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I Pulled the Trigger – Fiddlerman Master Violin

Source: Fiddlershop

I know this seems sudden and crazy since I did only just get my cheap baby fiddle. But what I learned from my experiences with it for just a few days told me all I needed to know to make a choice on what I consider to be my forever fiddle going forward.

I already knew I loved the dark deep tones of the Fiddlerman Master violin from video comparisons I’ve watched. I don’t think there’s been another fiddle that drew my ear the way this one did. I watched several videos posted by the shop for various fiddles in this make for other customers. There’s slight variation between the instruments, but most of them had the same deep sound that I discovered I really like in a violin.

This morning, I was reading a comment from Jim at Fiddling for Older Folks where he noted that he’d discussed the same fiddle with the shop, but without all the accessories. I, too, really don’t need another Fiddlerman carbon bow (I have one that I’ve been using quite happily), more rosin or another case. He confirmed that they quoted him a lower cost for requesting the violin alone.

So, this morning, I emailed Fiddlershop and inquired about it. I also asked about the 7/8 size fiddle and if there was a huge noticeable difference in sound between it and the full-sized instrument. I explained that smaller fiddles fit me better, and I have not yet tried a 7/8 fiddle (which I know can be hard to find). So I asked if this felt too large, if I could exchange for a different size.

The response came quickly from the folks at the shop. They were just fine with lowering the cost by selling the violin alone. They also said they had the 7/8 in stock and that it sounded very near the same as the full-size instrument. They also noted their 45 day policy where I could switch out the instrument if I got it and wasn’t pleased.

I was happy with all these answers, and having pretty much made up my mind, I pulled the trigger on buying my forever fiddle.

The hardest part of this is going to be the wait! I’m super excited about it, and I feel like at almost 9 months into learning to play, with a little stumbling in the middle, I’ve decided to seal the deal and make the commitment to keep going. This violin is way beyond my skill level, and I really doubt that I’ll ever outgrow it… so I’m looking forward to meeting my forever fiddle.

The video that sold me on this fiddle
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FFXIV: Sophic Lanner

Last night, I finished the Mogtome farm for the second bird that I wanted on my main – the Sophic Lanner. That’s all the birds that I needed to get from this event, so now it’s on to snagging the two ponies!

I also hit level 69 on my Dancer, so I have a good chance at making level 70 tonight. I might have to supplement with Beast Tribes, but I’ll have to see which run I get before I can tell.

The Main Scenario runs are long, but really, there’s not a whole lot to them aside from the cut scenes. I’ve been using that time to work on Inktober sketches and other things outside of game, so it’s actually been a win-win. At about a level a day in the 60-70 range, I feel it’s not really a bad trade off for the time spent.

I know that once you hit 70, the experience feels like it drops off. But until then, it’s not a bad way to level. If I had another job to go through on my main, I just might use this again. I guess there’s always alts! 🙂