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Sight Reading Factory

One thing I have wanted to improve upon is my ability to read musical notation – to sight read.

When I started out playing fiddle, the method I used taught only notation, and I picked it up pretty quickly. However, I have one problem with learning notation — I end up memorizing the sound of the tunes too quickly to continue to practice reviewing the notation.

Since then, I’ve let myself slip away from learning to read notation. Either the method I was using focused on learning by ear (which I can do!) or the sheet music included tabs which… I quickly find myself “cheating” and using instead of the notation.

One thing has been clear: I need to find a way to focus on just notation learning outside of the tunes I’ve been playing. So I thought about it, and wondered if there were such a thing as notation “flash cards” so to speak.

I did a search to see what I could find in terms of sight reading tools, and quickly came upon a site called Sight Reading Factory. I messed around with the free demo tracks just to see what it could do, and was overall quite pleased with what I’ve seen.

To get a better feel of what it is, I’ll let the site’s own video speak for itself.

You can use it for free with some limitations, or for $35 a year, you can subscribe and get unlimited generated tunes to practice with. Considering the cost of other music sub sites, this seems rather inexpensive for what it offers. I’m really excited by what I see and I think this is exactly what I’m looking for in a sight reading tool!

I plan on trying out the free version during today’s practice (and slipping in some sight reading to my focus for this week). If I like how it feels, I think I’ll spring for the subscription. I think running through a couple of exercises during my daily practice will certainly help me work on my sight reading once again!

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FFXIV: Ranking with Ishgard Restoration

Though most of my weekend was spent in Animal Crossing, one thing did happen in FFXIV that I wanted to note.

As I’ve posted before, I was pretty active around the Diadem and in leveling my final crafting jobs on my alt, Amon, during the release of the new phase of the Ishgard restoration. I wasn’t there for an actual event, but I sure did my part through leveling and farming Kupo of Fortune. I even leveled another alt from nothing to 50+ on a couple of crafting jobs while the Diadem drops were still dirt cheap to buy off the marketboard.

I was active, but only at night when I was home from work. I also was active across several different characters, though most active on Amon.

That’s why it surprised me when I got a message in the in-game mail…

So one of the things they added to the Restoration this time around was a ranking and leaderboard system. I hardly paid much attention to it, though I could hear by the chatter in the Diadem that some folks had farmed hours and hours to earn a top spot.

I considered what I did pretty casual. Again, I spread it across characters, and there were some nights I didn’t even go out in the Diadem! But still, somehow, I managed to rank in the top 100! Go figure!

The title is a little… interesting… but it was a pleasant surprise overall!