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Violin Bow Hold

One of the intimidating challenges I’ve faced as a beginner is dat bow hold. I’d heard about bow grip before I picked up violin, but I didn’t quite believe something as simple as holding something would be complex.

Oh, man, let me tell you what. I’ve never needed to hold an object the way that you have to hold a violin bow. It’s been a completely new experience for my hand — one that even made my poor tendons ache when I practiced it at first.

The book series I’m working with actually doesn’t even get into holding and using a bow until much, much further into the process. It’s focused on having me learn notes and plink them out with my finger, somewhat like a tiny guitar. But even so, I try to spend a few minutes of my practice time every day to arrange my hand in a bow hold and draw the bow across the strings as straight as I can.

I also find myself making the “bunny” position with my hand when I’m at work throughout the day to reinforce the position required. I think the hardest thing about the bow hold is trying to keep my thumb curved and hand overall relaxed.

Pictures don’t do this justice. This video was a great help, however:

I also ordered something called a Bow Buddy, which is a weird looking little attachment that you can use to help you learn the muscle memory of where your fingers need to go. Mine should be arriving today, I believe, so I’ll see if this helps me train my hand.

Next time around, I want to talk about the book and practice materials I’ve been using to learn. I’ve found one that I really like, and would greatly suggest to anyone just starting out!

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FFXIV: Level 50 BLU, Alchemist 70!

I actually hit Level 50 on my BLU on Tuesday night, exactly a week after it was released. Again, I was taking it pretty slow and using the job to clear out many of the old quests that were clogging up my map.

Given the decreasing number of quests to find in the level 40-50 range (Why…? That’s the level range you NEED more quests..!), I gave up on this at about 45 and just began to grind it out in N. Than until I got 50. This wasn’t too hard, and it netted me a rank 10 chocobo, too.

I knew a nerf was coming to the chocobo companion – and it was slightly decreased with last night’s patch. What I didn’t expect was for them to buff the experience up to BLU level on all other jobs. I’ll take that change!

Anyhow, the next thing I needed to do was snag the skill Glower in order to unlock my level 50 job quest. Amoon had been running Aurum Vale unsynced with Syn a few times before this in order to work on capping it, but with no luck. We go in together, and get it on the first try.

And then, last night’s patch made both Glower and Mind Blast (both skills required to progress) 100% cap rate from now on. Ah, well. That’s fine. I got my skill and new snazzy outfit before it was nerfed. Now it’ll be easier to do for my future BLU, so I’m not complaining.

Looking just a little spooky here…

In other news, I also finished my second Level 70 crafter on my alt — Alchemist. In terms of RP, this was the actual crafting job I’d originally set out to finish on him. So now, that’s done, and he’s kitted out in full Scrip gear.

As you can see from the picture above, I’m going to be picking up my Armorer again for Namazu dailies and pushing that to 70 next. Leatherworker is taking on Moogle dailies in the 50s, and Carpenter is now my dedicated Ixali leveling job – I could really use Byregot’s for my non-specialist jobs.

Another goal I have, though it’s much more loose, is to earn the new Blessed King’s Tool for Amon’s Alchemist. You get this tool from completing the I Made That: Alchemist VI achievement… essentially, craft everything in the book for Alchemist (aside from Master book stuff).

Even though this is just glamour, I think it looks very neat, and fits the theme of my character well.

Blessed Cauldronking’s Alembic – Image Source: Reddit

I’ve been plinking away at this when I have time (which I haven’t with BLU’s release), but it’s a little more difficult to do on Amon since he doesn’t have all of his crafting jobs leveled. There’s a lot of cross-job crafts that go into clearing the log… and while I can often take care of this by crafting components on my main, it would be nice not to have to flip characters when I needed things.

Just something long-term to work towards, I suppose!