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FFXIV: Fun Diadem Weekend

Most of this weekend was spent hanging out in the Diadem and working on the Ishgard Restoration. As before, leveling crafters is crazy-fast, though leveling gatherers still takes a bit more time.

My major focus was to get my alt’s final three jobs leveled from 70 to 80. Despite the time spent gathering, and being bottlenecked by tiger leather on two jobs (ugh), I was able to do this pretty quickly over the weekend.

This also gave me all sorts of opportunities to play the new Kupo of Fortune. I had a bit of luck here and there, and ended up with more dhalmel whistles than I could use, so I gave some away to FC members.

I also won the Coffer of Kupos, which gives you that spiffy outfit that Amon is wearing above. Along with the new paissa minion, several parasols, lots of bread emotes, and some orchestrion rolls.

These things are currently not too difficult to come by, so the price has severely tanked on the market board. As has the price of all the materials people have been gathering in the Diadem. This makes for some super cheap and fast leveling of crafters.

I got another alt from level 1 to 50 in the space of a few hours – which included some time gathering in the Diadem. I figured out that it was just faster to buy the mats (and at a lower gathering level, Diadem doesn’t give enough scrips to be worth it).

I also spent much time working on earning scrips on Amon so I could get him the new sheep mount.

I still have a bunch of stuff to earn with scrips, so I don’t foresee myself stopping now that Amon has all his crafters leveled. I also have to go back and do much of this on my main, as well.

That doesn’t mean that I’ve been ignoring other things, though. I finished leveling White Mage to 80 on my main this weekend, which means all of my healers are sorted and I could toss out a lot of leveling gear. I also got to Bloodsworn rank with the Stewards — the new gathering beast tribe. I’ll finish that up on Amon today, too.

I was good and finished up all of 5.2 MSQ on Amon, as well. So that puts me even with both of those characters. I just need to continue to progress on my third character – Tai – through Shadowbringers.

I’ve also been working on crafting the 480 gear for Amon, slowly but surely. Right now, that’s bottlenecked by the items you need to buy with tomes. Eventually, I hope to craft gear for Tai once he hits level 80. But that’s a matter of actually getting him there. 🙂

So, there’s still a ton to do for me in FFXIV.

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March Fiddle Progress Report

Oh wow, the Ides of March slid right by me, and I’m a day late with my progress report! Where has this month gone?

Feb-March has seen a lot of change for the better. Practice continues to be consistent. I’m pleased with the kind of tunes I’m playing, and overall just enjoying practice much more than I was before.

Last month, I hit the realization that I may have been asking too much of myself and trying to play tunes that were beyond my comfortable skill level. I completely stopped everything I was doing at that point to give my practice content a good look-over and make some changes. This has improved things for me so much!

I also started taking the lessons at OAIM, which I’ve enjoyed immensely so far. It’s wonderful to not just say “One day, I will learn to play Irish music.” And actually just be learning it! So far, I’ve learned Maggie in the Woods, and I am now working on Terry Teehan’s Polka. Neither songs were I familiar with, but there’s still something identifiable in the note progression of Irish music that makes it feel familiar.

I also started to put more focus on warm up exercises during my practice. I’d already added a random scale of the day, which has been working great! But now I’ve also added long open-string bowing, and have been focusing a bit on bowing straight and clean.

And finally, as a reward for consistent practice last month, I bought ScanScore 2. This is software that can scan sheet music and turn it into a MIDI. I then convert the MIDI to WAV and have added it as the sample song to my Tune List. This has been working really well! I’m trying to do at least one or two songs a week and have been updating my Tune List as I convert them.

Speaking of the Tune List, I have gone back to fully randomized review for old tunes this past week. But I’ve done it with the intention of weeding out any songs that just feel like I need to completely relearn them before I can play them. So far, I’ve only removed two songs (Cripple Creek and O, Holy Night). I’ve been surprised at how many of the AFM tunes I actually still remember well enough not to struggle with.

The goal is to ensure that the review portion of practice is actually a review, rather than re-learning. I shouldn’t be spending more time on the review than I do with learning the newer songs.

Overall, I’ve been making good progress and staying consistent. I’ve been pleased with this past month. If all goes well, I plan to reward myself for consistent practice with trying out a new chin rest at the end of March!