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November 2018 Gaming Goals in Review

November has been a tough month for me IRL, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I was glad to see it over with. 

While my Dad is still in the hospital (going on 3 weeks), we’re now starting to talk about when he can come home and what happens after that. There’s still going to be a lot to keep up with — antibiotics and PT — so it’s not going to be immediate rest for any of us. But at least now we know that surgery is not going to happen, and the treatment he got seems to have been what he needed.

In the middle of all this, I’ve come to my daily MMO rituals to chill and relax. Doing the daily Ixali quests to level crafters are far from exciting, but they do help to unwind. And I get the feeling of making progress and putting things into a pleasing order. 

Due to that, I’ve actually stuck to most of my goals for this month very well, even with reduced time to game. 

FFXIV Goals – Main

  • Level Dark Knight to 50 
  • Finish Ninja Job Quests up to Level 60 
  • Level Monk 
  • Gear up Gatherers (Scrips) 

Hey, look! I actually finished some job quests this month! This means I can get back to leveling my Ninja… once I get done with Monk. My Monk just hit level 68 last night. So while I won’t reach 70 this month — I’ve been taking the slow road with only Beast Tribe quests and no Alliance or dungeon runs — I should finish that up next month. This is fine.

I also finished leveling Dark Knight to 50, which leaves just Warrior that’s under the level 50 mark. Warrior is sitting at level 43, so that should be a quick thing to finish up next month, and will finish up my major leveling goal for the year. 

I’ve been diligent about gearing up with scrips this month on both characters. My gatherers are fully kitted out and now I’m turning to upgrade my crafters. I don’t work on scrips outside of the weekly turn-ins so this is a slow and steady thing. 

FFXIV Goals – RP Alt

  • Level Red Mage to 70 (Finish Job Quests) 
  • Level Culinarian to 60 (or beyond)
  • Level Miner to 60 (or beyond)
  • Level Alchemist to 50 (maybe?)
  • Gear up Gatherers (Scrips) 
  • Clean up all Stormblood sidequests

I’ve been moving right along with my goals for Amon, too. I finished Red Mage leveling and cleaned up (almost all) Stormblood quests. I found a few I missed after I finished MSQ in Rhalgr’s Reach that I still need to knock out, but it’s only a few. 

I not only hit level 60 on Culinarian, but I took it all the way to level 70. I’m also working on gearing crafting up with scrips, because I finished gearing up his gatherers as far as I can for now. 

I’m currently level 63 on his miner, and doing daily Namazu quests to push this towards 70. This should be done pretty quickly next month. 

I did not level Alchemist to 50 because I decided mid-month to switch tracks and level Armorer instead. I really could use Piece by Piece, the Armorer level 50 skill for higher level crafting stuff… so I put Alchemist on hold and leveled Armorer from scratch — this currently level 47 on Ixali and job quests. So I’m almost done there!


  • Pokemon Release 
  • Play Cat Quest

I didn’t pick up Cat Quest, but I did play Pokemon Let’s Go on release. It helped get me through some hours of sitting in the hospital, in fact. I haven’t gotten too far into it, as is my way with Pokemon games. I earned the first badge and started leveling up my team some… need to put some time into this game again. I have my own thoughts about it, and will write about it once I get further. 

And there you have it — my November goals in a nutshell. Only one more month left in 2018, so make it count! 

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FFXIV: Alt Level 70 Crafter

I hope that everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a good one. I appreciate all the well-wishes you guys sent over the weekend to my family and I — thank you!

RL Update: As I posted on Thanksgiving, my father has been in the hospital for over 2 weeks now. At the point of that posting, we didn’t know what was going to happen (surgery was a maybe), but now I’m glad to say he’s officially on the road to recovery. We’re still not sure how long it will be before he comes home, but at least the worst of it seems to be over, we hope. 

Though I spent time at the hospital this weekend, I also did get to do some gaming. The newest Alpha of 7D2D dropped, and I’ll write about my thoughts on that soon. Aside from that, I’ve just been making slow progress on my FFXIV monthly goals. 

Yesterday, I finally hit level 70 on Amon’s first crafter. I didn’t intend for that to be Culinarian, but that’s how it ended up. This is a good time for that to happen since I’ve finished earning the Yellow Scrip gear for his gatherers. This allows me to start working on weekly turn-ins to boost my crafters. 

I shifted my goals a bit in that I’d originally said I wanted my second level 50 to be Alchemist. I decided to go for Armorer instead in order to unlock the Piece by Piece skill. This is coming along slowly, mostly through Ixali daily quests, and is currently in the lower 40s. Once this hits 50, I can fast track it with Moogle quests and shift to another low level crafter for Ixali. 

