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FFXIV: Hanging Out at Starlight Events

Scylla and I have been checking out a few Starlight Events this weekend, and just enjoying some laid-back community atmosphere.

The first event we stopped by was the Starlight Joust and Frostfaire. There was so much going on at the Joust that I forgot to take any screens, but here’s a couple Allagans watching the Frostfaire from afar.

This afternoon, we also stopped by the Palazzo Aldenard performance of A Starlight Carol, which is an amusing adaptation of A Christmas Carol. This was a pretty laid back RP event with the performance at the heart of it, and we all had a good time.

Amon even performed a bit at the steps before the show opened while we were waiting in line… and he was mistaken as being part of the show group at first! Of course, I had to say that I was just there to see the show but wanted some Christmas music to pass the time!

Performing while waiting in line…

And front row seats for the performance!

Amon still wants to know what they did with that Starlight Dodo afterwards!


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