2020 Gaming Goals in Review

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Today it’s time to look back on the gaming goals I made at the beginning of 2020 – when I was still unknowing and innocent of what was to come – and see how much I actually met in the way of those goals.

Let’s get to it!

Spend Less on Games

This goal was focused not just on not buying new games but in spending less on things like Mogstore purchases for games I do play. Hmmm… I don’t know. I guess I did better than I did last year on this point, but I don’t have any numbers to really compare.

I certainly didn’t do as much of paying to move characters around, renaming them and repurposing them in FFXIV. I did make a few Mogstore purchases, though. But some of that was parts of giveaways I did for others on social media. And gifts for people.

So I’m going to say: I did better in this area, but I could still do better than I did this year.

FFXIV – Leveling My Main

My ultimate goal for my main in FFXIV was to level everything to 80 and earn the amaro mount. I had a pretty good idea when I set this goal that I’d likely not obtain it within a year.

I didn’t. However….

After a full year of beast tribe quests almost every day, I’m in the homestretch. I only have Paladin and Gunbreaker to finish up. Both are in the lower 70s at the moment.

Paladin I’m leveling through beast tribes and trying to clean up old quests.

Gunbreaker I’m trying to level through Trusts because I have one more set of characters to finish leveling there, and they need a tank to do it.

Both of these could technically be finished in January. So I’m pleased with my progress on this goal and will work on finishing it in 2021.

FFXIV – Alt Progress

This was a goal about making progress on various alts I have scattered all across the leveling map. I admit, I bought two story skips this year because I just have a hard time stomaching Stormblood.

However, the two characters I bought the story skip for were only in their 60s, so I still had to level them in order to get them to Shadowbringers. I also did level Zuri through all of the Stormblood content since I left her off in the middle of it. So I did push through that expansion on at least one character.

Aside from that, here’s my basic alt progress:

  • Main – done with 5.4
  • Amon – done with 5.4
  • Tai – done with 5.2
  • Tad – done with 5.3
  • Zuri – starting Shadowbringers
  • Ben – starting Shadowbringers
  • Koh – leveling her to 70 so I can story skip
  • Mocho – leveled his Paladin to 50, he’s only at the end of ARR

I have other characters on another server but… yeah. Not going to worry about that right now.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with where my characters are. I think I’m going to hit up smaller goals in the next few months to see the rest of them through 5.4, and hopefully get Zuri and Ben through Shadowbringers as well.

I’d like to get most of my characters on the same page before the next expansion. I’m not so worried about Koh and Mocho, but those who are already in Shadowbringers I’d like to get as far as I can to towards the end as their gear allows.

I’m pleased with my progress on this goal, but still have a long way to go.

FFXIV – Decorate House & Rooms

I’m very happy to say that I finally found an idea for a theme for my main’s small house. She now has a Curiosity Shoppe which I really had a TON of fun designing! I’ve been struggling with trying to figure out what to do with that space, so I’m happy I got that done this year.

I didn’t do as much decoration on alt FC rooms as I wanted – I still have two more rooms to work on – but I did create a sleeping quarters out of Tad’s FC room (I couldn’t find a post for this, maybe I didn’t write one 🙁 ).

I also completely redecorated Amon’s lab yet again, thanks to all the new furnishings and wall options that have come out recently.

Overall, I’m happy with my progress here.

Steam – Play the Games I Buy

Mostly. Yes. I did this.

I didn’t play EVERY game I bought this year. A couple of them came as surprise SteamGift winnings over the holidays. Another few were Kickstarters that finally came to Steam.

But for the most part, I was good about playing the new games I bought.

Steam – Get to 60% Backlog Played

Nope. Didn’t quite get this done.

I started out at 54% played…

And managed to maintain that by the end of the year despite adding new games (keep in mind some of these were DLC for games).

So, no progress but it also didn’t get worse. I need to do better with this next year.

On the flipside, I actually have been playing more Steam games this year! Between House Flipper, Barn Finders, Tabletop Simulator, 7D2D, and No Man’s Sky, I’ve put in a pretty hefty amount of gameplay this year.

I just need to spread that out across more games!

Switch Backlog

Uh yeah. No. 🙁

At the beginning of this year, I didn’t even know how to organize my Switch backlog and keep track of what I was playing. When I found the My Collection feature on the Deku Deals website, this somewhat helped to solve this problem.

The next step is actually playing the games I get! As I noted in my post about my 2020 Nintendo Switch stats, I was stunned and somewhat bummed by the fact that I put a lot more hours into my Switch this year, but in so few games.

Again, I need to start spreading the time I spend out on more games!

Overall: I did a fair job in meeting my goals this year. I still have a lot I need to organize in terms of experiencing my Steam backlog. I’m hoping that the addition of the XBox Gaming Pass will help keep me from buying new Steam/Switch games overall, though, so I can focus more on the ones I already have.

Looks like I have lots to do in 2021!