I’ve got a loooong path ahead of me when it comes to leveling a second batch of crafters. Again, I don’t know why I’m doing it, considering I already have all this finished on my main. Gatherers, I can see leveling again. Crafters? Well, I guess I can specialize in something different? 

Ben and Zeb both glamoured the Thunder weapon without realizing the other had done the same. 🙂

Aside from that, I’ve been decorating for the holidays both IRL and in our FC house. Trying to shake off a bit of this funk the past few weeks has dropped on me. Overall, I hope things will be looking up heading into December, and if nothing else, I’m planning on taking a  bit of a break around the New Year. 

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FFXIV: FC Rebranding

So with thoughts of the upcoming Data Center move, we’ve actually had a few of our old Midgardsormr friends contact us voicing a desire to either make a shift to our server or move an alt to our server. This is because Midgard and Mateus will no longer be on the same Data Center, so visitation and the cross-world Linkshell we set up will cease to work. 

Old FC Sigil

This got me to thinking about the itsy bitsy friend FC we run on Mateus. This originally started as a solo FC, and was never intended to be anything beyond a place I stashed my RP alts. Mostly because I didn’t want to get hit with FC invites, to be honest. 

So it was thrown together and named after my RP blog, which was centered around my RP main, Amon. I never expected folks to move over to Mateus, so when Syn and Amoon came over, I was a bit antsy that the FC was themed after my character and my RP. It didn’t feel very group-friendly. 

Now that there’s even more interest from folks popping on to our server, I knew I needed to take a good look at our FC identity and give it a theme that was more welcoming to a group. So, after kicking around ideas last night, I did just that. 

Our FC is now called Light Party — which is a name that can have several different meanings if you look at it in different ways. I chose the tag {Vivid} to go along with the theme of light – ironically, right when FFXIV wants us to move towards the dark side. I also went through and renamed our ranks, updated our slogan, changed up our FC house name and the house welcome description.

This took a good bit of consideration, but I’m happy with the change. I think it’s much more welcoming, and it really fits the feeling and meaning behind the folks who make up our little group. 

I doubt we’ll ever choose to grow and recruit like we did in our previous FC as we’re pretty happy just being a small group of friends at this point. We’ll see what happens when the time for the Data Center split comes. 

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FFXIV: World Visit & Data Center Shuffle

Update: We have set dates and information on this move as of Feb 28th.

Another of the large announcements that came from the Fan Fest was the addition of the World Visit feature and the change to Data Centers. Of course, the team announced the World Visit feature first… which sounds like a pretty great thing. 

World Visit

Basically, this is similar to the world travel feature GW2 had back before it became a megaserver. In FFXIV, you will be able to click on an Aetheryte in a main city and choose to move to any other server on your Data Center… as long as that server is not already over populated. 

So, while that sounds good in theory, good luck in ever actually visiting Balmung. I mean… who knows. It might happen? 

Part of the idea behind this is to allow people to play on another server when their own is filled to the brim (especially with the expansion on the horizon). There’s actually a whole lot you can do when on another server, and even when you log out, when you log back in, the game will remember which server you were visiting and plop you right back where you were before. 

That’s pretty impressive. In fact, you can almost completely play the game entirely on another server if that suits you. There are a few limitations, such as what you can do with Free Companies, the fact you can’t own housing, and that you can’t sell on the Marketboard. 

The interesting thing is that you can BUY on the Marketboard from any server. This means you can bounce around until you find a server with the lower price and… well… your market competition isn’t just folks on your own server anymore. 

Of course, some folks didn’t like this much. But having a Data Center wide economy is going to be interesting. Especially after I saw the huge inflation of costs just moving from Midgard to Mateus. 

Data Center Restructuring 

Here’s the catch. 

They took a good long look at the Data Centers for US and Europe and decided they were far too populated. The best course of action was to add a new Data Center and move some of the existing servers from the other Data Centers to the new. 

This sounds logical. However… With the advent of cross world party finder and Linkshells, folks on existing Data Centers have already formed bonds and statics across servers. And now, if someone you know is getting moved off your Data Center, you’ve lost that connection with them, unless they decide to make a server move. 

This does affect me directly, for example. When we left Midgard for Mateus, we created a cross world Linkshell for friends and FC folks who still wanted to keep in touch. Well, since Mateus is going to Crystal and Midgard is staying on Aether… I guess I’ll be closing that Linkshell down since its purpose is going to be moot. 

Another issue being raised is that Balmung and Mateus were both dropped on the same Data Center. This makes sense on one hand, because they’re both the unofficial RP servers, and folks will want to share events, etc. But on the other hand, they’re also the two largest servers at this point. So, was that a good idea ?

