just with minimal effort — I haven’t farmed scrips or anything at all. I should be able to finish up the chest and hat next week, and maybe upgrade something else. We’ll see!

Understanding the Collectable Rotation

Most of this is in part thanks to me finally making sense of the gatherer’s collectable rotation. I’ve struggled with this since collectables were a thing, and never quite understood what I was doing wrong.

Here’s the rotation I’ve been using this week, and now that I get it, I can reliably gather the quality of collectables I need!

collectable rotataion
Source credit here.

All guides I’ve read for rotations have always said “Use Impulsive Appraisal, and if Discerning Eye procs, do this….” And that was my problem.

When things proc in battle, usually the skill on your bar lights up, letting you know. Therefore, I associate the word “proc” with a lit-up skill on my bar.

Discerning Eye is a skill on my bar. I was waiting for it to light up. It never did.

That’s because, in this case, you actually get a Discerning Eye BUFF on your buff bar. This is what was meant by “proc.” All this time, I’ve been waiting to see a skill light up on my bar, and never knew I should have actually been looking for a buff! 😥

By chance, last night, I happened to glance up and see the buff while gathering. Suddenly, it all fell in place, and I figured out that one little thing I’ve been missing. Just like that, I’ve been able to consistently gather quality level collectables.


I probably should have watched a video instead. That would have cleared it all up. Oh well.

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FFXIV: Decorating and Gathering Progress

Last week, I had several things on my mind in FFXIV:

  • I was broke
  • I wanted to decorate my house
  • I wanted to level my crafters

With a combination of gardening and timely crafting, I’ve been able to take my gil reserves from 200K to 2 million over the weekend. This probably isn’t a lot to big-time crafters, but for me, it’s an accomplishment!

I’ve not really tried to make gil in FFXIV. The gil I had before this was from selling just whatever retainers brought back to me, drops from treasure hunts, and the occasional materia. This weekend, however, I targeted and crafted for specific markets for the first time.

For example, this week’s Glamour Report was lucrative because people were buying up Flat Caps and Dalamud Red dye. This was great early Friday, until the market dropped on it.

I did fairly well in the contest, myself, considering I didn’t have the optimal shirt:


I don’t think I’ll be saying the same this week, though!

Decorating my house has come along slow but steady. I learned how to use the shelf-placement glitch and got my aquarium placed. I reeled in some of the new aquarium fish (which also sell well) and started working on one end of my front room. It’s far from being done.

I also purchased new housing NPCs, leaning towards a more oriental style. Except for where that just wasn’t available.

One of these things is not like the others…

Instead of working on crafting (though I’m amassing material for leve grinding), I actually turned my attention towards gathering this weekend. I have no idea why.

Okay, yes I do.

I really love the look of the Imitation Oblong Window, so I decided to check out how to craft it. I’m far from actually being able to do this… though I’m thinking more and more about switching to a carpenter specialty crafter at this point.

Anyhow, I noted that most of the materials needed were fairly easy to get, except for the Torreya logs. I did some research on how to get them, and saw it was locked behind a Botanical Fokelore book.

I realized I had a bunch of Fokelore tokens taking up room in my inventory from back when I used to work on such things. I also realized I had a bunch of Red Scrips sitting there unused.

So, I pooled everything I had together, and got off my lazy tail to do last week’s delivery quests. I used to enjoy doing these a lot back during the end of Heavensward. I have no idea why I didn’t keep up with it, or open the new set with M’naago until now.

Bad me!

I did those, and had enough scrips to get the Fokelore book! Awesome! I could harvest Torreya logs! Those sell fairly well on my server, too.

That’s when I noticed I also had a number of Yellow Scrips. So, investigating what I could do with those, I saw that I could upgrade my gathering tools/gear. I went out and harvested the collectable I needed for this task, and got myself a shiny new botany axe!


My botany gear is in bad need of an upgrade, but I’m encouraged by the fact that it was pretty painless to obtain this, and will maybe work on a further upgrade this week.

Now I’m having all sorts of thoughts on rearranging my crafter focus on my main, and things I can possibly do if I leveled crafters on my alts! There’s just not enough time in the day for all this!