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FFXIV: Tad says “Hello!”

I’ve been exploring some of Amon’s backstory in RP lately, and one character that stood out to me was Amon’s younger cousin, Tad Kouris. I decided to make him in game as my Machinist. 

Like many of the Elezen in Amon’s family/clan, Tad’s quite jovial, a bit rough around the edges and thinks he’s ready to handle the world. Please just don’t give the boy a gun. 

Ugh… you did it even after I told you not to, didn’t you? 

~Some Allagan/Elezen headcanons~ 

Not all Allagans were cut from the same cloth. All we ever see of them are the big war ships and towers and the techy things that survived that calamity. But I’m sure that even Allag had its rural places and backwater people. 

I’ve noted that Amon was born and raised during early childhood in such a place – a forest sector that is now equated to somewhere in the Black Shroud. He and his family are forestborn Elezen, and they’re a bit wild by nature. 

His people were quite in tune with the Elementals that protect the forest – I have headcanons about that but I won’t go into them here. And while they didn’t shun technology or outsiders, they were far enough in their own safe forest home, where people didn’t tend to bother them for fear of the Spirits. 

So their culture still retained a lot of the old ways, while slowly adopting the technologies of the world around them when it seemed fitting. 

Though Amon didn’t have any brothers or sisters, he did grow up with a slew of other kids, mostly cousins from his father’s side, and other Elezen kids from families in his hamlet. I developed Tad on the fly to represent Amon’s people and their ways, and I really enjoyed what I saw of him, so I decided to bring him into the game. 

How he’d ever fit in Amon’s story, or if he ever could/will, I don’t know. I technically do not have a headcanon on how he could still be alive! But he’s too cute to ignore!


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