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Video: Vibrato Exercises

So, every now and then, I starting thinking about vibrato.

When should I start it? I don’t feel anywhere near ready for it. But that doesn’t mean I can’t start planning ahead.

I saw a question come across one of the adult beginner groups on Facebook about vibrato, and this video popped up in the suggestions. I took a look at it, and really, I like what I see — short exercises that I can add to my practice routine that will slowly build up to the motions of doing vibrato.

The teacher notes that some of these exercises need to be repeated for weeks, if not months. I figure… hey… getting started with the motions is better than not doing anything towards this at all.

They seem simple enough, but putting them into practice is a bit harder, especially since it relies on you to balance your fiddle between your shoulder and chin alone. Of course, this should already be a thing, but reality is, I often use my thumb as a balance point, too, and I know this.

So, overall, a great place to start, and I wanted to share and mark this resource for future use.


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