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FFXIV: It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, No… It’s a… Flying Elephant Mount!

Last night, I ranked up with the Ananta Beast Tribe, which opened up new rewards for me to purchase. I knew the flying elephant mount was a thing, so not much surprise there, but still a lot of fun to rumble around on this thing.

The description notes that it flies due to the magic carpet on its back, not because of its ears, btw. I suppose that’s legit enough.

I had fun romping around in the housing neighborhood, pretending to get stuck in things…

Warping to my house while riding the elephant greeted me with this sight…
He’s not really stuck, but it’s fun to pretend…
Where do you wash your elephant? In the hot spring, of course! 

I still have one more rank up to go, which I believe will unlock the True Griffon mount at the end. For those who didn’t get the CE Heavensward edition griffon, this is a welcome thing.

In the meantime, I’ve leveled my Paladin from 64 to over halfway through 68 on Beast Tribe quests alone since patch 4.2 dropped. It’s slow, for sure, but a safe way to level a tank for someone who is shy to tank like me.

I’ve also been leveling my Samurai through Alliance Roulettes, and am slowly working on pulling another job to level 60. I need to get with leveling my other lower jobs through Squad runs again. I just haven’t had the time to juggle all of these things at once!

I think I might concentrate on leveling the Ninja next, seeing it’s the last of my DPS that’s under level 50, and I have a stash of gear waiting for it once I get it leveled!

Leveling Progress – Feb 2018