bookmark_border200 Followers — Thank You!

I just got a note that said this blog has reached 200 followers! I know that’s not huge, but it means a lot to me!

Back when I moved this blog from my self-hosted to WordPress hosted, I lost all my followers. So I’ve had to build them back up again from scratch. While I don’t focus on my stats as much as I do just putting up posts, it’s still nice to be reminded of milestones.

Thanks again! 🙂

bookmark_borderMay 2018 Gaming Goals in Review

Gosh, where has the year gone? It’s almost June already! That means it’s time to look back over this past month’s goals and see how I did.

Verdict: Not too bad, considering. I think I’m setting goals a bit too high, though, so I’m going to cut back and focus on smaller goals next month.

FFXIV Leveling Goals

  • Level Ninja to 50 ✓
  • Level Some Job (to 70) ✓

I finally finished leveling Ninja to 50! Woot!

Yeah, I know. That’s me just not being as lazy as I was the past three months. But hey, it’s progress.

I decided to keep moving forward with leveling White Mage. And while I didn’t reach level 70, since I’ve been slack on the Alliance Roulette this month, I did level her to 66. So that’s not too bad. I’ll shoot for level 70 next month.

To add to all of this, with the introduction of crafting beast tribe quests, I will hit level 66 today on my Leatherworker. That wasn’t on my list of goals, but it’s pretty darn good progress, so I wanted to note that here.

FFXIV Cleanup Quest Goals

  • Ninja – Lv 40+45 Quests ✓
  • Warrior – Lv 40 Quest ✓
  • Summoner – Lv 60-70 Quests
  • Scholar – Lv 60-70 Quests
  • Machinist – Lv 60-70 Quests
  • Paladin – Lv 60-70 Quests
  • Miner – Lv 70 Quest ✓
  • Botanist – Lv 70 Quest ✓
  • Fisher – Lv 60-something – 70 Quest
  • Check all Crafters to make sure they’ve completed up to Lv 60 Quest at least
    • Finished the Leatherworker quests ✓

I actually got some of these done this month! Granted, it wasn’t the hugely long job quest lines, or all of the crafting quests I left behind, but it’s progress.

I decided to pick the low-hanging fruit and get the Ninja and Warrior quests done, since I only needed to clean up a couple for each of those jobs. I also pushed through finishing all the job quests on Miner and Botanist last weekend.

Since my current focus is on Leatherworker, it also made sense to catch up on all the quests for that job while I’m leveling it. I think going forward, I’ll be doing that with each of my crafting jobs, rather than just lumping them under “complete all crafter quests.” Those quests get expensive!

I’m a little sad that I didn’t add something about Steam to my goals for May as I actually spent a good deal of time playing Steam games — mostly RimWorld and PixARK. I’ll blog about those soon!

To finish out this post, have a shot of Ramza from FFXIV that I liked but didn’t find a place to fit into the Lighthouse post.


bookmark_borderPokemon — Let’s Go!

Details were released yesterday about Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. It seems to be a 3D sorta-kinda-remake of Pokemon Blue-Red-Yellow with some Pokemon Go elements and a drop-in multiplayer feature.

The response was a bit mixed from what I’ve seen. The Pokemon pureists groaned about seeing their beloved RPG series tainted by Pokemon Go. And some folks, me included, just saw it as a fun spin-off of the series with some neat overlap with Pokemon Go.

The pureists were somewhat pacified with the announcement that a new generation core game is in the works for the Switch for 2019. This is awesome news, too. Hopefully that makes everyone happy.

As for me, though I picked up Pokemon Blue back when the game first released a looooong time ago, I find it hard to go back to play the old style Pokemon games. I tried. It takes an old Game Boy, a screen that’s hard to see, and batteries.

I never finished my copy of Blue. I adore Pikachu. I skipped last year’s release of Sun/Moon remake. I’ve been trying to get back into Pokemon Go. So, I could use a new Pokemon game.

Color me interested. I don’t really mind if they’ve made the game easier to make it more appealing to kids. And while I’m not the greatest at the Pokeball toss in Go, I can deal with it. I haven’t been buying many full-priced Switch games this year, so I went ahead and plopped my pre-order down for Let’s Go Pikachu on Amazon.

I also downloaded the new Pokemon Quest (haven’t played yet) and caught several Alola Exeggutors today. 😉

2018-05-30 08.19.00

bookmark_borderFFXIV: Namazu & Swallows Compass

After spending two posts grouching about the difficulty of the trial and the new raid in FFXIV, you might be wondering why I’m even playing the game if I’m not enjoying any of it. Truth is, I still enjoy plenty in FFXIV… it’s just easier to write about what’s frustrating me. 😉

So let’s talk about happy things today!


