Overload: The Case of Too Many Games

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This month, I’ve found myself in a predicament that I normally do not have: There are just too many games on my plate and not enough time to get to them all.

Lately, I’ve been juggling several games: FFXIV, BDO, Valheim, and wanting to dip my toe back into ESO. Not to mention the Switch games and Xbox Game Pass games that are on my to-play list.

BDO has had a huge pull on me due to the current 1000% XP event that lasts until March 31. I learned from Bhagpuss that this experience boost only happens at certain hours of the evening – for me, starting at 7PM each night. I completely overlooked that in the patch notes (probably due to the excitement of seeing such a big boost), but that limitation complicates things for me since I’m usually pulled into playing other games at that time of night.

For one, I try to run at least one FFXIV Alliance Roulette with Syn each night in order to keep leveling my alt’s White Mage bit by bit. This has been an ongoing thing since December of last year, and is the one bit of gameplay I share with my friend for little while each night. So it’s priority for me.

Valheim has been the weekend-night go-to game for my friend group for the most part. We’re really having fun with that, but that nixxes any time for BDO leveling boost on those nights unless I’m up super late.

And then there’s ESO. I just rolled a couple of new characters in the game right before BDO dropped the bonus reward event. I also joined Bel’s ESO guild with every intention to be somewhat social in a game where I’ve never had a guild before – so I felt a little bad when my previous weekend was consumed by BDO and Valheim instead.

I promise I’m going to play you soon!

And then, FFXIV has to come along and announce a Moogle Tome event starting next week, only lasting until patch 5.55, which is mid-April. So unlike other Moogle Tome events, this one doesn’t continue for months. There are about 6 mounts I really want from this event (some duplicates for alts), which means I’m going to have to figure out how to slide tome farming into the mix as well!

This is why I usually don’t play more than one MMO at a time! Things are getting a little crazy as they all vie for my attention and I’m excited for something in each of them!

On the other hand, it’s good to have so many things to be motivated about!

4 responses to “Overload: The Case of Too Many Games”

  1. This is part of why I tend to drift away from MMO’s (and any other games that encourage play-every-day behaviors) in general–I have too many games I want to play to stick with one. 😀

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    • Some of this will ease up when the XP event is over with in BDO. Right now, I really want to take advantage of it to get as far as I can with my characters (leveling my third one to 56 right now).

      I just didn’t need a Mog Tome event from FFXIV in the middle of it all! But I MUST get those mounts because… reasons. Including one will make a perfect Zazo representation for my Tai character. So… reasons! 😉

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  2. Hm. I’d like the tyrannosaur mount for myself and my daughter at the very least. Looks like MSQ roulette will give the most rocks too, so…

    Hopefully my vidcard won’t crash my system when playing FFXIV for the next month…. I haven’t been able to play anything for months since it’s started going bad and I can’t find a decent replacement for a decent price 😦

    Darn shortages…..

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    • Yikes! Sorry to hear about your video card troubles! I know it’s really hard to get your hands on one lately. Hopefully it’ll straighten up for you.

      I’m thinking the same thing, I’ll probably just MSQ my way through it. I know people say PVP is fastest but MSQ takes far less brain power. XD


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