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Removing Chinrest Cork Residue from a Violin

One of the minor issues I had when I bought my Fiddlerman Master violin was just cosmetic. When I removed the chinrest that came with it to replace it with my own, it left behind some sort of markings where the cork had been pressed against the fiddle.

The cork residue on my fiddle

I mentioned this in my post, and Jim from Fiddling for Older Folks left a comment that informed me of a thread on the Fiddlerman forums that talks about how to fix that. So, I searched the forum and discovered the cork residue (or whatever it is) is a pretty common thing with violins, even high quality ones.

I did find this thread that gave some ideas on how to fix the issue. The idea that seemed least scary to me was to attempt to buff it with car polish. Fiddlerman approved and suggested Turtle Wax. Seeing I didn’t have any in the house, I hopped over to Amazon, picked up some Turtle Wax that seemed to be pretty gentle, and let Amazon Prime do its thing.

I got the wax today, and using a couple old rags I had on hand, followed the instructions for application. With a damp rag, I applied a little bit of wax and began to buff in the direction of the wood grain (don’t know if this matters).

It took a few application cycles – buff, wipe with damp rag, and then dry – and a little bit of pressure. But it worked!

On the front
Two spots on the back

I was so pleased with the results that I went ahead and removed the chin rest and cleaned the spot under that since I had all the materials out to do it. It’s covered up, but may as well touch it up while I was working on it.

Under chinrest

Thanks Jim for the tip and thanks folks at Fiddlerman forums for a good solution!


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5 thoughts on “Removing Chinrest Cork Residue from a Violin

  1. Looks like there were never any marks! Nice job! Glad I could be of help. BTW…what make of camera do you use for your pics? They always look so good. I use a Kodak PixPro FZ43, a few years old and not great, but my pics never look as sharp and clear as yours.


    1. These are taken with my old iPhone SE camera. I crop and shrink them down in Photoshop which helps with clarity a bit. Every now and then I’ll touch up the color and lighting, but that’s only if the image really needs it.

      The phone seems pretty good at snapping these close-up pics, though. Glad you like them!


  2. Thanks for that. I have an iPhone SE as well. I think I may try it the next time a need to take pics for my blog. Just an FYI, I just thought to check back to see if you answered this. For some reason, I am not getting notified by email even though I have it checked off below.


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