I’m really, really enjoying the new Namazu beast tribe quests! I generally really like beast tribe quests, though I was a little iffy on how this one would be. Turns out, the team funneled a lot of time and humor into these quests, and I totally appreciate it.

Add to that the fact that it’s helping me level my left-behind crafting jobs, and it’s a complete win-win. I dusted off my Leatherworker, mostly because the mats for it are annoying to get for leveling, and have moved from level 60 to 65 since the patch dropped. That’s… five levels in a week!

I also spent some time going back and working on some of the gathering and crafting quests that I’ve overlooked. This was part of this month’s goals.

They’re so glad I finally finished my gathering quests. 

I discovered that I’d left off at level 55 with my Leatherworker quests. I’m probably going to be seeing that a lot across most of my crafters since I really disliked most of the requirements for the crafting quests in Heavensward. I’m so glad they changed how they do the crafting quests at level 60+.

I admit that I bought my way up to 60 and then started those quests in earnest from there. I’m really not looking forward to getting the rest of my crafters on par, but it’s got to be done.

Swallows Compass

Another thing I unlocked over this weekend was the new dungeon – Swallow’s Compass.

I know that I said I was going to keep this post positive, but one catch that really annoyed me was that they forced you to complete the Byakko fight in order to unlock Swallow’s Compass. So, essentially, the trial gates your ability to take part in this round of Expert Roulette.


I found it off-putting that my choice in that was taken away, especially since in Heavensward, the trials were totally optional. I never did any of them, and all was well with the world. I thought that would be the case here, so I completely dropped the quest to unlock Byakko… only to find that I had to redo it all from the start (including a run of Hell’s Lid) to unlock the primal fight.

The fight itself wasn’t bad at all. But that’s going in with a full FC party of helpful people who mostly knew how to do the EX version well. I’m actually enjoying the storyline around the funky group of talking animals in the cavern, so I can forgive them for forcing a primal fight on me. I guess this is just how it’s going to work from now on.

Swallow’s Compass was a walk in the park after the struggles with the trial and the Lighthouse. In fact, Syn, Amoon and I went in blind and only really had a few moments of trouble with the second boss. Even then, it was mostly stumbling around learning mechanics.


Each section of this dungeon was really well designed. You have an underground temple area with lots of oriental flair, a neat underwater area with glass domes to view the fish above, then a windswept mountain area that’s above the clouds. I wish I’d taken more screenshots of it, but I was more involved in looking and fighting than I was snapping shots.

I can’t say that I actually look forward to specific dungeons in the roulette, but I hope to get to play more of this one in the future. Actually, most of the dungeons in Expert right now are pretty laid back, so I really have nothing to complain about in this area. I just need to actually start running it more so I can get Tomes of gear! 😉

This month is almost over with, so it’s near time to take a look at what all I did accomplish with my goals… tomorrow!

bookmark_borderFFXIV: Ridorana Wipehouse

Each time a new 24 man raid comes out, I hope that it might take us back to the days when I could say to just about everyone, “Oh, this is fun, and not too hard end game content for a large group to enjoy together.”

Every time, this game moves further and further away from this very thing.

In fact, and you might laugh, the Lighthouse has me questioning whether my hand-eye coordination and reaction time can physically keep up with the demands of the bosses at this point. It’s not just about figuring out mechanics and patterns, it’s the speed at which mechanics stack.

Maybe for younger players with lots of twitch-response time, this stuff is fun and challenging. Again, I feel it’s something that has no business being here if the intention of the raid is to be a “catch-up” for gearing alt jobs.

After my first run, I said I’d probably not do it again. I found nothing fun there. We’d won and I got a drop, but I felt totally defeated by the place.

I thought Ozma was bad, but he doesn’t have anything on this guy.

When Amoon needed to run it again last night, I sighed and buckled down to do it again. I came out with a much stronger understanding of mechanics, but a deepening hate for the final boss.

The big issue I have with this raid is that it just takes too long. Every fight is tough, fast-paced, punishing and lethal. Every fight draws out forever.

For example, last night’s fight with Construct 7 took us 25 minutes to beat… without a wipe.

Dancing with the Construct after we beat the raid.

We came close to a wipe, and people started rezzing back at the start thinking it was over with. But we pulled through and did end up finishing it. Thankfully, people can opt to come back into the boss arena now, instead of remaining locked out. Once they realized we weren’t giving up… and we were in fact learning mechanics quite well… the raid rallied and came back at the fight.

It still took 25 mins to complete one boss. And that’s just too much.

In fact, our tank had to leave right before the final boss because he needed to go to work. Just not enough time to make it through the whole raid, which was a shame.

Part of the problem is that the mechanics demand you to constantly be disengaging to stay alive. DPS can’t put out damage if we’re always running for our lives. And just about every fight is about running for your life.

Will it get better with ilvl increases? Probably.

Are the mechanics learnable? Yeah.

Will I try it again? Probably, yeah.

