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Setting Up A Violin

The one thing I wouldn’t have know about, if I hadn’t watched the videos on it, was the fact that a brand new violin often requires setup before you can start to play it. And I’m not talking just professional, though it seems a lot of violins do require professional setup for it to sound well… even a higher-priced kit.

When my violin came, it had the strings already on the pegs, but wrapped under the fingerboard. The bridge was not on the instrument, but rather wrapped up, and required fitting. It looked something like this:

Note: strings under fingerboard and white package where the bridge is wrapped up for shipping.

Thankfully, a video in the same series as I was watching before informed me of all this, and what I had to do to put the fiddle together. It also does a nice job of introducing all the parts of the instrument.

I was a bit shaky trying to get the bridge on, especially after he warned me that you don’t want to do anything to knock over the internal sound post. Part of me is glad to have had an inexpensive VSO (Violin Shaped Object – as the violinists call them) to experiment on. If something happens to it, I’d be a little sad since it’s so new, but it wouldn’t be as devastating as messing up a more expensive instrument.

Anyhow, I managed to set it up and get it ready for tuning, which was an interesting experience I’ll discuss next time.

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FFXIV: A Somewhat BLU Weekend

Pictured above, an army of BLU chasing down poor Flame Sargent Dalvag for his Loom skill. Was a fun train!

While leveling my BLU wasn’t my only focus this weekend, it was a pretty good bit of my time. I continue to enjoy it, ended up cleaning up nearly all quests in the early zones (yay!), and finished leveling to 44 last night.

I’m still going much slower than the majority of folks, and have only capped 24 of all the skills. But a lucky run of Haukke and Cutter’s Cry netted both Amoon and I with Petrify and Ram’s Voice the first shot. I have no idea how I functioned without Ram’s Voice until now. I’m so spoiled now.

Anyhow, aside from just BLU, I’m still making progress on all of Amon’s crafters. I finally hit 50 on Leatherworker, which means I can pick up Moogle quests again, and start leveling Carpenter with the Ixali quests. Alchemist is almost level 69, so pretty soon, I’ll have it at 70, and can resume Armorer with the Namazu quests.

Our RP alts in the Alchemist outfits. Only leveled it for the glamour… right? Right?

As you can probably tell, my days are just a cycle of crafting beast tribes most the time. Not that I’m complaining about that… without these quests, leveling crafters is a much larger time sink.

Aside from that, still trying to get my footing in the Monastery. Some runs are better than others, and just being week 2, folks are still trying to wrap their head around mechanics. But so far, no full wipes that lead to not completing it. Sadly, no drops, either. I really want that Bard chestpiece!

I did get a nice coat drop from our run of Ghimlyt Dark yesterday which led me to reworking Amon’s main Bard glamour. He’s trying to be all dapper.

Anyhow, I hope to finally get my BLU to 48 soon, so I can join Amoon and Syn on the Aurum Vale runs I’ll need to try and cap Glower. Then we can both try out the Carnival instances and see what those are about.