Granted, they did drop a number of lower pop servers on Crystal as well. This could be incentive to have folks roll on those servers, then visit over to the RP servers when they want to engage in RP content. So, it’s not all bad. 

However… it’s been pointed out that Greg (Gilgamesh) is considered the home of the raiders. And most of the servers going to Crystal are considered to be mid-core at best. I’m hearing the community say that folks will be jumping ship to Aether for the better raiding experiences and that will leave what people think as the sub-par players on Crystal. 

Whether this is true or not… I suppose remains to be seen. 

Free Server Transfers 

To soften the blow, FFXIV is providing free server transfers for the first two weeks of transition. 

To their credit, they’re also providing a lot of compensation to folks who make the move, especially if they have to give up a house to do it. 

While this doesn’t promise a house on the new server, at least they don’t have to choke down the loss of the cost of the house for transfer. For me, that was a painful thing in my own move, even though I recouped it pretty quickly. 

What does this mean for the community going forward? Who can tell right now. I’ll miss the Aether Data Center, but the World Visit system actually offers a good incentive for someone like me who has maxxed out the number of characters I can have on my main server… should I ever decide I want to add a few more RP characters to my list! XD 

Does this change anything for you and your friends in FFXIV? 

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FFXIV: Blue Mage – Thoughts on the First “Limited” Job

So now that the Fan Fest Live Letter officially dropped info on the new Blue Mage job coming in patch 4.5… let’s talk about it and what it means to be a “Limited”Job.

When I saw the phrase “First Limited Job” in the keynote announcement, I wondered what in the world that was all about. Apparently, this was a very relevant question to ask with very important implementations. 

Traditionally, Blue Mage (BLU) is a casting class that learns new abilities by battling monsters and observing their special attack skills. The standard example given was: You fight a cactuar, and during this fight, you see it use 1000 needles. As a BLU, you’d have the ability to learn this skill and use it in battle against other monsters. It has been confirmed during the Live Letter that you only need to SEE the skill and not actually get HIT by it for a chance to learn it, thankfully. 

Some info on BLU

Due to this unique playstyle, BLU doesn’t learn skills the traditional way, and they were apparently seen as too difficult to balance around MMO party systems. So, until now, BLU was not in the cards for FFXIV. 

I say until now because… introducing the “Limited” Job concept. 

What does it mean to be a Limited Job? 

Basically, BLU was designed for solo play. You CAN play it in a party, but it’s limited in how it interacts with duty finders and matchmaking systems… that is… to say… it can’t use any of them.


So if you can’t roulette to level or even use a Deep Dungeon… what can you do? 

Yes. So… the whole concept of BLU is to create a job that repopulates the overworld zones, to be perfectly honest. And if this is the FIRST limited job… there may be others on down the line. 

Oh, and there’s this whole Masked Carnival arena that is solo level 50 BLU only. It really reminds me a bit of like a Pokemon arena where you’re put up against monsters and you have to figure out what their weaknesses are and use (or go out and find) the skills you’ve earned to defeat them. 

Also, it’s been hinted that actually earning these skills won’t be an easy thing to do. You probably won’t learn the skill the first time you fight a monster, so be ready to work for your abilities. 

How Do I Feel About BLU?

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I’m cautiously optimistic about it. I know that this is not the BLU that people expected. And there’s cries of “solo job in a MMO” and “No FATE grind” etc.

But, you know, I’ve said for years it’s a huge shame that FFXIV has this huge beautiful world that no one populates once they’ve passed through for MSQ. There’s all these FATEs sitting out there, virtually untouched, especially in the Heavensward and Stormblood areas. And while I respect that some folks don’t like running around in the overworld, and prefer to spend their time grinding dungeons instead, that’s never been my cup of tea. 

This is an interesting experiment that I’m curious to see play out. It feels like a mini-game rolled up into a job. BLU is not going to be your standard leveling job by any means. It’s going to be a job that takes time to develop… introduced in an age of MMOs where people want the fastest runs and the lowest downtime on everything.

I don’t think BLU will be for everyone. But I think that’s okay. I just hope that there will be enough support for it and that it will be fun enough to warrant other jobs to follow it (Puppetmaster and Beastmaster were hinted). 

The more play options we have, the better, IMHO. And we’ll be getting OTHER new jobs at the drop of 5.0 if BLU isn’t what someone wants. Not to mention all the jobs we have now will be getting a level cap increase and new skills. 

I’m going to try BLU out. I’m looking forward to messing around with something different, something that gets people out of the dungeons. I think I’ll have fun with it. And if it’s not my thing, then that’s fine. I always have Red Mage and Bard, which remain my favorites for now. 