Is it fun? Not for me.

Like the Royal City of Rabanastre before it, I won’t ever run this by choice outside of simply doing a weekly for the coin or drop. I probably won’t do it more than once a week, whether I get a drop or not.

This whole forced-Greed drop thing makes running this raid even more of an RNG crap-shoot than it already was. If I can’t walk away from it without at least a little reward, it’s seriously not worth the stress and time sink.

It’s a shame because the location is stunning and beautiful, the music is fantastic (Tactics FTW) and the mechanics are actually interesting. They’re just so punishing.

Oh well. More time for crafting. (An update on that later!)

A Construct 7 Rave after my first clear. Thanks to FC folks for helping me through and putting up with my constant death after death. 



bookmark_borderFFXIV: Stormblood Story Completed (Thoughts)

So, last night, my FC rallied around four of us who still needed to complete the 4.3 trial in order to continue with story. We did it the second try (wiped the first time because an ill-timed Red Mage LB3 blinded us and we couldn’t see the fan placement – no lie), which seems to be the case when it comes to doing stuff with a FC vs the Duty Finder.

Even so, my complaints on this trial still stand. The majority of people will approach this through Duty Finder. They won’t have the luxury of full-party voice chat and someone calling the mechanics.

Anyhow. Let’s get back to story.

Warning: Full on Story Spoilers and community speculation discussed! 

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bookmark_borderPokemon Go: First Legendary!

I guess I should be paying more attention to the Pokemon Go news. It says right in the newsfeed that you get a chance to catch Zapdos for finishing up field research quests. Somehow, it still took me by surprise when it appeared.

Not a bad surprise, but it did take just about every Ultra Ball I owned to finally catch it! I’m not a raider at all, so I’ve not really had a chance to catch cool Pokemon like this. It was a really awesome way to start the week in Pokemon Go. 🙂

2018-05-21 08.44.09

bookmark_borderFFXIV: Level 50 Ninja & Getting Ready for Patch 4.3

Though I’ve still be somewhat lazy in reaching my goals for this month, I did finally achieve the one objective I’ve been wanting to hit for months — I’ve leveled my Ninja to 50! As a bonus, I actually did all the job quests up to 50, too, and sorted the armor situation for the job.

Now, this isn’t a very hard task to do, but seeing this is the third Ninja I’ve leveled to 50 (both Tai and Zemi alts have a level 50 Ninja), the motivation to get it done wasn’t super high. However, this does mark the last DPS class on my main to reach 50! Now, all I have left under level 50 is Astro, Warrior, and Dark Knight.

I believe one of my year goals is to get them all to 50. Seeing they’re all at least level 40, and squads are a huge help, that should be do-able.

The other thing I worked on this weekend was finishing up all the quests I needed to do to be ready for Path 4.3 content. That comes out tomorrow, and FFXIV is down all day today, so I only had this weekend to do them.

These were nothing big — mostly side quests that I skipped over and still needed to do. I foresee a huge quest undertaking when I finally do bring Astro and the two tanks to this level. I’ve been saving a lot of these quests for jobs that will need the experience, but that I probably won’t play in roulettes to level.


There was a quest line in Doma that you need to finish before you can start the restoration quests releasing tomorrow. This is pretty short, and fairly satisfying in bridging the storyline of what happens to the refugees from Doma who came to Mor Dhona.

Then, there’s several quest lines you need to do in Yanxia, dealing with the Lupin and the Namazu. I was happy that these were level 64, which allowed me to score some extra experience on my White Mage, who is also level 64.

These were cute story quests, and I did enjoy doing them. It just took time to go through two quest chains and unlock a third. Thankfully, I’m interested in the Lupin and Namazu, so that helped the quests go along quicker. Also, I love the area in Yanxia, so that also made it an enjoyable experience.

I’m looking forward to starting the Namazu beast tribe quests, and finally buckling down to get my wayward crafting jobs leveled. I just have to decide which one to start with!


bookmark_borderFFXIV 4.3 Preliminary Patch Notes Highlights

The preliminary patch notes for 4.3 are out, and I’m really looking to them to pull me back into the game and excite me again. I’ve been kinda taking a break from FFXIV, playing other games, and only logging in here and there to take care of FC stuff… sometimes run an alliance.

I’d love for something in 4.3 to catch my attention. I know that this is supposed to be the final story update for the Doman arc, and maybe that’s a good thing. While I do like some of the characters of Stormblood, I have to admit that overall, I haven’t been as invested in the story as I was during Heavensward. I’ve been hearing a number of other folks echoing this sentiment, so I don’t think it’s just me.

There’s just been too many “Oh, btw, this character isn’t dead” situations happening. It’s been overused at this point. But anyhow, that’s a thought for another blog post. Let’s hopefully get hyped over stuff in the patch notes, shall we?

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