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FFXIV: Wine Red Mummery

Back when I first attempted to dye Amon’s chocobo, it ended up chocolate brown. It didn’t look too bad with the Suzaku barding I was using at the time, so I didn’t fuss about it.

However, now that he’s got the new Noble barding, I knew a color change was in order. My first attempt yesterday left Mummery rolanberry red. This wasn’t bad, but was a slight too purple-ish.

What I really wanted was a wine red, which typically matches Amon’s hat as far as dyes go. Seeing it wouldn’t take too many more fruit to attempt that, I did. This morning, I woke up to a wine red chocobo!


I use the Chocobo Colour Calculator to determine what’s needed – it’s such a handy tool!


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3 thoughts on “FFXIV: Wine Red Mummery

  1. I’ve played it for 7 years, so I’m a little biased to answer this! I’ll just say it’s the only MMO that has held me for as long as it has (and I’ve been playing MMOs since Ultima Online).

    If you enjoy Final Fantasy, then you probably enjoy the story-based gameplay – which is very much what FFXIV provides. The heart of the MMO is a Final Fantasy storyline with many, many throwbacks and Easter Eggs to other Final Fantasy games.

    There’s so much to do in this game that I haven’t even done it all, and we get large patches on a consistent cycle that continues the story, brings new dungeons/raids, and lots of other systems and QoL features.

    My suggestion is – try it out! There’s an unlimited free trial of the game that spans all the way through the base game and through the entire first expansion! That’s up to level 60 – and that includes EVERY job since you can multi-class and try every job on one character (including crafting/gathering).

    Let me know if you DO try it out and have any questions. I’d be happy to help! But for the most part, the game should hold your hand and take you through what you need to know through help pop-ups.


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