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FFXIV: Interesting Thoughts on Allagans, Elves and Elezen

So while digging around for Bard lore here, I ran across an interesting tidbit. 

Encyclopedia Eorzea II – Elfin Bow: “Discovered by the Sons of Saint Coinach amongst a cache of weapons apparently seized by the Allagan Empire during their conquest of the Three Great Continents, this particular bow is documented as having belonged to a lost race of tall, slender beings known as ‘Elves.’ Some speculation has been made as to the Elves’ relationship to modern-day Elezen, yet evidence proving a definitive connection has yet to be found.”

Keep in mind that the bow is a level 50 item, and it’s been around since ARR. And Encyclopedia Eorzea II was released before Shadowbringers made known that Elf was a race in the First – though I’m certain that was already established by writers at that point, even though it was unknown to the players. 

So this raises the question. If the Allagans had this bow, and they documented it as belonging to the Elves – and even described the Elves to be similar to Elezen – did the Allagans have ties with the First all the way back 4,000 years prior to the happenings of Shadowbringers? 

It is theorized in lore that Syrcus Tower can open portals to other dimensions – we see that confirmed in the CT raids (World of Darkness) and ultimately in Shadowbringers where the Tower itself is transported. But were the Allagans in touch with other reflections (than just the 13th – we know that Xande made pacts with the Void)? And if so, was that knowledge just all lost in the fall of the Empire? 

Things to ponder. 


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