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FFXIV: Fan Fest – First Shadowbringers Expansion Info

A lot of exciting stuff has been released during today’s Fan Fest announcement of the upcoming FFXIV expansion – Shadowbringers. Just going to drop some a quick info summary. This is being liveblogged on Reddit. 

  • Several New Jobs (Blue Mage confirmed for 4.5!)
  • Level 80 cap
  • Warrior of Light –> Warrior of Darkness (Story)
  • New Race! (Viera strongly hinted – will probably be the final race added)
  • MP & TP will be combined (have no idea how this is going to work)
  • New zones (of course – we saw two highlighted here)
  • New Beast Tribes, Dungeons, Raids, Alliance Raids (the norm)
  • Rebuilding Ishgard as Crafters and Gatherers (!!!)
  • Hinted at Ishgard housing! 
  • Player-run farming!
  • Trust system (NPCs battle with you, similar to FF11)
  • New Game + System (Replay old content)
  • World Visiting (Visit other servers on your Data Center – released before 5.0)
  • New Data Centers and reorganization of current servers (more info in Live Letter)
Blue Mage Info

Also, possible Gunblade hint in the trailer: 

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FFXIV: Crafting/Gathering Goals

I really don’t know why I’m spending all this time leveling a second crafter/gatherer… other than I simply want to. Originally, I had a reason. Before I moved my main over to Mateus, Amon was it for main characters on this server, and part of a solo FC. That meant in order to have access to the high level of crafting and gathering I had on my main, I needed to put the time into leveling him up.

I didn’t know I was going to be moving my main, so I’d already put some time into his gathering job. And now, he has a level 70 botanist who is working on gearing up with yellow scrips each week. It was just one of those momentum things, honestly. Once I started, I guess I could have put it down, but it sure would have been a shame to.

So here I am marking off goals for a second crafter/gatherer.

Over the weekend, Amon hit level 60 on Culinarian, which is the first crafting job I leveled. I know there are other jobs that should technically come first, but this is how it fell, so I followed through with it.

The nice thing about level 60 is that you graduate from Moogle quests to Namazu quests. Neither of them are super hard, but I much prefer Namazu quests. Culinarian is already level 62 now, and working towards that Namazu mount!

I’ll also be hitting level 60 on Amon’s Miner tonight, but further leveling that will need to wait until I finish Culinarian to 70 before I switch Namazu quests to Miner. I will be taking a break from doing the mining grand company turn-ins, which is what I’ve used to level my gatherers to the point they are. This will give me a chance to focus on Fisher a bit, though.

All of my lower level crafting jobs are still in the teens-to-thirties. I was going to level Alchemist next, but decided to switch to Armorer for Piece by Piece. Then, I might tackle Alchemist or go Weaver for Blessing. Not sure yet.

The Ixali quests feel pretty slow for leveling when it comes to bridging the gap between level 15-50. And I’ve got a lot of leveling ahead of me. Maybe I’ll make it before the next expansion drops. We’ll have to see!

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FFXIV: Goal Checkpoints

It’s been a pretty tough weekend on my end, mostly because I’ve been dealing with a family medical emergency that’s had me up at the ER and hospital most of yesterday. Things are stable, but I know that I’m going to be in and out of hospital visitation most this week. So my blogging will probably be in shorter form this week, I apologize.

Before all of that, though, I actually manage to knock out a few of my goals in FFXIV on Saturday.

First, I FINALLY finished the Ninja job quests up to level 60! My ninja has been 60 for a while, and because I didn’t want to be a bad party member without all of my level 50-60 skills running Alliance roulette, I had to put any further leveling on hold until the job quests were done. I finished them up and got the spiffy armor set pictured above.

Second, I FINALLY finished leveling Dark Knight to 50. This is part of one of my major year-end goals (to get all jobs to 50), and leaves only Warrior to complete. It’s taken over five years, but once that’s done, I’ll have all jobs to 50, as well as a good number to 60 and 70.


I am going to see if I can focus on pulling Warrior through before the end of this month. It just depends on time and motivation level. It really won’t take that long, but I tend to get distracted.

I’m also pushing through levels on my Monk, though much more slowly. I started at level 61 this month, and while I haven’t been good with keeping up on Alliance roulettes, I have been doing beast tribes pretty regularly. Last night, I hit level 64, so that’s moving along.

I’d also like to set aside time to work on Summoner job quests if possible. I still have a ton of job quests to finish across most the jobs I got to level 70. So even though I hit my goal for this month, there’s still a lot to do!

On top of this, I’ve also reached goals on my RP alt as well. I’ll write about that tomorrow, though! 🙂