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FFXIV: Doman Enclave Reconstruction Complete

Over the last couple of patches, we’ve been given the opportunity to assist with the reconstruction efforts at the Doman Enclave. This comes in the form of the player donating items to the basket on a desk, for which the Domans pay gil, eventually up to 200% the normal selling cost.

This… doesn’t exactly make sense to me, to be perfectly honest. I mean, here’s a struggling enclave trying to rebuild itself, and they’re paying you double the vendor cost for “donations.” And then they thank you up and down for the materials and support they just paid you for.

Okay, yes, I understand that players have to get something out of it to do a thing. And I’m not complaining one bit about having a vendor that gives me double payout for my Allagan Silver pieces every week. It just didn’t really make a lot of sense from a story standpoint.

All that aside, I completely enjoyed helping to rebuild the Doman Enclave. I think this may have been an experiment in seeing what phasing and instancing can do in a city-wide fashion. FFXIV has always smartly used the phasing/instancing (where you see one thing and someone else sees another based on what each player has completed in the game). We’ve seen a lot of this in building up locations for Beast Tribe quests, and now we’ve seen it in a wider scope, in the Enclave.

I was reading an article about the rewards of the Doman Enclave last week at MassivelyOP. One that talked about the player’s perceived lack of rewards, and how the Enclave would never truly become a player hub for several reasons.

I agree that it seems like a lot of work went into building the Enclave for a location that will probably never be a player hub. It might get some use from the RP population. But I feel like I got plenty of rewards from seeing the series through.

Warning: There are some spoilers ahead for those who haven’t completed the ending yet!

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