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Humble Music Book Bundle – Fiddle for Dummies

Today I noticed that Humble store was offering a Making Music by Wiley Book Bundle. This is a huge bundle of e-books and online learning material for many different instruments, and includes a copy of Fiddle for Dummies.

This book has good ratings on Amazon, and would normally cost $13 for the ebook version. The bundle version is a steal – at $8 not only do you get the fiddle book, but guitar, piano, mandolin, drums, and lots of other music ebooks.

You get them in epub, ebook, and PDF format, and all videos/music come downloadable.

I’d just picked up some new strings for my guitar and mando, so the fact that this came with books for those instruments, too, might just get me to restring them and pull them out over the holidays!

This bundle is only on sale for 3 days and 19 more hours as of this writing. So, if you’re interested in picking up some bargain ebooks, give it a shot. I got mine and will let you know what I think!


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