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Buying a Cheap Violin

Note: Looking back in retrospect, I must say that buying a cheap Ebay violin was not the best way to start out. Not only did I just end up putting additional money into trying to improve the quality by changing out components, but the lower quality violin hindered my ability to practice and learn. I recognized the setbacks early on and ended up replacing it with a better quality violin by the third week. I’m leaving this series of posts on my cheap violin experience because it was an honest start to my journey, which I want to provide – both good and bad!

The first step on my musical journey was to actually buy a fiddle. I watched a number of videos about buying violins and what kind of quality to get, etc. etc. But in my case, I really didn’t want to put a ton of money into an instrument when I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to play it. It also sounds like musicians upgrade their violins for better quality instruments over time.

So this video caught my eye:

Buying a cheap violin off of Ebay. That sounded like what I was looking for. So, I watched the above video and followed his advice.

Interestingly, this was before the holidays, so Ebay had a blanket 10% off any order at the time. After a little looking, I decided on a Glarry 4/4 violin fiddle set. I did look it up, and the instrument got fairly okay ratings. Not the best, but considering I paid about $37 for the whole kit – instrument, bow, case, tuner, a set of strings, shoulder rest and rosin – I thought this was a decent deal.

I know the quality is not top notch, but for what I wanted – a beginner instrument – it does the trick! Thankfully, the video series I was following went into detail about how to set up a new violin… because little did I know the instrument would need some tweaks before it was ready to play! More on that next time!



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